Lord, “This, I Can Do!”


Lord, society wants me to accept abortion and pro-choice.  Even those who call themselves, “Children of God.”  How can I do this Lord, and my soul reach You, when my body is laid to rest?   Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept the teachings and beliefs of other religions, even those who deny You.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept sin because of their agenda’s and right’s.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept persecution, imprisonment, and even the death of Your children, for simply loving You.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept foul language, deceit,  hatred, and mockery of all which You taught to us.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept turning a deaf ear and blind eye, to the suffering, the disabled, the poor and the aged.  Even to accepting putting them to death as they are viewed as a costly burden and of no use to society anymore.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept the Catholic Church is the “Whore of Babylon,” “The bastardization of faith,”  and the “Pope is the Beast.”  Lord, I cannot.  

“You will be handed over by your parents, brothers, relatives, and friends, and they will put some of you to death.”

Lord, how do I live in this society?  How do I live in a society, which You lived in?  A society which Crucified You on a Cross, simply because You taught and gave love and forgiveness?

I get tired of this society, Lord.  I get tired of all the evil and wickedness, and I wonder if it will ever end? 

“How long will the wicked prevail, Lord?”

At times Lord, I think I cannot go on from the fear of what the future holds for Your children, in this nation?

How does one go on Lord, when surrounded by so much evil, deaths of millions of babies, and hatred?  When so many in a nation desire doing away with your children’s freedom to worship You?

How do I carry this cross Lord, day after day?  How do I carry this cross Lord and not give way to the temptations, fears and heaviness of it, thereby losing my life? 


“You will be hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your head will be destroyed.”

“By your perseverance you will secure your lives.”

Lord, “This I can do!”

Reflections on Today’s Gospel Readings

Luke 21:5-19

Love and God Bless, SR

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Being Molested Took Away My Right to Life????

I have wondered what good could possibly come out of me being molested for four years?  Now I have it, and I thank God so much for it.

This past week I have read and even been told by “Christians” and those of the Catholic Church, that babies who have been born poor, been abused, and been born addicted to drugs, should have been aborted.  Thank you very much, “YOU BROOD OF VIPERS!”  Thank you for telling me because this happened to me, I had not right to life!!!

So in saying this you are telling me:

I never had the right to know and love my Dad, Mom, brother and sister.  I should have never of had the right to have my wonderful children, and enjoy my lovely grandchildren.  I never had the right to learn how to ride a horse, get an education, enjoy my friends, and share the worship of God with you.  I never had the right to take care of my Mom, before she died.

I never had the right to breathe God’s air, and be a part of His wonderful earth.  I never had the right to feel His love and mercy in my life, because according to you “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED!”

Oh, and let us not forget my Mom who could have condemned her soul to hell.  But all of this is all right with you, as long as you can justify that abortion is okay?  You care so much, don’t you?

I was molested for four years from the ages of nine to thirteen.  When my therapist asked me how that felt I told her:

“It was like one day I was a beautiful little girl, with a pretty dress on and a bow in my hair of curls.  I was picking flowers in a field.  In this field of flowers there was a snake lying in wait for me, with his forked tongue going in and out of his mouth.  He coiled himself around me, and suffocated me.  When he uncoiled himself and I got up, my dress was dirty and tattered, my bow was gone, and my field of flowers was nothing but weeds.”

Yes, I was molested for four years.  To this day I suffer from the feeling of being suffocated in too close of quarters, because the weight of his body always “suffocated me.”

I made good decisions and bad ones during my life, because of this.

But let me tell you one thing:

I had the RIGHT TO LIFE!!!!  I did not deserve to be aborted, because something happened to me of which I had no control.  I did not deserve to be denied my “RIGHT TO LIFE” because I suffered as a child and most of my adult life, with flashbacks!


I did not deserve to have taken away from me:



Don’t you dare try to defend your belief in abortion with a statement such as this to me!!!












Please Pray “THIS PRAYER” With Me Today For This Nation

This is the prayer of Azariah in the furnace.

Blessed are You, and praiseworthy O Lord, the God of our fathers, and glorious forever is Your name.

For You are just in all You have done; all Your deeds are faultless, all Your ways right, and all Your judgments proper.

For we have sinned and transgressed by departing from You, and we have done every kind of evil.

For Your name’s sake, do not deliver us up forever or make void Your covenant.

Do not take away Your mercy from us, for the sake of Abraham, Your beloved, Isaac Your servant, and Israel Your holy one,  to whom You promised to multiply their offspring like the stars of heaven, or the sand on the shore of the sea.

For we are reduced, O Lord, beyond any other nation, brought low everywhere in the world this day because of our sins. 

We have in our day no prince, prophet, or leader, no holocaust, sacrifice, oblation, or incense, no place to offer first fruits, to find favor with You.

But with contrite heart and humble spirit let us be received; as though it were holocausts of rams and bullocks, or thousand of fat lambs, so let our sacrifice [Jesus] be in Your presence today as we follow You unreservedly; for those who trust in You cannot be put to shame.

And now we follow You with our whole heart, we fear You and we pray to You.  + Amen

I ask all of you to remember “aborted babies,” today!  Hear their cries and screams in your hearts and souls, because God does.  Make no mistake about it, one day, He will be their justice!  Abortion is an “ABOMINATION” to God.

Before you push the button or pull the lever on the voting booth say,

“In Your Name Lord, I cast this vote!”

God Bless, SR


Lord, Direct My Heart Towards the Love of God

imagese98v3kk9Many times in my life, I have claimed my “heart” as my own.  It has followed it’s own directions and paths. 

It has done good and bad things. 

It has loved and been kind.  It has also, not loved and not been so kind.

My heart at times, has wanted the best and the worst for others. 

In my life my heart has been a heart “split in two.”  Half of it going in the Lord’s direction, and half of it going in my own direction.  Half of it being strong and half of it being weak.

Many times the endurance of my heart has wanted to give up and let go.  The struggle just seemed too much for me.


I give ALL of my heart to God.   I do so, that it may become a heart of peace, love, and charity to God and others always.   Following one path instead of many.

“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the endurance of Christ.”

2 Thessalonians 3:5

Reflections on Today’s Second Readings

2 Thessalonians 2:16 – 3:5

Love and God Bless, SR

Letting our Feet, “Dance a Jig!”

The other day I was watching the movie about St. Therese.  One of the scenes is where her father, and the girls were in the living room.  The father was at the organ making music, and his girl’s were dancing.  One of the girls asked their father:

“Did you and Mama dance?”

Father’s reply:

“No, I never danced with your mother.  I wish I had.  I guess we were too pious.”  (The mother had died.)

My thoughts begin to drift to when we take our “piety” too far.  So far, that we will not do a simple dance.  I think all too often, many of us are so guilty of this.  How can we set an example to others regarding the “joys of Christ,” when we walk around in “gloom?”

St. Teresa of Avila spoke also of the “deadly seriousness” of Catholicism in many of her quotes.  Being “protected from a gloomy soul,” was one of those quotes.  I see this not only in some Catholics (including myself) but in those of different religions also.

I thought about the “Wedding at Cana.”  Jesus and the Blessed Mother were at a wedding! A Jewish wedding I am sure.  A wedding which we know had wine.  Music being played.  Toast being made to the bride and groom.  People dancing, laughing, and talking together. 

Sharing a fun filled day, yet these, I am sure, were very “pious people,” when it came to their religion and faith.  After all they were “Jews.”

We must remember, it was at this setting, Jesus “turned the water into wine.”

I think we can “overdo” piety.  I think we can “overdo” it so much, that it is actually does more harm to ourselves and others, than good.

I am not saying, “We do not need to be pious.”  Of course we do.  There are times and moments in our daily lives, we are called to be just “this.”

There are also times we are called to “dance.”  To let our “agenda’s” go, for the sake of breathing fresh air.  To laugh at a joke.  To have a great big ice cream cone once a week, even though we are going to have to eat celery for the rest of it.  To have humor in our lives, even in our spiritual lives. 

If we do not have balance in our lives with such, I am beginning to see how our “piety becomes a great big glop of vanity.”  We are going to miss out on so many things which could actually place a smile on our faces and in our hearts. 

We have to be willing to let go of some of the seriousness within us.   Most of all, we have to learn to laugh at ourselves.

God is a God of mercy, love, and compassion.  All of us have weaknesses, fears, and failures.  We cannot be so “pious,” that we let these things consume us to the point of detriment to our souls and the souls of others.

If we are “too busy,” we need to get a little “less busy.”  If we walk around daily with “fear” in our heart’s because of a sin or failure, we need to start trusting in the “forgiveness of the Cross.”  Most of all:

If we are walking around in nothing but “serious piety” and a “gloomy soul,”  we need to let our feet:

“Dance a Jig!”

Trust me:

Our “vain piety” will survive!”

Love and God Bless, SR


Lord, If You Came to My House Today, How Would I Receive You?


Jesus is passing by me today, but I am stuck up in a tree. 

He sees me, calls me down and says:

“Come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”

How am I going to receive Him?

With a feeling of dread and unworthiness, because I am such a sinner?  A sinner who is afraid of  His condemnation?  Who is afraid because myself and others know I deserve it?

Or am I going to receive Him with:


Opening my heart, home, and all that I have to His love, for me?

And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man too [Zaccheus] is a descendant of Abraham.  For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.”

Luke 19: 9-10

Based on Today’s Gospel Readings:

Luke 19:1-10

Love and God Bless, SR

Finally Figuring it Out!

I have often wondered how “Christians” could be “pro-choice” and call themselves a “Christian.”  I finally figured it out. 

If this post offends you, so be it.  I do not really care!  I am fighting for those who have no voice if they live or die.  They are called the “unborn baby in the womb.”  A human being, a baby.  Not a “blob of tissue.”  So here goes.

I read this on another blog by a self “professed Christian.”  I cannot even wrap my mind or heart around it, and I wonder if God can?

“There is a huge difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion.”

Really?  Pro-choice is the exact law which gives anyone the right to abort a baby.

“I am a Christian, pro-choice And pro-life, many of us are.”

Hmmm… I wonder if God’s view is the same on this?  See a “Christian” is a child of God, but guess what?  So is an unborn baby!  God sees them both as the same.  It does not matter if they are in the womb or walking the face of the earth!

“Most women find the idea of abortion abhorrent – yes, even those of us who want abortion to remain legal.”

So, this “Christian” finds “abortion abhorrent” but wants “abortion to remain legal.”   Hmmm, I wonder if that aborted baby finds it “abhorrent” and wants it “to remain legal?”  Especially after it has been burnt to death with salt, and it’s body parts ripped apart, and supposedly sold for profit?  Talk about a contradiction in terms???

“I just wanted you and your readers to know one can be Christian, pro-choice and pro-life.”

Now this one here got me!  Talk about the devil twisting God’s word in someone’s heart????  God never gave us the RIGHT to kill His children.  They are His, whether we like it or not!!!!  We have no RIGHT to deny them life in any form or fashion.  Again, pro-choice gives every single woman the right to kill “His” CHILD!  Whom He “Knitted in the Womb,” not us!

“I do not want the government making any decisions about “MY HEALTH AND MY BODY.”

Really?  It is okay though for a decision to be made about murdering an innocent baby!!!!  What about that baby’s “health and body?”  What about that baby’s “life?”   Oh, that is right isn’t it?  See it cannot see, hear, nor speak.  It is helpless against thoughts and actions such as this.  I guarantee you it feels the pain when it is being aborted!  It has no other choice but to die!  It is all about that “woman” and her “health” and her “body.”  She is not the one who is dying though, is she?  I wonder if their little heart’s ever scream, “Let me live!”

“I agree with Hillary that the choice needs to remain between a woman, her doctor and God.”

People do you honestly believe one is not going to answer for upholding a “belief such as this?”  Do you honestly believe when God has had His full of this, He is not going to stand up and stop it???  Do you honestly believe, when your belief is such as this, you are not going to be held accountable for the “slaughtering of the innocent????” 

Abortion is in the Bible. 

Thus says the Lord, “For three transgressions of the Ammonites, and for four I will not revoke the punishment; because they have ripped up pregnant women in Gilead, that they might enlarge their border. ”  (Get this whole entire Scripture?)

“So I will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah, and it shall devour her strongholds, with shouting in the day of the battle, with a tempest in the day of the whirlwind; and their king shall go into exile, he and his princes together.”  Amos 1:13

So this is what we have to look forward to in this nation if not worse, if we do not quit “killing these babies!”

I have often wondered how Christians justify all of this to themselves.  Now I understand.  They twist God and His word, to suit what they want to believe!

Like I said, “I don’t really care if this offends you.”  Millions of slaughtered babies “offends the hell” out of me!  I just wish it did everyone else!

God Bless, SR

If Only I Could Humble Myself Like A Tree

I have never asked myself, “What is it about my own pride and arrogance, that I really want?”  I mean compared to the grand scheme of things, I am about as insignificant as a gnat.


The ocean, or a 160 mile an hour wind, or when the sky opens up to flood the ground, or the heat in the desert.  A hurricane or a tornado.  Any one of these things could snatch me up from this earth at any given moment.  I lay my head down at night thinking I am going to awake in the morning, and this could not be the case at all.  I awake in the morning thinking I am going to bed at night, and this could not happen also.  (I am really sure of myself in these moments.)

It is like Daddy always use to tell us kids, “When you think you are too big for your britches, go look at the ocean.”  (Now that will make you fit into your britches again!)

When I think of these things I realize:

I am so minute compared to all the rest of creation.

You see:

All the rest of creation humbles itself to the will of God.  I mean a “tree” humbles itself in obedience to God.  It sprouts it’s leaves when it is supposed to, looking all grand.  It shed’s them when it is supposed to, looking all dead.  Give it water and it will grow, do not give it water and it will die.  It will produce the roots, branches, and leaves just as God created it to do.  A “tree” will always be what it is created to be, “a tree.”  In each season of it’s life, it will always give glory to God.  It will never ask praise for itself, no matter how tall it stands.

But me:

Oh, let’s see?  How many times have I not humbled myself before God, by not being who/what He created me to be?  How many times have I wanted to take the glory for myself, when my roots, branches and leaves begin to sprout?  How many times have I wanted others to stand in awe of me, for my “spiritual growth” and “holiness.”   How many times have I set myself so above others, because in my own estimation, I stand taller than they do with God? 

How many times have I thought of myself as an “oak” and others as a “weeping willow?” 

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Luke 18:14

Love and God Bless, SR


Sharing a Day of Laughter with Jesus

Many days in my life are spent meditating, reflecting, trying to do away with something which I think does not need to be there, or implementing something which does.  Last Friday, I decided to do away with all of that and find solace and consolation in the “love and friendship of Jesus.”  I just wanted to spend the day in His love and giving Him mine.  To laugh and share, as two friends would enjoy the day.

I did not think about anything major, I did not try to get out here and be the “save all” for someone, I did not think about my faults and failures, I just let the day “be.”

I went to the noon Mass, did my grocery, Walmart, and Tractor Supply shopping.  Came home, put it all up, made me a pot of chili, and fed my dogs. 

When I was at Mass though I told Jesus, “Jesus all I am asking for today, is your love.”  I did not go through this list of sins or offerings.  It was just a very sweet Mass for me.  “Jesus I want Your love, and I give You mine.”

I have to say, the day was absolutely great, peaceful, and blessed. 

 I think we work so hard on ourselves and for others, that we lose sight of those quiet, still, and simplistic moments.  I think sometimes we think things to death, and we forget to laugh.   After doing this,  I found out how much I need those days.

God loves us, in spite of ourselves.  He called Moses, “His friend.”

Jesus called the Apostles, “His friends.”

I had to ask myself:

“When was the last time I spent a day, just being friends with the Lord?”

I can’t even remember the last time, to be honest with you.

It is wonderful that we examine ourselves.  It is wonderful that we place the effort in our lives to change, hopefully for the better.  It is wonderful that we try and help others in need. 

 We need to quit forgetting to enjoy Jesus.  We need to enjoy His love for a day.  We need to smile because of it.   We need to rest in it, and let the world go by.

When we go to Mass throughout the week, take one of them for the love of enjoyment.   Just for the pure enjoyment of being there with our Lord.  To share thirty minutes of  friendship and love with Him.

Jesus did a lot of things during His ministry on earth.  He healed, He cast out demons, changed water into wine, ministered to and taught others.  He prayed and walked many miles.

Jesus also “copped a squat under a shade tree.”  He rested and enjoyed the friendship He had with the Apostles.  He went to homes, fellowshipped, and shared meals with others.

I do not know what all they discussed, but I have to believe there were moments of laughter, rest, and peace of mind.

 I see how important these things are, regarding my spirituality.  To feel confident in how much He loves me, and let that be enough.  To discuss matters which really have no value at all, but hopefully will place a smile in my heart and His.

We can make life with God, extremely hard and complicated at times.  At times, living a life for God is “hard and complicated.” 

A lot of it I think is because of our own attitude towards ourselves.  Just never quite measuring up.

Take a day.  Enjoy Jesus.  Be thankful that He loves you as a friend.  Share the laughter with Him, over the silliest of things.  Above all just know:

He loves us so much and wants to enjoy our life with us, too!

Love and God Bless, SR

Lord, Will I Make You Cry?


Lord, how many times have I made You cry, because my faith is not as it should be?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, because my faith was not as big as a small grain of sand?

Lord, how many times have I made when You cry, when all You asked of me was faith, and I refused to give it to You?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, when all You asked of me was to walk in faith?  Instead all I wanted to do was follow my own path.

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, by letting fear and doubt enter into my heart?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, by placing my faith in my own abilities and others, instead of You?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, by letting the things of the world blind me to Your promise of faithfulness?

Oh Lord, I have made You cry more times then I can count, haven’t I? 

On the Day You Return, will I make You cry once again, because You will find no faith in me?

“But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?”

Luke 18:8

Love and God Bless, SR

Book Review – A Must for Praying the Rosary or Even if You Don’t!


Though I read a lot, I never do “book reviews.”  This book, “The Rosary, Prayer by Prayer,”  has totally changed the way I reflect when praying the Rosary.   The author is Mary K Doyle at https://marykdoylebooks.com/

I cannot go into enough detail on how you will reflect on the Mysteries of the Rosary, once you use this book to pray it.  After receiving this book, I can actually pray an entire Rosary and keep focused.  Which if you knew me, you would understand how precious that is to me, as I have the “attention span of a gnat!”

Of course the author, Mary K Doyle, begins with the Mystery, then gives a personal reflection, and a prayer.  Each Mystery has an illustration which is drawn by her son.

This is what amazed me about the reflections:

I could sense these are actual reflections of her soul.  They are reflections which she centers her life around.  They are reflections which she implements into her spiritual life, every single day.   These are reflections all of us need.

They are reflections when once the Rosary is said, one does not get up and forget them.  They stay with you throughout the entire day.  

Most of all, what I found amazing in my life, is the more I meditate upon them, the stronger the urge to bond “with Christ” becomes. 

You cannot pray the Rosary using this book, and a change not occur in you.  I absolutely promise you that!

The Illustrations:

Each Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer, has an illustration which as I said, “Was drawn by the author’s son.” 

Never, and I do mean “NEVER,” have I seen illustrations such as these!  They are completely different from any artwork, regarding the Mysteries of the Rosary.

What amazed me with this was:

The artwork correlated with the Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer completely,  but in a way I have never seen.  It is like you are actually there in the moment with Jesus and The Blessed Mother. 

When one prays the Rosary, that is the exact place one wants to be!

The artist in some of the illustrations, made the eyes of the Blessed Mother and Christ, stare straight at you.

I have never seen illustrations of the “Sorrowful Mysteries” portrayed like they are in this book.  I use them also to pray the “Chaplet of Divine Mercy.”  I actually feel as if I am offering God the sufferings of His Son for the world.

When Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in the Temple, that illustration is amazing also, as are all the others.  The “look” on Mary’s face, you just have to see for yourself!

All the illustrations in this book are so different, and will take you to so many places. 

I promise you if you get this book, what the author and her son have done with it all, will be life changing for you.

I thoroughly believe it is blessed by God.  I believe that, because I know how it has blessed me.

Go check it out and go order it.

Even if you do not pray the Rosary, you need this book,

The Rosary

Prayer by Prayer

To help and guide you in your spiritual life.

Love and God Bless, SR








“Lord Have Pity on Me”

f235aa059fb6cbfb9cdd4c191bb9c96c  As I look towards myself and my surroundings today I have so much to be thankful for.

I have a home, running water, soap, clothes, heat and air-conditioning.  I have a vehicle, a bed to sleep in and a roof to sleep under.  I have shoes on my feet and food in my refrigerator.

My bills are paid and still some left over to help those less fortunate, than myself.

I am in fairly good health and still able to get up and do what I need to do, though slow sometimes it may be.

All the part’s of my body function, though some parts have aches and pains.

All my children and grandchildren are healthy, and we have four generations alive in my family.  (Actually most of my life I have had five generations still alive at one time.)

I live in a country where there are educated men and women who can take care of my health needs, when the need arises.

When was the last time I just took a good look at things and said, “Thank You God?”

Lord, have pity on me?

Today I will thank the Lord for all I have and do it daily.  I will also thank Him for all I do not have such as:

Leprosy,  a street for a bed, a garbage can for my food, infected water to drink, a disabled body, eyes that are blind, ears that are deaf, and a heart which feels nothing for anyone. 

Jesus said in reply, “Ten were cleansed, were they not?  Where are the other nine?  Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?”

Luke 7:17

Love and God Bless, SR



God’s “Condition” to Answering Prayers

Friday I was praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  The reading was from James 1:2-8.  What was said here, I pray I never forget.

“Yet you must ask in faith, never doubting, for the doubter is like the surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

“A man of this sort, devious and erratic in all that he does, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord.”

How the last line of these Scriptures popped off the page at me.  How I have pondered on these words.

How many of us before we pray, really examine our faith?  By examining it I mean, how often before we pray, do we ask ourselves:

“Do I even have the faith the size of a mustard seed in this prayer to move this mountain?”

As I thought about this I believe:

This should be our first step before we pray. 

“How deep does my faith run for the answer?”

The Bible tells us if we doubt we are like:

“The surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

We are:

“Devious and erratic in all we do.”

We should not:

“Expect anything from the Lord.”

We do though, don’t we? 

I have been dancing since I have been four years old, beginning with standing on the top of my brother’s feet.  When I became a teenager, every Saturday night, we went dancing.

Every Saturday night I had to have money to get into the dance, plus go out to eat, afterwards.

Every Saturday night my hand was held out to Mama and Daddy for this money. 

Every Saturday night it was laid in the palm of my hand.  (I am not making this about money!)

I never once doubted, that I would not have the money to go dancing, and my parent’s never once failed to give it to me. 

As their child, I had faith.  (I do mean complete faith!)

I am a child of God.  He is my Father.  He expects me to have no less faith in Him, then I did/do my earthly parents.  I will not lie, there have been many times in my life, I have had less faith in God, then I did Mama and Daddy.

Scripture tells me though if this is going to be the case:

“Not to expect one single solitary thing from God.”

This is God’s “condition” for answered prayer.

Before we pray, we need to take note of our “faith.”  If we do not have it, we need to get it!

I think in doing so, it will lead us into greater faith, as we will become more aware at times how little we have, if any.

God loves us all, of that there is no doubt.  That does not mean He does not require things from us.

Faith and trust, are definitely two of those “things.”

Love and God Bless, SR


Who Am I to Take Jesus from Anyone?

I was bored and blog surfing and ran across this statement, “Catholic’s have not accepted Jesus as their “personal Savior.”   Even when I was a Protestant I had problems with the word “personal,” when it included the word “Savior.”

First:  I looked all over the Strong’s and the word “personal” is not even in the Bible.

Second:  Nowhere could I find in the Bible the word “personal” and “Savior” being connected.

Third:  What I did find with the word “Savior” were the words “us” and “our,” being connected with it. 

Fourth:  Definition of personal – “Of, affecting or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else.

So to me by the sheer definition of the word, Jesus can be no one’s “personal Savior,” and He nor anyone else ever said He was, in Scripture.  Man, once again, added that in there.

My thoughts:

Jesus hung on the Cross, suffering, thirsting, and dying to save the “world.”  To save every single person in this world, whether we like it or not!  When I accepted Him and what He did on the Cross for the “world” I became part of the “family of God.”  In a family there is more than “one person.”   When I said, “Lord you are my Savior,” I also accepted the fact this was for everyone else as well.

I have never said the words, “My Savior,” thinking nor referring it was for me alone. 

I have a brother and a sister, and myself.  I call Dad, “Dad.”  That does not make Daddy just “my personal Dad.”

Jesus never died on that Cross, just to save me, no matter how important I think myself to be.  The suffering’s of the Cross, engulfed us all.

The word’s of Jesus on the Cross were:

‘Father forgive “them,” for they know not what “they” do.’

He did not say:

‘Forgive the one who nailed my right hand to the Cross, but do not forgive the one who nailed my left hand to it.’ 

“Them” was all inclusive on that day, and it still stands to present day.

I feel we need to look at it like this:

One can have personal knowledge of something.  Knowledge which belongs to only him or her.  One can have a personal relationship with someone, even Christ, which only belongs to him or her.  One can have a personal conversation with someone, even Christ.  One can have a personal revelation. 


No man or woman can have Jesus as their “personal Savior” because….

The redemption of the Cross belongs to every man, woman, and child on the face of this earth.  This is what we have to accept and claim.  For all of us who have faith in this, and accepts what He did, makes Him the Savior of us all!

We have to accept Him as “Savior” of the whole human race, because in reality that is what/who HE IS!!!!  The redemption of the Cross belongs to no “one human being.”

To make Him any less than that, is to me, to make a total mockery of the Cross. 

Every drop of blood shed on the Cross, every cry He made, every pain He endured, was for me and for you!

He never gave to me the right to take the redemption of the Cross, just for myself.  Never!  When one uses the word “Savior,” it has to go straight back to the “Cross.”

I have no right to take Jesus as your Savior away from you,  just because I believe He is my “personal Savior,” and not the “Savior of the world.”

(“Savior of the World,” is used frequently in the Bible.)

Love and God Bless, SR

What is it About God that I Trust?

The other day I was telling God, “I trust You, Lord.”  In fact I said it quite a few times.

As I was continuing on with my chores and my conversation with God, I heard very deep down in my soul:

“What is it about Me, that you trust?”

Once again God kind of stopped me in my tracks, and I was stunned to be honest.  I have never thought about what aspect/aspect’s of God that I was trusting in.  I think we need to think about that, for every given situation.

Of course I trust in God’s Word, justice, faithfulness, compassion, mercy, love, but:

I think certain situations call for trusting in a certain “attribute” of God.  Again, David is one of my best examples for this.

At a given moment he would be calling for God’s mercy.  Another His forgiveness.  Another His faithfulness, and another His justice, etc…

It is kind of like us with our own children.  When they are small and have a “boo-boo” they trust that kiss is coming from us.  As they grow they begin to trust we will do our best to guide them correctly.  When they do wrong they can trust a consequence is coming.  When they are grown hopefully they can look back and see as parents we always had their best interest at heart.

Our own kid’s always came to the part of us, which was needed at that time.  In turn, that is the part we gave to them.

As I thought about God’s question to me, I begin to realize:

That is exactly how it is with Him as our Father.  For every situation in our lives, we must turn to the correct attribute of God, which fits said, “situation.”

If I am broken hearted I need to trust in His compassion and love for me at that moment.  If I am crossing boundaries I need to trust in His discipline and justice that He will draw me back.   If I am sick and can barely walk or stand, I need to trust in His mercy and healing.  So on and so forth.

For every situation in our lives, we need to go the part of God, which will help us through it.  

For the particular situation I was telling God “I trust You” for, something came over me  that I needed to trust in His:


So I begin to say:

“Lord, I trust in Your faithfulness.”

I am still saying it today, and things are getting better. 

It did something else also:

It gave me peace, that all is going to be okay.  It came through a word and heart change, because I know God is “faithful.”  That is the part of Him I am calling upon, because I need it!

I need all of God no doubt.  I am learning though, at certain times I need certain things.  I need to place my trust in the part of God which is going to bring it forth. 

There are no words which will truly explain the difference this has made in my relationship with Him. 

I believe the reason for that is:

I am focusing and walking in His faithfulness “only” at this time, instead of trying to figure out where all the other things regarding God are going to come in. 

In doing so,  I am more one on One with Him. 

By that I mean:

It is me, it is Him, and one part of God which I am depending on.  I am not all over the place with it, and am staying steady on my course.

Love and God Bless, SR 

How Much does Gratitude Mean to Me?

imagesxcejf605  How many times have I wanted gratitude for something I have done, for another?

How many times have I walked away from another feeling sadden or angry because I did not get it?

How many times have I done something for another to make myself feel good and prideful, regarding the virtues I think I have?

How many times have I done something for another to place a smile on my face, instead of their’s?

How many times have I become angry with those I have helped, because when I needed it I could not be repaid?

How many times do I forget these are qualities about myself, which took the death of a Man on the Cross, to redeem me from?

When you have done all you have been commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants; we have done what is our duty.’

Luke 17:10

God Bless, SR

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What Will God’s Eulogy be for Me?

As I have stated before, I went to a “LOT” of funerals this summer.   The age range for these people were from 16-80.  Two of them suicides, some expected, some so unexpected, some from just the body aging, and other’s from disease.  Either way or for whatever reason, these people were no longer in my life.  I would never see them on earth again. 

I noticed something from going to all of these funerals.  All had a “Eulogy” and all had very wonderful things said about them.  Things from friends and/or family members. 

It got me to thinking about “eulogies,” and how I have never heard one bad thing said about someone at a funeral.  I am not saying this is wrong, it just “is.” 

Usually extremely kind things are said about the person, events of their life are given, some funny, some sad, and most of the time how they touched the lives of others.

After all the funerals were over and life settled into “normal” again, I got to thinking:

All of this is good and kind, but it is not the entire truth.  None of us are without fault, sin, and bad behavior at times.  (I am not saying funerals are the time to bring all that up, it just made me think.)

So the question to myself was:

What is God’s “Eulogy” going to be like for me?  His “Eulogy” is going to be the “entire truth,” regarding my life.

When I pass on into the presence of God and He pulls out my Book of Life, there it is going to lay.  The “good,” the “bad” and the “ugly!”  He is going to show and tell me all about it. 

I am not going to have a forty-five minute time slot set aside just for all of my “wonderful, but also for all of my “not-so-wonderful.”

This will be the last “Eulogy” I will ever receive with the words “heaven” or “hell” attached to them.

Living a Christian life is very hard at times, if not most of the time.   It comes with commandments and rules to follow.  It involves a personality change to say the least.  One which consist of love, humility, caring, most of all, letting go of ourselves.

It also involves prayer, faith, and trust, at every single moment in our lives.  It involves turning the other cheek, and giving someone your cloak.  It involves forgiveness, especially for those who are the hardest to forgive.

Living a “Christian life” truly goes against most of what we want do for someone, or say to them.  Especially if they have hurt us so deeply we do not think we can breathe. 

In these moments we must think of that “Last Eulogy.”  We have to think about what section of our lives is going is going to be thickest and most time consuming for God to tell us about.  “The good,” “the bad,” or “the ugly.”  We have to remember, this will be the “last” time Anyone, will ever say anything about us ever again.

Death is going to come to us all.  There is no way out of it.  We need to keep inside of oursleves what will be important at that moment, is what “God” is going to say about us, and not man.

Love and God Bless, SR

“A Soul Growing Flowers Even in Darkness”

bf8265b945288e970542b34a8f74ccfdLast week I was talking to God about  some things, while doing my housework.  The conversation went like this.


God, I do not know if I do or do not trust you enough.  I do not know if I serve you well enough or if I don’t.  God, I do not know if I pray enough or not.  I do not know if I have enough faith or not.  I do not know God.  God what is it You want?


A beautiful soul.


God, what is a beautiful soul and how do I get one?


A soul growing flowers even in darkness.


God, how can anything grow flowers when there is no light????


By letting Me tend to it.  When you let me cultivate the soul, flowers will bloom even in darkness.

My Note:

I kind of remained speechless after this conversation with our Lord.  Of course I contemplated it for days.  I looked back on what this summer had brought me also, with so much suffering and the death’s of those around me.  I do not know what hurts worse, to suffer yourself or see the suffering’s of others around you.

As I began to contemplate this more and more my mind kept drifting to St. Teresa of Calcutta.

How even though her own soul was in darkness for over 50 years, it grew flowers every single day of her life!  Every single day of her life, she gave the beauty of those flowers to others!

It is here I begin to see what God was trying to show and tell me.

No matter the condition “we” feel our souls are in, if we are still able to produce “good fruit,” God is cultivating it. 

We also must remember when land is being cultivated, it is being plowed under, the soil turned over, and the weeds being pulled up by their roots. Truly, it looks like a great big mess during this time. 

When this happens one is preparing for a planting of new seeds and new seasons of growth.  It is the same with God and the soul.

As long as our heart’s are producing compassion and our hand’s mercy, our souls are:

Being cultivated and the beauty of their new growth is beginning to emerge.  Thank You, God!

It does not matter if we only see and feel darkness.  God is continually preparing the soul for His will to be done through us, with each new season of our lives. 


There can be no growth without cultivation first.  This to me, is when the “darkness of the soul” begins to set in on us. 

However, this is a time for rejoicing, as we should recognize there are seeds planted within us by God.  The flowers will begin to grow and their beauty will flow out from us to others.

We within nor by ourselves can accomplish such souls.  We must always trust God.  God only knows when the harvest is ripe within us. 

When the harvest is ripe,  the light will come from inside of ourselves,  hopefully radiating into the heart’s and lives of  those we meet.

 God Bless, SR


How Many of the Poor and Needy does God Bring to My Door?

lazarus   How many of the poor and needy does God bring to my door?  Is it the man who literally lives in his van on a vacant lot, two miles down the road from me?  Is it the neighbor next door, who sometimes cannot pay her bills? 

Is it those in my Church who are disabled, elderly, or who have many children, as to keeping with God’s Word and Church teachings? 

Is it my friend who had pneumonia and is now on a breathing machine as her lungs were so damaged?

Is it my friend who had her kidney’s removed?

Is it someone in my family who has been ill or maybe hit hard times?

Is it the beggar on the street?

How many people does God bring to my door, and I let the dogs lick their wounds?

‘The poor needs you to draw them out of their poverty and you need the poor to keep you out of hell’ 


Cardinal George of Chicago

And  the rich man cried out, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me.  Send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am suffering torment in these flames.’

Abraham replied, ‘My child, remember that you received what was good during your lifetime, while Lazarus likewise received what was bad; but now he is comforted here, whereas you are tormented.’

Luke: 16:24-25

God Bless, SR

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How a Girl with no Kidneys changed my Life

Dedicated to K.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I had a friend in August who lost two kidneys.  I want to tell you something about this person, before I begin.

I met her about two years ago at a restaurant I frequent.  She is about 24, and was my waitress.  We immediately clicked, no matter where I sat she was always “my waitress.”  Sweet, always a smile on her face, and never a complaint about anything.

In July of this year K. told me she had a tumor on her kidney and they would be removing them in August.  Now, unknown to me, her kidneys had already failed a long time ago and she has been on dialysis.  Through all of this time, she worked as a waitress, was going to R.N. school,  going home at night and hooking herself up to dialysis. 

K. also had a friend which offered her one of her kidneys, and K. refused stating, “What if something happens to your kidney, and I am walking around with the other one.”  “I cannot do that.”

Talk about selflessness, especially in one so young!

She had her surgery, all went well, and one of her comments before she went into surgery was:

“When this is over I am going back to R.N. school.”

Now people, I have known this girl for quite some time, and I never even knew she was sick.  I never heard her say one time, “I am tired.”

Of course we were all worried about her and all she would ever say was:

“I am fine and everything is going to be fine.”

I have never met anyone like this young woman in all of my life!

K. showed and taught me what it is to have hope.  She also taught me never to give up no matter what life deals me.  In never giving up, to do it with a smile.

K. also taught me no matter my sufferings, always place others before myself.  She did this through us worrying about her.  She would just smile in our “worries” take our hand and say, “I am going to be fine.”

K. also taught me to never give up on my dreams.  No matter how hard I have to work for them.  No matter how impossible they seem to obtain.  No matter what stumbling blocks are placed in between me and them, never let go of them.

I believe with all of my heart this girl will be a R.N., one day.  Kidney machine or no kidney machine!

K. also taught me how to suffer with grace, love, and a smile.  She gave this to all of us in that restaurant, and never said one word about “being sick.”  I mean there was never a word spoken about it, nor a complaint!  Nothing was said until she had to quit her job and have surgery.

She also showed me that even in physical and mental weakness, I can still have strength.  K. was able to maintain strength, because she brought joy to everyone else. 

I could probably write a book about this girl.  So I know I have to stop but I leave you with this:

For everything you complained about today.  For the moments you thought you would not make it another minute.  For every time you became angry, depressed, anxious, or had anxiety.  For every moment you failed to see the blessings in your life, think about K.  Let her inspire you.  Then feel ashamed of yourself, because I did!

I thank God for her in my life.  Who would have thought someone in their twenties had something to teach someone in their sixties?

Even to this day when I speak with her, no matter how much pain and suffering she is in all I ever get with a smile is:

“I have a little pain, but I am fine!”

Love and God Bless, SR

Hello Everyone!

First off I want to thank every single one of you who prayed for me this summer.  It was truly a summer of sadness, contemplation, many deaths, and illnesses.

Right after I wrote that my uncle had passed away, in August I had two friends who went into surgery.  One had neck surgery and the other had both kidneys removed.  To say this summer has been a summer of prayers and letting go of myself is an understatement.

God truly used this summer to show me many flaws.  Where things needed to be improved on, and things I needed to let go of.  Making Him so hard, was one of them.  Talking to and with Him in a more simple fashion and form, was another. 

God also brought me to a higher level in compassion for when others are suffering, sick, and dying. 

He actually, now believe this nor not, 🙂 showed me how to keep my “dander” under control a little better.  (Now that is not to say it can still not be stirred up, the way I brush it out is a little better!) 😉 

Anyways, I will be sharing some of this with you in blogs to come, and especially the inspirations I received from the friend who lost both her kidneys. 

I love you all so much, and know though I have been silent for a couple of months, I have been praying for you all, as always.  Love and God Bless, SR


Uncle Passed Away

I have just been notified my uncle has passed away.  I thank you all for your comments and will respond to them all.  Right now it is just hard to breathe. 

I also thank you all for the prayers and love.  Your words and prayers are what is keeping me going.  Love to you all, SR


Yet Another Death!

A dear friend of our family died yesterday.  She went in for back surgery, came through fine and a blood clot hit her heart, right after surgery.

Her family is in deep grief and shock.  We all are.  She was my Mother’s best friend.

One of the greatest memories I have of this remarkable lady is: 

We had all spoiled my little sister to the point of no return., including this dear friend.  So much so Mom could not do supper dishes as she always wanted to be in Mom’s arm.  This dearest lady used to come and get my sister and she, her kids, and myself used take my sister strolling every single night, so Mom could do dishes! 

I do know though, there are two ladies happy in heaven today.  And that is my Mom’s dearest friend and my Mom.

It has shocked us all, her family, and myself.  We just all had a good cry this morning. 

My uncle is still in a coma and no change has been made there.

I love you all, I thank you, and God Bless, SR



Need Prayer

Once again, death is at my family’s door.  Gees!!!!  The fourth death in my family in two months. 

Please pray for my uncle who has had a massive stroke, and the doctor’s are saying he will not make it.  Right now he knows nothing and they are keeping him asleep.

Please pray for his kids and my aunt.  Also keep his nieces and nephews in prayer, which one is me.

Our heart’s are sad, and he will be greatly missed.  I cannot tell you how much he has meant to us all.  Thank you, love you, and God Bless, SR

My Conversation with Jesus Regarding Death

I am sorry I am behind on blogging and comments, but I have had so many deaths these past two months.

Three cousins died, and two grandson’s of friends committed suicide, and last week my neighbor’s Father died.  Of course this inspired me to have a conversation with our Lord, about death.  It went like this:

I was mowing and said, “Jesus, I know heaven is supposed to be the most beautiful place that we will ever live but…. Jesus, what can be more beautiful than the earth?  The sky, the colors, it is all so beautiful. It all matches so perfectly.”

“Lord, I know I was once with You before I was here, but I do not remember being with You.  The earth and it’s beauty is all I know.”

“Lord again, I cannot imagine anything being more beautiful!”

“Lord, it is not that I am afraid to die, but this is all I truly know.  I cannot imagine having to leave it!”

The Lord really did not answer me with anything at that moment.  In fact about four days passed.  I was saying my morning prayers and Jesus spoke and said:

“I am more beautiful S..  I am more beautiful than all the things of the earth.”

“The day you look upon Me, is the day you will see perfected love in all of it’s glory.”

Many of us have a fear of death and many do not.  I think sometimes we drag our feet about “death” because it is unknown to us.  It is certainly not our “familiar.”  It is way out of our “comfort zone.”  I do not know of anyone who remembers being with God, before we were born???

Jesus let me know though, as beautiful as I think all of creation is, He is “more beautiful.”  As I contemplated this thought I realized:

Jesus has a beauty which not one single one of us can fathom.

After thinking all of this through I also realized:

My soul begin to yearn to be with Him.

I am not saying I have a “death wish.”  I am only saying, when our soul yearns for Jesus, this is when we truly begin to “die to ourselves.”

I do not know, it just changed things for me.

It made Jesus more real, to me.  It also made me want to serve Him in a different way.  I think it did so because, I know He will be the first One I see when I die. 

When my eyes gaze upon Him, I will see what “Perfected Love,” really is.  I pray I kneel in all humility at seeing such Beauty, on that day!

Love and God Bless, SR

Is Being “Laid Back” All We Have to Offer God?

I was having a wonderful conversation with a woman whom I had just met, at the gas station. She was beautiful, loving, and you could feel her kindness and love whenever she spoke.  The conversation went into the direction of God and Church, and she ever so kindly invited me to her Church, which I greatly appreciated. 

Then she said something which has troubled my spirit greatly this week:

“I really like you and I want to invite you to my Church.  We are so “laid back.”  You can wear whatever you want, be whoever you want to be, and really have a nice time.”

“We have coffee and doughnuts and it is really enjoyable.”

This lady belongs to a Church which came into our area a few years back.  I have heard a lot about it including they take their coffee and doughnuts into the worship service.

In no way am I saying this lady meant any harm, as I really liked her also.  She was being sweet and kind, and so was her offer.

But the statement “laid back”

Truly, has bothered me.

In our “culture” is this really all we have to offer to God anymore?  Going to Church in shorts and flip-flops and taking coffee and doughnuts into the worship service?  Having a good time and just being relaxed, while we are in Church?

No reverence for God?  No humbling ourselves before Him?  Wearing what we would wear to the swimming pool? 

Never contemplating the very reasons we are there, is because Jesus took lashes and nails in His flesh.  That He cried out to God in agony and a “thirst for love,” feeling an abandonment we will never feel.

Never contemplating we are in Church, because with His last breath, He consummated every single human being, back to God?

Because of all of this, we really have a chance of spending an eternity in heaven.

God is holy.  God is all knowing.  God speaks or breathes and it comes into existence.  God sent His Son to be tortured and murdered, for our sins.  He did so because He loves us so much.

His Son, Jesus, carried out His Father’s will perfectly.

I do not know, but as far as I am concerned we should love God more than, especially in our worship, to be something besides “laid back.”

Scripture does not teach us being “laid back” is the way we serve nor worship God.

In fact I cannot think of anyone in the Bible, who had this frame of mind when encountering God.  I cannot think of anyone in the Bible, who had this frame of mind when worshipping God.

I know we are a “culture” of “anything and everything goes.”  You see when it comes to God, we are to give Him our best.  Our everything.  We should be so humble and grateful before and to Him. 

I am not saying we should wear a 500.00 dollar suit to Church, but we should wear our “Sunday best.”

I also worry about what parent’s are doing to their children with this “laid back” attitude?  We as adults cannot teach our children, “anything goes” with God!  To lead them by the example of, “It is Sunday and we are going to Church.  Get in there and put something on, and you can eat your breakfast during worship,” is just plain wrong to me.

I am sure when the Blessed Mother saw her Child hanging on the Cross, she was anything but “laid back.” 

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit deserve so much more.  Worshipping Them is not about us, and us feeling relaxed and having fun.

It is about reverence, respect, and humility.  Giving Them honor and glory.

I do not feel, we can do this in a “laid back” manner, frame of mind, or spirit.

God Bless, SR

“Eyes of Faith,” is a “Soul in Grace” (Part 3 – The End)

imagesWQCE1CF4I would like to conclude these post with a few “quotes” from St. Faustina’s Diary on “grace.”

“When a soul loves God sincerely, it ought not fear anything in the spiritual life.  Let is subject itself to the action of grace, and let it not impose any restraints on itself in communing with the Lord.”  (292)

“When Jesus ravished me by His beauty and drew me to Himself, I then saw what in my soul was displeasing to Him and made up my mind to remove it, cost what it may; and aided by the  grace of God I did remove it at once.  This magnanimity pleased the Lord, and from that moment God started granting me higher graces.  In my interior life I never reason; I do not analyze the ways in which God’s Spirit leads me.  It is enough for me to know that I am loved and that I love.  Pure love enables me to know God and understand many mysteries.  My confessor is an oracle for me.  His word is sacred to me.  I am speaking about the spiritual director (Father Sopocko)  (293)

Once the Lord said to me, Act like a beggar who does not back away when he gets more alms (than he asked for), but offer thanks the more fervently.  You too, should not back away and say that you are not worthy of receiving greater graces when I give them to you.  I know you are unworthy, but rejoice all the more and take as many treasures from My Heart as you can carry, for then you will please Me more.  And I will tell you one more thing – take these graces not only for yourself, but for others; that is, encourage the souls with whom you come in contact to trust in My infinite mercy.  Oh, how I love those souls who have complete confidence in Me – I will do everything for them.”  (294)

St. Faustina throughout her Diary spoke often of the “grace” and “mercy” of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.   I also remember a passage I read where,  “It hurts Jesus when we do accept His mercy and grace.”   How when we do not accept them, “They will go to another.”

If you read (part 1& 2) of my post, you can see where depending on and accepting “grace”, from our Lord has changed my spiritual life.   It has just changed everything.   These are a few things which are beginning to happen:

During prayer the Lord is always showing or telling me something.  (I will be sharing these things in upcoming post.)  I see Mass in a way I have never seen it.  It is such an offering of myself to Jesus, my virtues and faults.  He accepts them all.  In return He offers all of His love to me.  It is such a glorious exchange of persons, souls, and spirits.   One who is so unworthy going to the One, who is so worthy. 

Now, since I have offered myself to the grace of understanding of this, Jesus is there holding His arms out to me saying, “Come.”  “Nothing you do is so bad, that I cannot love you.”

I get up in the morning depending and asking for “grace”, I go to bed doing the same.  I trust in it, cherish it, ask for it, and cannot live without it. 

It does “level every single mountain” which springs up in my life.  It has also silenced my soul in a way, which I cannot explain.  I am also convicted of my sins, but once confessed, the guilt goes with it.  

I want to listen more to Jesus, than I want to talk to Him.  When I do talk to Him, it is like He is sitting across the table from me.  We have a relationship.  I am like a “beggar.”  The more grace He gives me, the more I ask for, the more I want to share it. 

I am available so much more to Christ and His desires for me.

All I can say is:

“The Eyes of Faith is a Soul in Grace.”

Thank You Lord and thank you Francis,

Love and God Bless, SR

Excerpts taken from:

Divine Mercy in my Soul

Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

“Eyes of Faith” is a “Soul in Grace” (Part 2)

What do I mean, “Eyes of Faith” is a “Soul in Grace?

As I stated in Part 1, I went to confession with all of this.  My confession was:

Father, I want to confess the selfishness and unforgiveness in my soul.  I want to confess I have been holding onto grudges from past hurts.  Father, I also want to confess God’s grace could not get into my soul with a sledge – hammer.  It has been so hard.  Now Father, God’s grace is there.  I know it is.

Father’s Reply:

Now you have the “Eyes of faith,” because God placed your “soul in grace.”

In being told this, I began to understand, when we allow God to pour His grace into our souls, our spiritual senses awaken.  Our spiritual senses are just like our physical senses.

We begin to:

See, taste, smell, touch, and hear God.  We do not do it like we do in the physical world.  Our “senses” become illuminated in the “spiritual world.”

I want to give an instance for this:

I have not nor have I ever claimed to be a “visionary.”  When I was in Confession and Father absolved me from my sins, I saw:

The wound of Christ in his hand.

I saw it through the grace in my soul.  I understood, the Priest was not “absolving me,” Christ was.   To have this image before me in confession, was totally amazing!    I was free, I was happy, and I went back to my pew with the greatest of all smiles in my heart, soul, and on my face!  I was the happiest I have ever been, in Mass!

The grace God has given to me in my soul, has allowed me to “see” all things which He wants to show me. 

It is the same way with all my other spiritual senses.

My desires have changed. 

 I desire to smell the sweet aroma of God.  I desire to hear Him.  I desire to touch Him.  I desire to taste Him.  I desire to see Him.

When we begin to desire these things, these “sweet aroma’s” go up to God, and He continues to shower us with more “graces.”

In doing so, He plucks us out of our world into His.

Now these are a few examples I want to share of speaking God’s grace to our mountains:

I have two torn tendons in my right arm.  One completely torn through the other half way through.  Surgery was surely on the horizon.  Everyday I have stretched out my arm to God and said:

I speak “grace” to these torn tendons God.

Went to doctor two weeks ago:

Was released from his care.  Range of motion is coming back into arm, and pain is minimal.  Thank you God!


I live in Texas and to say we have had “storms” is an understatement.  I am talking trees bending to the ground.  Over 5000 strikes of ground lightening has hit close to where I live.  Tornados out the wazoo.  Water everywhere one could look, that had no place to go.

Friday morning God awakened me at 1:00 a.m.  The storm had hit again.  Between 1 & 4 a.m. I begin to “cry grace to those storms.” 

The Lord spoke and said, “I will close the heavens in a little while.”

At 4 a.m. the storms stopped.  We had a few showers between 10:00 and noon.  The rest of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there has been no rain here. 

It was supposed to rain all day Friday. 

When we speak God’s grace to something or someone, we are asking for His favor, kindness, mercy, love, and any other attribute contained in His grace.   God actually “stoops to the inferior” (us) to grant us these graces.  (See part 1)

This very grace is what made the Blessed Mother, the Blessed Mother, as the angel said,

“She was full of it.”

For myself:

That is as far as I have to go to understand the meaning of how God’s grace influences our lives, and how our lives react to it.  (See part 1)

Love and God Bless, SR

(Next post and the last will be about what Jesus told St. Faustian about grace.)

“The Eyes of Faith” is a “Soul in Grace” (Part One)


Before I begin this/these post I must give thanks to a dear blogging friend, Francis Philip.  His post http://francisphilip.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/i-make-all-things-new  began a stirring in my soul, on something the Lord has already been dealing with me about, for the past several months. Please I beg you to go and read this post and our comments.

Let me start at the beginning:

The Lord begin to deal with me about “grace” several months ago.  He showed me in Scripture where it says:  “Cry grace to your mountains, and they will be leveled like plains.”  Zech. 4:1-7

In my faith journey, and all I can say is:

It works.  What one is actually doing, is speaking God’s “grace” to our mountains.  (I will talk more about this in my next post.)

So the next step I had to find out, “What is grace, actually?”  This is what I found in the Hebrew and the Greek, in the Strong’s. These are “some” definitions:

Kindness, favor, beauty, pleasant, precious, well favored.  It is derived in the Hebrews from the word “chanan.”


To bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior, to favor, bestow, to implore (i.e. move to favor by petition) beseech, give, grant, merciful, have mercy upon, have pity upon, pray, make supplication. 

In the Greek:

Graciousness of manner or act.  The divine influence upon the heart, and it’s reflection in life.  Favor, gift.

So I begin to understand:

Grace has many attributes.  Most of the time it involves an action on our part, which God will give to us the ability to perform said “action.”

Then we get to the spiritual part of it for ourselves:

God’s grace influences our heart and it “reflects” these influences in our lives.

Bingo!  There it was for me.

We cannot hope to achieve one thing in life, without God’s grace.  Our soul’s cannot hope to accomplish spirituality without the “influence” of this same grace.

Now what do I mean:

If we want spiritual gifts, be they whatever,  we had better learn to open ourselves up to God’s grace.  If we want God to influence our thoughts, actions, prayers, etc… same thing, we have to let Him know we want and need His grace to do so.  If we want our “mountains” leveled, we have to learn to “cry God’s grace” upon them.  If we want God’s world, we have to have His grace to get there. 

In other words:

If we want to do, speak, think, perform, and live as Christians,  we must be open to letting God place our souls in a “state of grace.”  (Thank you Francis!)  We must always and daily, ask God for this great “gift” to which He is so ready to bestow upon us.  We can never hope to achieve a beautiful and loving soul without it.

When God gives us this gift for the asking:

You are going to be amazed at what happens. 

This week I begin to implement all of this in my life.  The outcome of it at the end of the week, I am having to pinch myself to make sure it is real.  Tonight’s Mass was the most beautiful Mass I have ever been to.  It is because I have kept the desire for God’s grace so close to my heart.  In doing so I understood so much more regarding, Mass. 

I went to confession tonight which I will be sharing in my next post.  I told my Priest all of this, and this is where I got the “Eyes of Faith is a Soul in Grace.” 

 Jesus told me to go in St. Faustina’s Diary and I did.  I learned what He had to say about grace to her, and how we should always ask for it.  I will be sharing this also. 

So it will probably be three post on it.

Love and God Bless, SR

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Discerning What Others do to Us Spiritually


Sometimes in our lives we have a friendship with someone, which “grows apart spiritually.”  There can be many, many reasons such as:

Lifestyle changes, maybe one going to another Church and the “beliefs” change, one quits going to Church all together, or even how one views and sees God, etc… One I would like to focus on today is:

When another is infiltrating our holiness.  What do we do?

Jesus said: (Mark (9:42-47)

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea.  And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off; it is better for you to enter life maimed than with the two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire.”  (He also goes on to say, if our feet and eyes cause us to sin we are to get rid of those also.)

 Jesus is not speaking about us “really” maiming ourselves.  My Bible notes gave an interesting view on this I thought:

“Jesus hyperbole, (overstatement) to emphasize that drastic measures are needed to avoid sin. (CCC 1861, 2284-87)  Because public sin can embolden others to sin likewise, the consequences that await those who cause scandal are worse than drowning by the weight of a great millstone.  Because grave (mortal) sin merit hell, avoiding them requires us to take action so serious that it can be compared to bodily dismemberment.”

Morally, (St. John Chrysotom, Hom. in Matt 59):  “Severing bodily limbs signifies the amputation of intimate friends.  When close companions drag Christians away from holiness, they must be cut away.  It is better for us to enter heaven without them then to maintain their company in everlasting misery.”

I think somewhere in our lives we have all encountered others such as Jesus and St. John Chrysotom, are speaking of.  (We at some point may have been this very person ourselves.)  

A lot of the time it is not those who we know want nothing to do with God, but those who claim to “know God better than anyone else.”  Those who feel “they have the monopoly on God.”  Those who “quote every verse of Scripture for our circumstances in life,”  using them to “point out all of our wrongs.”  Those who also feel, “they have the monopoly on a  soul and knows where it going to when we die.”   Sometimes these are our “dearest friends.”

Jesus battled people like this called, the “Scribes and Pharisees.”  He devoted a whole chapter in Matthew 23 calling them among other names, “hypocrites.”

My favorite verse is Matthew 23:15 where Jesus says:

“For you traverse sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.”

Sometimes, we have to be very careful regarding “who we associate with in life.”  In doing so, we need to discern, “What is this person doing to me spiritually?”  “Could he/she be leading me into sin?”

Because of their influence am I becoming:

“Judgmental of someone’s soul, full of myself,  doing my deeds in front of others, causing someone to stumble in their walk with God, telling another what they need to be doing in their situation in life, and never offering a hand to help them?” 

Is their influence causing me to:

“Lose my holiness?”

If it is we need to:

“Sever our relationship with them.”

Holiness requires us to examine ourselves and those who we have a relationship with.  When we find someone is taking us in another direction from what God intends, we must ask ourselves the question:

“Which is more important, the eternal state of my soul or this friendship?”

This does not mean we think, “we are better than anyone else?”  It only means our lives are no longer “compatible,” with this person’s.  From there we need to “move on.”

Love and God Bless, SR 

Bible notes:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Commentary and notes:

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

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Jesus Teaching Me Why I was Born

I am not sure with this post if I can begin to explain what the Lord did for me today.  I have been speechless and standing in awe since this morning. 

This morning I read 1 John 4:7-12 (I will only give verses 8-12, and the Bible notes)

Verse 8:

“He who does not love does not know God; for God is love.”

Verse 12:

“No man has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is “perfected” in us.”

Bible notes verse 8 and 12:

“God exist as an eternal act of love, with the Father, Son, and Spirit giving themselves to one another in an everlasting embrace.  This love of the Trinity, which has its eternal source in the Father, spills over into history through the sacrificial love of the Son and the sanctifying love of the Spirit.  For John, we can be sure that God lives in us if we love others as God loves-genuinely, sacrificially, unconditionally.  In this way, God’s Trinitarian love is reflected on earth as it is in heaven.”

“The divine essence of God is invisible in the humanity and mission of Jesus and in the selfless charity of His followers.”

As many of you know I have been studying the Gospels to try to understand and relate to the “humanity” of Jesus.   He has taught me many things such as:

Our constant opinions about Him and lack of belief, angers and troubles His spirit.   He has taught me to use the “common” things of and in my life for “spiritual reasons.”  He has shown me what He does when He resurrects us from ourselves, by “removing the bandages from us” and “setting us free.”  Much, much more, believe me.

But today Jesus taught me why I was born:

“So that God’s love could be “perfected.”

The way it is perfected is if we love:

“Genuinely, Sacrificially, Unconditionally.”

God does not just have “unconditional” love, nor  Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit.

What I love more than anything, is in “Christ’s humanity”

He was able to accomplish,

“All Three.”

We cannot have “one” without the other “two.”

We can accomplish it because:

Christ did and in doing so, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will enable us to because……

This is “Trinitarian Love.”

You see, “God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,” give one another this love in an “everlasting embrace.”

This is exactly how “They” want us to do it.

In doing so:

God’s love is “perfected in us.”

If you ever wondered what your purpose in life is, as I have:

Here it is!

Jesus completely:

“Silenced my soul with this, and brought it to peace.”  Thank You, Jesus!

See I am not trying to figure it out anymore.  I do not have a thousand questions a day, of “Why was I born God?”  “What do You want?”

He wants us to:

“Love one another,  just as “They” do in heaven.  He wants this love in heaven to be shared throughout the earth, by us.

We cannot get out here and give someone a third, or even two-thirds, of it.

It must have all three “attributes” for this  to be complete,  perfect, and to “spill over.”

For me:

There is no other way to see or do it, if I want my “humanity” to relate to and become the “Humanity of Christ.”

Love and God Bless, SR

Bible Notes:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible NT

Commentary and Notes:

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

Seeing Jesus only as a “Wonder Worker”

Some of the things I have heard over the years when someone is sick, has amazed me.  Especially, if their “healing” does not come right away or at all.

For example:

“You have not had enough faith.”  “You need to pray harder and quit doubting.”  “You are not trusting God enough.”

These people are serious. I cannot imagine having a life threatening disease, and this is all my Christian community has to offer me!  What????? (It blows my mind!)

So I went and read the story  of when “Jesus Cleansed the Leper.”  (It is taken from Mark 1:40-45 and Luke 5:12-16 (I will not be giving the entire Scripture but a summation of them.  You may go and read the entirety of it if you would like.)

Jesus cleanses the leper and in Mark He says:

“See that you say nothing to any one.” 

In Luke:

“He withdrew to the wilderness and prayed.”

This was because:

“The leper went and told everyone.” 

Of course:

“Jesus had great crowds around Him.”

Bible notes Mark:

One consideration:  “Jesus wanted to avoid a sensationalist reputation of being more than a wonder worker.  Publicizing His deeds by word of mouth comes with the danger that the rumors will begin to disconnect his miracles from His saving message.”

Bible notes Luke:

“Jesus does not want people to think He is merely a wonder-worker.  Solitary prayer is part of Jesus’ teaching and constant practice.”

“Morally (St. Gregory Nazianzen):  Christ serves as a model for both the active and contemplative life, since we see in His example both the dignity of labor and the higher duty of laying aside work for prayer.”

How many times do we see Jesus in our own lives and the lives of others, as only a “wonder worker?”  How many times do we present Jesus to others as only a “wonder worker?”

All of these healings were His, “wonder works.”  If you read Scripture Jesus did them with simple words such as:

“You are healed.”  “Take up your mat and go.” 


He moved on.

I believe He did so because:

His “saving message” was His “purpose.”

We need to be careful how we think of Jesus and present Him to others. 

Can He do miracles of “healing?”  Of course.  He has healed me twice in the last year.

We see in the “cleansing of the leper:”

Something was more important to Him.  “Prayer” and that people would not only come to Him because they needed to be “healed,” or for some other “wonder works” of His.

The most important thing to Jesus was:

His “saving message.”  So important He carried “it” all the way to the Cross, to His death.

You know, when someone is sick, suffering, dying, etc…,  the best thing we can give to them is “love.” 

To me this was the “saving message of Christ.” 

“I am taking My love for you, to the Cross.”

If someone is sick and are healed or they die, either way they are “victorious.”   Jesus died for both, “reasons.”  He does not want to be recognized for only one of them. 

We see where He laid down His “wonder works” to go pray, by Himself.  He did this because the offering of His prayers, were also important.

If we want to live with Jesus in the correct way.  If we want to represent Jesus correctly to others, then:

The best way to do that is:

John 3:16-21

Love and God Bless, SR

Bible notes:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Commentary and Notes:

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

Finding what There is to Love in Ourselves

I think sometimes the hardest thing Christians try and accomplish is “loving ourselves.”  I know I have struggled with this for many years.  There has always been a failing, fault, or sin, which would continuously override any “good thoughts,” I had about myself.

Then of course, there are always those in our lives or around us who always have this “whole spiritual” thing worked out.  Or so it seems?? 

Their souls are absolutely beautiful.  They are always giving and doing for others.  It seems like everything they “touch” turns to gold, as far as the work they are doing for our Lord.

But what did Jesus say:

“You shall love your neighbor, as yourself.”

When I read this I really thought about it.  Jesus never commanded us, “not to love ourselves.” 

Jesus also, when it was time to rest or get away from the crowds:


I do not see anywhere in Scripture, where He carried “guilt” because of it.

So what do we do:

I know we are supposed to continually “crucify” our flesh.

What about the  part of us which is not flesh:

The part of us which is spiritual?  The part of us who loves God, and wants to serve Him no matter what?  The part of us, which is so willing to share our love and what we have with others?  The part of us which prays continually, for others?  The part of us who will help the sick, the elderly, the helpless, the homeless, the hungry, the poor, or the thirsty?  The part of us whose only desire it is, is to bring “joy” to someone’s life?

The part of us who:

“Loves our neighbor as ourselves.”

Do we try and “crucify” these things also?

Of course not!

Each and every single one of us are made in the “image of God.”  We all have God’s virtues and goodness within ourselves.  

I believe:

We need to love this part of ourselves.  It is a wonderful gift. 

We need to understand:

When we have done all we can do for someone, we need to rest.  In doing so, we are actually following in the “footsteps of Christ.”

Being “displeased with ourselves” all the time as a Christian, is a very hard burden to bear.  I think it is one we place upon ourselves, unnecessarily.   

Each night  as we examine our conscience, thinking of the good and not so good that we have done, we need to say:

“Lord, forgive me for where I have sinned against and failed You.”


“Lord, thank You for where I have not.”

We need to close our eyes knowing, there is a very good, “good” within us.

It is:

The love of God. 

That alone enables us:

 To become and to be, all He created us for.

Love and God Bless, SR


The Lord Bringing us out of the “Odor” and “Death” of our Tomb

I have never been one who “rejoiced” while carrying my crosses in life.  I have never told God, “Lord I thank you for this cross I am under.”  It was more like, “Lord when is this going to be over?”  That is the simple truth of the matter!

The other day I heard someone on television say:

“What is the Cross?  Yes, it was suffering but it was also death.  When we are carrying our crosses, as Jesus told us we were going to do, we are also dying to ourselves.”

I mean to tell you, light bulbs started going off at rapid speed within myself.

I begin to think about “all” the crosses I had carried in the last six years.  Most of you know they were many.  If it was not one thing it was the other.  As I begin to look back, I also saw how much of myself truly did “die!”   Many things about me are now, “dead.”

My “impatience” have become “more patience.”  My “lack of faith and trust in God, have increased in “leaps and bounds.”  My life has become increasingly simple, and the “anxiety” which I have lived with all of my life, seems to decrease with each “challenge.”  It seems as if I am beginning to “accept others in my life,” for who they are and “not as I think I should be. ”  I am finding I am “relaxing more,” from the things I thought “just had to be done,” and realizing “tomorrow is another day.”  These are a few things I came up with, though there are more.

Then I asked myself:

How did all of this come to be?  I remembered asking my Priest one time, “Where do we follow Jesus to when we are carrying our cross?”  His reply, “To the resurrection.”

This brought my thought process to Lazarus being resurrected from the tomb and actually what Jesus said:

When He had said this (Jesus,) He cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus come out.”  The dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with bandages, and his face wrapped with a cloth.  Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.”  Matthew 11:43-44

If we would only understand this is what happens to us, when we die to ourselves.  I do not believe we have to die to every single solitary thing there is about “ourselves.”  There are things about us, we should love, after all we are “created in the image of God.”  We should love “God’s image within us.”


When we begin to die to the things within ourselves, which are not of God, then Jesus can call us out of that “particular tomb.”  When He does, we are no longer “bound” to those “bandages” which have “enslaved” us for most of our life.

Not only that, Jesus tells us:

“Come out!”  “Get out from underneath all of that “stuff!”  He begins to “unwrap our bandages one at a time.”

I truly “rejoiced” for all the crosses I have carried in the past, and for one I am carrying now. 

I do so because for the first time, I understand:

This is the process the Lord uses, to bring us “all” out from the “odor”  and “death” of our “own created tombs.”

Love and God Bless, SR


The Necessity of Christ

I was going to do a post on “Our Purpose.”  (That is coming.) But first I wanted to share how I “Discovered Myself With Jesus.”  I do not know how many post this is going to entail, but you will know when you see the post, “Our Purpose.”

Jesus showed me through the Gospels it is imperative that I discover myself, if I ever want to truly do the will of God in my life.  I had to be honest to and about myself.  I also had to be honest about who Jesus was and is.  First and foremost I had to “discover” the “necessity of Christ.”

Why did Jesus come?

I can hear everyone right now, “To save us from our sins?”  Which is true.  Jesus was also “necessary” to save us from the justice of God, and to appease His wrath.  Without Jesus there would be no “us.”  God would have destroyed mankind, due to sin. 

In realizing this, I realized if Jesus was so “necessary” to save me from my sins and God’s judgment, I must be necessary also, to God.  (I do not mean that statement in a prideful way.)

In Jesus fulfilling His “necessity” I could be born.  I could breathe air and have life.

I have spent years beating myself up, because maybe what I was doing was not “grand enough.”  If I sinned, no matter how many times I confessed it and told God I was sorry, it ate at me like acid.  Completely destroying the “joy” in my life.


In the morning my first prayer is, “Lord I offer you the Sacrifice of Your Son, for every thought, word, and deed, that does not line up with what you want from me today.” 

I accept these things will probably be a part of my life on any given day but, I know God took care of it for me, and for Himself.   He Himself supplied what I needed to get out from under all of it.  I am either going to use it for it’s worth and be happy, or I am not, and be one miserable human being. 

God nor Jesus cannot do anymore for me, than they have already done.  I live “free” in that belief now.  It is up to me, to take it and move on.

Jesus called Peter, “Satan.”  Why?  Jesus was foretelling about His death and resurrection.  Peter loved Him, and could not fathom it.  Jesus told Him, “You are a hindrance to Me, for you are not on the side of God, but of men.”

Jesus rebuked Peter because: 

 Jesus knew He was a “spiritual necessity.” Peter did not recognize that fact.  I know for myself, I never “recognized” that fact. 

I knew Jesus came and died for my sins, but that is not the only reason.  Everything that I have spiritually is because of this “One Man!” 

I am either going to be on “the side of God” and be thankful and happy because of it,


I am not.   

We need as Christians to realize, God supplied it all for Him and us, in Jesus.  We need to be humble because of it, but not so much so, that we cannot rejoice, for the very same reason.

 We need to accept our failures and faults.  God is going to use them for something. 


 We need to accept our goodness, kindness, and love.  God is going to use them for something too.

Love and God Bless, SR

One “Body” and Two Pieces of “Wood”

I was reading John Chapter 9 regarding, “Jesus healing the blind man by spitting on the ground and making clay of the spittle.”  When Jesus, “Anointed this man’s eyes with the clay, his blindness was healed.”

My Bible notes stated:

“The use of common materials to serve a holy purpose anticipated Jesus’ institution of the seven Sacraments.”  Also stated as referral Mark 6:56

Mark 6:56

“And whenever He came, in villages, cities or country, they laid the sick in the market places, and begged Him that they might touch even the fringe of His garment; and as many as touched it were made well.

These Scriptures plus the Bible notes, really made me think not only about the Seven Sacraments, but in particular The Eucharist and The Cross.  I am going to begin with the Eucharist.

Jesus took common bread and wine.  He gave thanks to God, consecrated it to God, and Jesus said:

“This is My body and this is My blood.”

How did this happen:

Jesus took two common things, and all He had to do was touch and speak over them.   In doing so, from that day forward a “holy purpose” was created for the rest of us.  That “holy purpose” was given to us to receive, “The Eucharist.”  “Holy Communion.”

From that day forward it became a “holy meal,” for us to share with our Lord. 

Thank You, Jesus.

Now the Cross:

The Romans, always crucified people.  On the Day of the Cross, there were “three” crosses.  Yet we never see any Cross in our thought’s, mind’s,  or even in art except; the One Jesus hung upon.  I can look at a piece of artwork with Jesus and the two thieves, and I never see the two thieves hanging on a cross.  My eyes gravitate to the one which has Jesus on it. 

See Jesus took a couple of pieces of wood.  Very common material.  The minute His Body and Blood,touched that wood, that wood, became the “Holiest Common Material” ever known to man. 

Jesus and that wood became nothing less, than a “Holy Purpose.”

My Point:

Sometimes we think we must see and hear Jesus, in all the splendor and glitter.  When we do not, we question at times, “Is this You, Lord?”

“Splendor and glitter,” was not the Lord’s way.

He used spit, fringe on a robe, a fig tree, five fish and loaves, bread and wine, dirt, boats, water, etc…

For me personally at times He has used:

A tree, dragonflies, my dogs, a dead bird in my bird bath, wind, skies, clouds, a lawn mowr, etc…

I never remember the Lord teaching me anything contained in something so spectacular, that I could not see or hear Him.

He and I have always related and communicated through the “common and ordinary.”  I always came away with a feeling of “holiness.”

Our Lord, was “plain and common.”    Yet, multitudes followed Him.

They did this because:

He did not have time for the “splendor and glitter.” 

He only had time for completing God’s will.

In doing so He left us with the best of examples:

To do all things with/in humility, as not to destroy, it’s “holy purpose.”

So the next time we think we need to go to the “spectactular” to find or present  Jesus to others,


He came to us on “two common pieces of wood.”

One “Body” and two pieces of “Wood,”

That changed the world forever,

Because of Their Purpose.

Love and God Bless, SR

Bible notes:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible NT

Commentary and Notes:

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

“Distressing and Humiliating the Spirit of Jesus”

Yesterday I did post regarding the “opinions” of so many people at the death and resurrection of Lazarus.  Today I would like to continue on with something else which happened to Christ, during all of this.  I want to use John 11:33

“When Jesus saw her (Mary) weeping, He groaned in spirit and was troubled.”

I always took these words to mean compassion or pity.  That is not what they mean at all.

In the Greek these words mean

Trouble – to stir or agitate.

Groaned in spirit – to anger, to sigh with chagrin

Chagrin – distress or embarrassment at having failed or having been humiliated. (English definition)

Spirit – (human) a rational soul, disposition, an Angel, demon, or divine God, Christ’s spirit, the Holy Spirit, ghost, life, spirit, mind

My notes:

The more I am studying the Gospels, the more I am becoming “learned” in the humanity of Jesus.    This is something I have needed for a very long time. 

In the story of Lazarus, it is like “scales” fell off of my eyes, regarding His humanity.  

Scripture does not give us the reason Christ was angered, but after looking up what these “words” meant, this is my spin on it.  (Please feel free to comment on why you think Jesus became angry.)

As I stated yesterday, “Everyone there had an opinion.”  “He was too late, Lazarus was now going to have an odor, He loved Lazarus but, He did not keep Lazarus from dying.”

Did these words:

Distress and humiliate Jesus, to the point of making Him angry?

If it had of been me, my answer would have been:


Jesus was about to raise Lazarus from the dead.  Not one word was spoken about this, from those people.  Not one, “Thank you Lord.”  Not one, “Bless you Lord.”  Not one, “Praise you Lord.”

A miracle was about to take place, and all they cared about was:

All the little “details” of how “Jesus failed.”

Have you ever been in that place?

Have you ever tried to do something so wonderful for another, and all the people around you could do, was “criticize?” 

Criticized you because:

You did not put enough effort into it.  The effort you did place into it, in their eyes, “you failed.”   Maybe you really worked hard at helping another, yet you were “criticized” because they thought you did not work hard enough.

Have you ever been sick yourself and “criticized” because you did not “pray hard enough.”  Maybe you did “not have enough faith.” 

The list is endless, isn’t it?

Do these things distress and humiliate you, to the point where you “groan in your spirit?” 

Our Lord on this day suffered distress and humiliation. In His Spirit He became “angry.”   To me He became angry because everyone was telling Him basically,
“You are just a failure.  What are you going to do now, Lazarus is already dead?”

You know, we grieve the Lord by our words.  We also grieve Him, when we get our minds off of the miracle, and place them on all the “details and circumstances” which we are in. 

A lot of times from there we will place Jesus as “having failed us.”  This causes Him, “Humiliation.”

Jesus does not “fail” us. 

Just because we think:

He does not show up at the right time,

Does not mean:

Our resurrection is not going to take place.

Love and God Bless, SR


Does Jesus Need Our Opinons?

I was reading the story of Lazarus, and it astounded me how many “opinions” everyone had, regarding the death and resurrection of this man.  (John 11)

To begin I am going to be taking the Scriptures where everyone were voicing their thoughts.

John 11:32

Then Mary, when she came where Jesus was and saw Him, fell at His feet, saying to Him, “Lord if You had been here, my brother would not have died.”

John 11:36

So the Jews said, “See how He loved him.”

John 11:37

But some of them (Jews) said, “Could not He who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?”

John 11:39

Jesus said, “Take away the stone.”  Martha, the sister of the dead man, said to Him, “Lord by this time there will be an odor, for he has been dead for four days.”

You know, here Jesus was about to raise a dead man, and look at the “know it all, opinionated attitudes”  He was faced with! 

They said:

You are too late!  If you do it now Lazarus is going to smell, because you did not come sooner!  Jesus loved Lazarus!  Really????  If He loved Lazarus He would have saved him from dying!

Can you imagine how this made Jesus feel?

Even though, these people were “full of themselves” Jesus went ahead and raised Lazarus from the dead.

It got me to thinking:

How many times do we place the stumbling block of our “opinion” in the way of Jesus’ mercy?  How many times, when the Lord shows up to help us out of any given situation, do we have to put our “two cents” worth in?

We never know what miracle the Lord is about to perform in our lives?  We never know the place or time these miracles are going to happen?  We never know how they are going to happen, or their outcome? 

We can be assured of one thing:

When Jesus does show up, we are going to have an opinion about something!  We are going to let Him know it!

Jesus does not need our “opinions.”  I am sure He can do quite well without them, just as He could have on this day.

If we trust Him to get us out of every circumstance, we need to trust in His timing and method also. 

We have to remember, His timing and method’s are perfect.  Ours are not.

So the next time we call upon Him, maybe that is all we need to do.  When He arrives, just maybe, we need to “hush!”

Love and God Bless, SR

Did Jesus Live in a “Culture” of Different Religions?

One thing about our “culture” in America, are all the many different religions, with all “different beliefs.”  As I was studying the Gospels I realized:

Jesus lived the same way.

For a few:

There was Judaism, Samaritans,  The Romans, and then there was Jesus bringing in Christianity.

I wanted to know more so I went to the Samaritan woman at the well.  Before I really get into this post, I want to give a little history regarding the Samaritans.  (If you have not read the story please go to John Chapter 4)

Bible notes:

“Centuries of animosity between Jews and Samaritans loom in the background of the episode.  It began with the devastation of northern Palestine by Assyria in the 8th century B.C., when masses of Israelites were deported out of the land and foreign peoples were forcibly resettled in the region.  (2Kings 17:6, 24-41)  According to the Jews of southern Palestine, the remaining Israelites (Samaritans) had defiled themselves by assimilating the practices of these pagan peoples and intermarrying with them.  The enmity between Jews and Samaritans was very much alive in NT times, and both groups took steps to avoid interaction with one another, especially in matters of food and drink.”

“In the OT  the Samaritans worshiped in a sanctuary built on Mt. Gerizim.  Although it was destroyed in 128 B.C., they continued to worship on the mountain during NT times and even to present day.”

“Samaritan religion was an admixture of Israelite faith and pagan idolatry.”  (2 Kings 17:29-34)

My Notes:

Jesus lived much in a culture like ours.  A lot of different religions and beliefs.  As with the Samaritan woman we see Jesus approaching her, which was almost a “stoning offense” in those days.  He told her things about herself, about Himself, and about who He was.  When the Samaritan woman went and told others about this meeting with Jesus, “Many Samaritans from the city believed in Him, because of this woman’s testimony.”  John 4:39

I got to thinking:

It would be so wonderful if as Christians, the outcome of our witnessing, and helping one another,  could turn out as good as this story did.   It would be wonderful for Non-Christians as well.

Jesus did not approach her with the rights and wrongs of her religion.  He did not attack her.  He never said she was going to hell.  He wanted something to drink, on I am sure a very hot day. 

Jesus was just being who He was, and carrying out the Father’s will, in all He told her. 

So many “were saved,” because of this meeting of mutual respect and kindness. 

I often wonder what people think of us “Christians” when we begin to set up our “battle grounds” of who is right and who is wrong?  Do we lead them to Christ?   Do they wonder as the Samaritans did, “Is there something to this man, Jesus?”

I am prone to believe the answer often to these questions is, “No.”

If we are going to be a witness to and for Jesus.  If we are going to be a witness to and for others, we need to remember this story, how it was handled, and the outcome. 

Jesus gave to us a wonderful example here of how to approach and speak to others of different religions, denominations, beliefs, and forms of worship. 

Jesus also left us an example of what to say to others regarding Himself, and how true worship is done in “Spirit and Truth.”

We live in a “culture” of so many different Christian and Non-Christian religions.  I learned from this story, “respect” goes a long way in trying to help the salvation of others. 

I think over the years, we have lost said, “respect.” 

I know this:

We better get it back, as the world is turning into a very evil place.   

So the next time we run into someone who goes against our very grain, maybe all we need to say is:

“Would you give me a drink?”


Let Jesus take us over from there.

Love and God Bless, SR 


Bible notes taken from:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible NT

Commentary and Notes by:

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

The Eight Words of Jesus as Our Greatest Defense

Do we ever think before we speak?  I know there are a lot of times I do not, especially if someone gets my “dander” up.  The quickest way to do that, is someone accusing me of something which is a lie!  I do not much care who they are!  That “Texas Mouth Syndrome” (thank you Claire) goes into action! Let’s go to the  8th chapter of John beginning with verse 48-59 (Please go read the entire chapter if you have not.)

The Jews answered him: (Jesus)

“Are we not right in saying you are a Samaritan and have a demon?”

Jesus said:

“I have not a demon; but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me.  Yet I do not seek my own glory; there is One who seeks it and he will be the judge.  Truly, truly I say to you, if any one keeps my word, he will never see death.”

The Jews said to him:

“Now we know that you have a demon.  Abraham died, as did the prophets and you say, “If any one keeps my word, he will never taste death.  Are you greater than our father Abraham who died?  And the prophets died!  Who do you claim to be?”

Jesus said:

“If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing, it is, my Father who glorifies me, of whom you say that he is your God.”

Bible notes:

“A Samaritan:  An insult implying that Jesus was born of mixed racial parentage and followed a deviant form of religion. “

“Jesus sets the example of perfect composure in the face of insults, since he denied the charge of being a demoniac but did not counter it with an abusive response. If Jesus did not avenge himself, then neither should we return injury for injury when reviled by our neighbor.”  (St. Gregory the Great, Homily 18)

My Notes:

These particular Jews were giving Jesus everything they had, were they not?  They accused him of being a Samaritan and accused him of having a demon, twice!  We all know both accusations were an out and out lie!  So did Jesus.

Jesus never lost his composure.  He did not say, “Well you !@#$%^&*,  get out of my face!”  In fact he really calmly denied having a demon, and stuck to the truth to who He and God were.  He stuck to the truth that he was “not a liar,” because “he knew God and he kept his word.”  That was really about it. 

Of course at the end we see these highly “religious people” picked up stones to stone him, and Jesus had to run and hide.

This story got me to thinking about how many times, my responses have been so off the charts.  By that I mean to such a high degree of anger, especially when accused falsely, that I was actually making my “accuser” run and hide.

Of course in my own self-righteousness, it kind of goes with, “Well they got what they deserved.”

That is not the example Jesus set forth for us, is it?

It all boiled down to Jesus saying:

“I know God and I keep His Word.”

“Eight Words,” which should be the greatest defense, we should ever have to speak.  Then turn and walk off. 

To return injury for injury, does exactly that.  It “hurts” both parties.  Sometimes to the point where there is no return.

Love and God Bless, SR

Bible Source:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

Commentary and Notes

Who are our Brothers/Sisters as a Christian?

In my last post I spoke of “taking the speck out of our brother’s eye”  These are the only people Jesus gave us permission to do this with.  Of course it comes after “taking the log out of our own.” 

So who are our brothers and sisters?  How many times do we ask this question to ourselves???

Jesus said:

” For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, and sister, and mother.”    Matthew 12:50

So, not every single person is our brother/sister are they?  Only those “who do the will of God are.”  We do not like to accept this, do we?

  Jesus left us a teaching for this.

He said:

“Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you.”  Matthew 7:6

Bible notes (in part) on this says:

Dogs and swine……  Derogatory Jewish epithets for pagans.  (15:26-28)  Dogs were generally undomesticated in Jewish culture, and most were stray scavengers.  Swine were especially contemptible to Jews, they were unclean and could not be eaten.  Jesus directs these insulting labels to anyone inhospitable to the Gospel, Jew or Gentile. 

My Notes:

Jesus to me, makes it pretty clear who our brothers/sisters are.  He also makes it clear who our brothers/sisters are not.  We need to pay attention to that!  He commands us to:

“Leave those alone who are inhospitable to the Gospels.”

Do we do this:

NO!  Most of us as Christians are so overly zealous.  Instead of “sharing the Gospels” we “shove them.”  Jesus said, “We are going to be attacked” and it is no one’s fault but our own.  We are outside of our “family unit.”  If God “accepts” the free will of man to choose, then so should we! 

The Gospels were not given to be shoved down someone’s throat.  They were not given to “send someone to hell” with. 

They were:

Given for God’s children to live by and with.  The only people who we are “allowed” to discern a “speck in their eye,” so we can help them remove it,  are those who are trying to do God’s will.  Our brothers/sisters, in Christ. 

It is hard when the Gospel of Jesus is not received to, “shake the dust off of our feet,” and move on.  Yet, that is exactly what Christ commands us to do.  That is exactly what He did.

It is hard to “not cast our pearls before swine,” but Jesus does not want them “cast” there.   Our pearls are a gift freely given to those who want to accept them.  Yet, they come with instructions on how to  be protected and used, and so does everything which is “holy.”

There is no way as Christians that we can live harmoniously with those who are pagans, atheist, feel it is okay to abort babies, or let our elderly/sick die, “as they are of no use to us anymore.”  There is no way we can live “peaceably” with those in this “culture,” who wants us to accept sin.   Jesus of all people, knew we could not, because He could not.  When Jesus started preaching and doing miracles, there were times, “He had to run and hide.”

It does mean:

We love and pray for those against us, as Jesus commands us to do this for our “enemies.”  However, if they want no part of God or His teachings, so be it!  From the moment we realize this, we need to let God take care of it.

Then what:

We live in peace with our brothers and sisters.  We become a unity, in Christ.  We do the best we can for one another, because:

We need each other.  We will with open arms, receive willingly the love of Christ, from one another.  Also, hopefully receive “critical discernment” from one another, when it is done out of and with love.

Are God’s children a “people set apart?”:

The Bible says, “We are.”

As His children, we have to obey Him, and protect our gifts, if we ever hope to make it through what “society” is giving us.

The best way to do this:

Is to recognize who our brothers/sisters are.  In doing so we become more like Christ.

Love and God Bless, SR

Bible notes taken from:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament

Commentary and Notes by:

Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

Living in a Non-Christian Culture as a Christian

As I stated in my last post, Jesus lived in a “culture” in His humanity.  His was just so strict one could not breath, where ours is so “accepting” we are told by many we “must embrace sin.”  So what do we do? 

First off I want to begin with our human nature:

I used to believe I had to deny everything about my human nature.  After doing this study I do not believe that anymore.  There are things in my human nature which are good.  I love, I try to help and take care of those who are poor, sick, or homeless.  I adopt animals out the wazoo.  Now why would I want to get rid of that part of me?

What we need to deny in ourselves I believe are:

Anything which goes against our soul and spirit.  The soul and spirit are the things which are attached to God and the heavens.  So we “must” examine ourselves, see what is in us that does not line up with the teachings of God and Christ.  The amazing thing is, through the Holy Spirit, the soul and spirit will be convicted as soon as we commit an act of sin.  So finding out what these things are, should not be a problem. 

As I told you in my last post one thing is quit this “blame game” and go to the mirror.  Jesus in the Gospels showed us how to do that?  Let us begin:

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.

Bible notes:

“Christians must prioritize the pursuit of holiness in their lives.  This is not an excuse for laziness in practical matters. (2 Thess 3:6-13) but a call to trust in the Father’s care. (Phil4:6; CCC2608)”


In a non-Christian culture we have no choice but to “prioritize the pursuit of holiness in our lives.”  It needs to be 1st on our list daily, then at night we need to examine ourselves and see where we failed and where we succeeded.  Where we succeeded we keep that part of us, where we fail we “deny” that part of ourselves and follow Jesus. 

Matthew 7:3-5

“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is your own eye? ” Or how can you say to your brother, “Let me take the speck out of your eye, when there is a log in your own eye.”  You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

Bible notes:

Jesus’ teaching on judgment is two sided.  He condemns judging other’s faults.  We are incapable of judging with fairness and accuracy since God alone knows the heart.  However, Jesus commands us to exercise critical discernment.  Examination is necessary to avoid profaning what is holy and embracing what is false.  We set the standards of our personal judgment by our own conduct towards others.”


In our culture of today it is very hard not to judge, to blame, to get downright disgusted, isn’t it?   In these two Scriptures alone, Jesus told us how to begin with ourselves. 

Now if you notice Jesus did not say, “Do not take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

What He did say was:

“We must see ourselves in “truth, so we may discern clearly the splinter in our brother’s eye.  Then we may take it out.”

No matter what we cannot live in a non-Christian culture and judge anyone.  We cannot blame those who are wrong, when we as Christians have had a hand in creating this “culture.”

So what do we do:

Confess to God  and admit to the part we played in creating this culture, therefore; taking the log out of our own eye.  Try to make it right, by “exercising critical discernment,” with our brothers/sisters.

As Christians though we need to ask ourselves, “Who are our brothers/sisters?”  That is coming on the next post.

Love and God Bless, SR

Bible notes taken from:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament

Commentary and Notes b Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch

Is it “Culture” or “Christians?”

This post is going to go along with the “Living the Gospels” post, but the Lord gave me so much today, I wanted to post this while it was fresh on my mind.  (Another will follow Sunday)

“Is it the Culture or Christians?”

When the Lord begin to impress “Living the Gospels” upon my heart, the first place He took me was the “culture in which He lived.”  See:

Jesus lived in a “culture of 600+ laws” which if you stumped your toe you were stoned to death.  No one could follow each and every one of them.

We live:

In a “culture of 600+ laws” where if we do not “accept everything even to sin,” we are stoned to death.  We live in a “culture” which is the exact opposite of what Jesus lived in. 

So we need to begin to look at the Gospels as a “set of laws” which are:

So well balanced concerning our human and spiritual nature, that if applied by everyone, the whole world would live in perfect harmony. 

As Christians we must realize we are not:

Living the Gospels to the fulfillment of our potential.  If we were we would not be battling one another so much.  My lands, some Christians I think would “stone” anyone just for not believing as they do!

Jesus came to:

“Fulfill the law, not to do away with it.”

We are called to:

“Fulfill the Gospels, not to do away with them, and not to place our own “spin” on them.  By “fulfilling the Gospels,” it is the only means in which we can live in this “culture” of what I call the “culture of death.”


How many Christians have contributed to the “culture of death” by not “Living the Gospels?”

We cannot get out here and “accept” every single thing this nation wants us to accept, and be a Christian.  We cannot vote for people who are pro-choice, who want our elderly just to be left alone to die, and so many other things which are sin. 

We cannot  want to be “politically correct,” more than we want to be a Christian!

As Christians:

We are supposed to be united.  We are all supposed to believe in and do what Jesus set forth in the Gospels to do.  Jesus left examples of how we are to do it.  For many of us, (myself included) we are not following these examples.

First off we love to blame:

The devil, evil on a whole, other denominations, politics, pastor’s, priest, the Pope, laws, lack of laws, people not knowing their Bible, people not going to Church, our youth, our culture, the list just goes on and on.


What about us?

Are we living the Gospels?  Are we living them as Jesus set them up to be lived?  Are we seeing them as a set of “laws” where not only we can thrive spiritually, but every other human being can also? 


As Christians do we live and give them to others,  only to the part where they go against what we want?  As Christians do we live and give them only until they make us uncomfortable?  Do we say:  “Oh this Scripture had it’s place in the day, but today is not that day?”  As Christians do we “Live the Gospels” until they go against what we have been taught or what we want them to mean to us?

I think if we are honest with one another, mainly ourselves, the answer to some of these questions is, “Yes.”  If we answer “yes” to any of these, then maybe this “culture” has a lot to do with us??

I am going to show in my next post concerning this “blame game.”  I am going to use the Gospels to do it.

This is just some food for thought, before I begin.

Love and God Bless, SR

“Living the Gospels” (Part 1)

As I stated in my post last Sunday, “This was the best Lenten Season I have ever had.” 

Again to remind you, our Priest gave us a book for Christmas titled “Rediscover Jesus,” by Matthew Kelly.  In one of the chapters Mr. Kelly wrote about:

“Living the Gospels”

This really stuck with me.  I asked myself:

Do I live the Gospels daily?  What are the Gospels, really?  How do I relate to them?

So of course being me, my questions had to be searched and answered, within myself.  I am going to start with this revelation I discovered within myself.  (Maybe you can relate and maybe not.  I only know it is the truth for myself.) 

I have always related more to the OT, writers.  Why? I do not know.  I think what always intrigued me were, God’s responses to everything that was done during those times.  I can read the same OT stories over and over. 

Now when it came to the NT, of course I read the Gospels and all the other books.  As I pondered on this, my revelation was:

I quoted and remembered Paul more than anyone?

Again the question:


This is what I begin to realize about myself and these “Four Books:”

 I saw Jesus as someone I love dearly.  I related to Him as my Savior.  I related to Him as the one and only Sacrifice for my sins.  I related to Him as my friend and Lord, but….

I never related to Jesus as my “teacher.” 

I think I did this because:

He was so far beyond being a “teacher,” within myself.

Then my thoughts went to Helen Keller:

She was blind, deaf, and mute.  She had absolutely no skills whatsoever, nor life for that matter until:

Her “teacher” Ann Sullivan came into her life.

Ann Sullivan was the one who gave to Helen Keller, everything!    She opened Helen Keller’s eyes, hearing and speech, in ways you and I will never be able to comprehend.  Helen was not real responsive to her teacher at first.  In fact, I think she fought her for a while. 


When Helen grasped what Miss Sullivan was trying to do with and for her, she flourished.

You see this was my problem:

By not relating to Jesus as my “teacher,” I was deaf, mute, and blind to the Gospels.  I mean, I knew to be good to others, pray for others, so on and so forth, but….

My ears, eyes, and mouth were closed to the:

“Heart of those Four Books.”

This began a forty-day search on trying to find that:


(To be continued next Sunday)

Love and God Bless, SR


Praying the Psalms Over the Powers of Darkness

I did a post saying that a dear friend of mine had stated she was praying the Psalms.  First she did it in order then in reverse.  I did it, and so much came out of it, I do two or three daily now.

There was only one problem I had:

When David got to his enemies, he wanted them destroyed, put to shame, or anything else he could come up with.  As I stated before, “He never much cared how God took care of his enemies, as long as He did.”

As I would pray these part’s out loud:

I just kept getting an uncomfortable feeling.  I am the last to say I would have my “enemies” over for tea, but I am the first to say I never want harm to come to anyone.  I do not care if they are my dearest friends or my worst enemies.

So what did I do:

When I would get to chapters where David was really asking God to do something with his enemies I would tell God, “Lord I mean the devil and all of his demons.”  As I was praying on, eventually I did not have to say that anymore to God, it was already in my heart and mind.

Then God reminded me of something:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.”    Ephesians 6:10-12

Back then Paul was warning about the spiritual warfare that was going on, unseen, in the Church.  Christian’s, Christianity, and all that implies was under attack.  Today is no different.  We are still being attacked, by the “wiles of the devil.”  As Christians he and his cohort’s are our greatest enemies.  We have to get it into our heads, they are not only our greatest enemies, they are our worst!  It is not that human being, illness, pain, heartache, etc… it is the most evil spirit which exist, within it all!

I do not care how great, mighty, or tough we think we are, if we think we can defeat him, we are only kidding ourselves.  After all he is an entity, he comes in either with a whirlwind to defeat us, or in bits and pieces.  Either way, we seldom ever see it coming until we are there in it.  I always say, “If you want to see the devil “give it his best shot” go to the Day of the Cross, then look at the Cross.”   That is what his evil was able to accomplish in the “heart of man.”

I have found the best weapon outside of the death and resurrection of Jesus in my life, is praying those verses in the Psalms, where David wanted his enemies destroyed.  As Christians we cannot wish harm on another person but…. we can wish it all we want on the devil!  Then we have to be strong in the power of God. 

All I can say is this:

I was amazed at the outcome.  The more I prayed those Psalm verses, the more I trusted God, the more they left and the more peace I had.

Love and God Bless, SR

“When was the Last Time you Knelt to Pray?”

This Lenten Season I have to say was the very best of my life.  I was determined to let God show me the creature He created me to be if it killed me!  I am going to be sharing some of what I did, on Sunday’s.

One of the best things I did was receive a book from our Priest called, “Rediscovering Jesus” by Matthew Kelly. (Excerpts are taken from this book)  It has forty short chapters with meditations/questions/prayers at the end of each Chapter.  If you are Catholic or Protestant I really urge you to get this book, as it helped me immensely.  (I read a chapter a day through Lent and am starting it over.)

One of the questions Mr. Kelly asked was:

“When was the last time you knelt down to pray?  It may seem old-fashion, but when was the last time you knelt beside your bed at night and prayed?”

As I read that question I realized it had truly been a long time.  Due to age, sore knees, squeaking bones, etc… most all of my prayers became at the kitchen table, couch, propped up in my bed, outside, walking, working, etc…

So I thought:

I am going to go down on these “old knees” one way or the other, once a day, humbling myself before God, and pray!

I knew once down there I could not stay long, because “help me I cannot get up!”  🙂  What was I going to pray?

 So I decided or God decided for me:

The Our Father, three Hail Mary’s, the Glory Be, and Oh, my Jesus…

What happened:

Everything!  It made me feel as if I was truly humbling myself before God.  It made me feel as if I was giving Him, the respect He deserves.  Though the prayers are not long as in “time length,”  the quietness and stillness of my soul was so profound, for those few moments.  Even the surrounding environment became quiet. 

Somehow I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, Jesus and I were connecting, in a very spiritual way.  When I pulled myself up, I felt peace, freedom, and a special love which I cannot describe, for and from Jesus.

I know in our busy lives, kneeling sometimes gets left by the wayside.  We pray to God going out the door, driving to work, and/or doing our work.  At the end of the day, there are dinners to prepare, washing to do, bath’s to take, and finally we fall in bed telling God when our head’s hit the pillow, “Thank you for this day and forgive me where I offended You.”  Then we drift off to sleep and it begins all over, the next day.

I cannot urge you enough, if it is only for a few minutes a day, implement the “kneel” back into your prayer life.  It really did wonders for me.

Love and God Bless, SR


Learning to Live in Our Promise Land (The End)

As I wrote in my first post God and myself had a conversation regarding, “How to live in my Promise Land.” This is our conversation as I wrote it down.


When you get to your  Promise Land  you do not seek Me daily.  Life is going well for you and you tend to cast Me aside.  You do not rely on Me as much anymore.  You begin to find your pleasure in other things, because you are so relieved.  Seek and serve Me daily, the same way you did on your journey.

At times you sin and do not repent immediately, and at times never.  You  continue to walk in this sin day after day.  When you know you have sinned, repent immediately, as my servant David did.

When you are in your tribulations and trials our relationship is different.  You continually praise Me.  When it is over, this still comes, but not like it does, when you “Need Me.”  Can you not  at least praise Me, “seven times a day,” as My Word says?

Never deny who you are in Me.  Remember when they asked My Son, “Who He was,” He said, “I Am.”  No matter the tribulations of my Son, He never denied His Father, and that He and His Father were One.

Obedience.   How careful you are to obey Me during your tribulations and trials.  When they cease how you can at times, ignore what I am calling you to do.  Always obey me.

You forget my “cloud of grace” which is over you, and the waters which you are drawing from My Mercy.  You start to depend on your own “grace” and “mercy” which will always fail you.

My Response:



I knew He was correct!

When we are in our Promise Land, we still have to do what we know is right.  We have to live in it the way God expects us to.  The way He expected Israel to. 

You know Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden forever, because of these very things.  I mean God walked with them every single evening, can you imagine!   That Garden had to be the most beautiful place on earth.  In their comfort and so much beauty surrounding them, they forgot about God, and did what the devil was calling them to do.

I have done the same thing many times.  Life is well, God and myself are well, the tribulation is over, I am in the Promise Land, I do not have to do all of these little things, anymore.

I think that is where I fail the most.  Oh, I still do all the “Big” things I know I am supposed to do, like praying, going to Mass, etc. but…. God still wants that, “Oh, God I have sinned and I am sorry for offending you,” the moment I realize I have done it.  He still wants that, “Lord I will praise you seven times a day.”  He wants that quieting of my soul, so He can converse to and with me.  He wants that obedience when He tells me to do something.  Nothing changes just because I am in the comfort of the “Promise Land.”  Learning to live in it well, is as important as trying to get there.

When I become slack in these things, “I AM” denying who “I AM” in and with Him.   I have to admit, it is because the “relief” of the journey is over.  Most of mine really “suck,” as I am sure many of yours have as well.

I am beginning to understand, I have to be the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow with God.  As God is the same always. 

When I get out here, and I am not wandering in the wilderness anymore, I have to remember,
God is the same God.   Though my circumstances have changed, He has not!

I have got to “STOP” creating my own “wilderness” most of the time, get in that Promise Land and learn how to live there the rest of my life!

Love and God Bless, SR

Learning to Live in our Promise Land (Part 1)

About a week and half ago I told God:

Lord I am sick and tired of these journeys!  I know I learn from each and every one of them, but I am tired Lord! 

Lord’s reply:


Today I told Him:

Lord am I ever going to reach my Promise Land?  A land flowing with milk and honey?  I want my Promise Land, Lord!

Lord’s reply:

You are already in it and have been.  You do not know how to live in it.  Israel did not know how to live in it, and you are no different.

My response:

Teach me how to live in it, Lord!

First the Lord gave me this verse of Scripture plus much more.  Today I am going to leave this post off with the verse of Scripture and my thoughts, then continue in another post.

But Joshua said to the people, ‘You cannot serve the Lord, for He is a holy God.  He is a jealous God; he will not forgive your transgressions or your sins.  If you forsake the Lord and serve foreign gods, then he will turn and do you harm, and consume you, after having done you good.’  And the people said to Joshua:

‘No, we will serve the Lord!’

Then Joshua said to the people:

‘You are a witness against yourselves that you have chosen the Lord to serve Him.’

And they said:

‘We are witnesses.’

He said:

‘Then put away your foreign gods that are among you, and incline your hearts to the Lord, the God of Israel.’

The people said to Joshua:

‘The Lord our God we will serve, and Him we will obey.’  (Joshua 24:19-24)

My thoughts:

Hmmmm,  o-k-a-y!  I might be and have been in my “Promise Land,” but how many other gods do I have in it????

For some and most of all, my own feelings, emotions, wants and desires, or maybe just myself in general is the “biggest foreign god I worship!” 

How about:

Television, internet, work, letting the thoughts and comments of other’s just more or less ruin my day?  Completely taking away the “joy of God” from my heart.

How about:

Fear.  Fear of what tomorrow will bring or will not bring.  Fear of hurt and shame.  Most of all the fear of the unknown, to all, but God Himself.

I can go on and on with this and I am sure you can to, but….

Unless we recognize how many foreign gods are in our lives and get rid of them, I do not care if we are in our “Promise Land” or not, it “ain’t going to work!” 

God is more than willing to take us out of these journeys and give us our “Promise Land.”  As God does though, there are stipulations on how to live in it!  We cannot live there, and place God on the back burner!  That ain’t going to “work either!”

God does not “command” but God “DEMANDS” He be the only God in our lives.  If we want to live in a land “flowing with milk and honey,” we better make sure He is.

We can never forget He is a “jealous God,” even though He is a very merciful God.  There is nothing in our lives, we can place before Him, if we want the “peace” He promises us.

When we “CHOOSE TO SERVE THE LORD,” that is exactly what He expects us to do!

Love and God Bless, SR

I Told Jesus, “No.”

Today a very interesting thing happened to me.  I went to lunch with a friend, and as we were checking out of the restaurant I noticed a sign that said,  ” On Thursday nights come and join them for praise and worship.”  I showed it to my friend and did not say anything. 

Then the owner came up to check us out, and I said, “I see y’all have praise and worship here on Thursday nights.”  He said, “Yes.”  I said, “Good.” 

He then asked my friend what religion she was and she said, “Lutheran.”  He asked me and I said, “Catholic.”

He then said,

I was born and raised a Catholic, but I became a Christian in 19….   (I lost all concentration at that point.)

I said:

So you are referring because I am a Catholic, I am not a Christian?

To which everything just kind of went silent.  It brought back a memory of one of the most trying times of my life.  That was my:


Most of you know it was the Blessed Mother who called me to the Church.  But something else I fought over and tried to destroy with my own belief’s and that was the 6th Chapter of John.

Jesus taught the Sacrament of the Eucharist in this Chapter.  He said,  “Truly, Truly I say to you, unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you, he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, I will raise him up at the last day.”

But this was not the Scripture that got me.  The one that got me was in 6:66..

After this, (his teachings) many of his disciples drew back and no longer walked with him.  Jesus said to the Twelve,

“Will you leave me too?”

Now I am a Protestant at this time, trying to discredit how the Catholic Church believed on this Chapter.   I went to see what “eats” meant in the Greek and it was to: “Chew or gnaw.”   So I knew Jesus was not only speaking “sacramentally” but was also speaking “literally.”

Then the question came:

Is Jesus lying?

Of course I knew He had not. 

Something else I knew also:

The Jews knew exactly what He was saying and left, because under the law they could consume no animal blood, much less the Blood of a Human. 

The reason for this post:

I have been called/told many things since becoming a Catholic.  Idol worshipper, not a believer in the Cross, I love my Pope more than I love Jesus, I am going to hell, blah, blah, and more blah.

I have yet been referred to as or told to my face that I am not a:

Christian.  Hmmm…..

You see:

The biggest stumbling block I had was John Chapter 6.  Finally, I had to come to the realization “Jesus would not lie about something like this.”  It also said in Chapter 6, “Jesus let them go in their disbelief.”  This disbelief was on His teaching of the Eucharist.   Jesus would not have let them go, if He meant it only as a “symbolic gesture to remember Him always.” 

I for one year tried to disprove the teachings of the Church on this, and could not.

Jesus kept asking me the whole time:

“Are you going to leave Me too?”

Today words kind of failed me in that restaurant.  It stunned me actually. 

I know this:

John Chapter 6 gives to me all the verification I need to prove Jesus is in the Blessed Host, after it has been consecrated by the Priest, and the Holy Spirit comes.  It is His Body, it is His Blood, and He said, “I MUST drink and eat it.”  He left no room for questions or doubts when He taught this. 

I guess if that takes me out of the Christian loop, it just does.

But when Jesus asked me:

“Are you going to leave me too.”

I told Him:


I gave Him my word, and I am not taking it back!

Love and God Bless,





Feeling Shallow and Stupid!

Today the Lord and I had a very interesting conversation.  In fact, He showed me what I do in my darkest hours that prevents me from knowing He is there.  He also showed me how I trust in the dark hours of the night, but I do not trust Him.  This is all what the Lord spoke to me, while I listened.

There is darkness of the soul, and it is created by the hearts and minds of my children.  You say, “You do not feel, see, nor hear Me in these moments.”  Then why do you cry out to Me if you believe I am nowhere to be found?  Yet, you believe in all of these things which you do not feel, see, nor hear:

When you mow you have said, “Why do the birds come to feed when I mow.  I do not know what it is they are eating?”  Yet you believe the ground produces something they are eating, which you do not see, feel, or hear.  As you sleep do you not believe in gravity, though you do not feel, see, nor hear it?  When the clouds cover the sun, do you not believe the sun is still there, underneath the darkness of the sky, and it will shine once again?  Do you not believe while you sleep in darkness, the earth is still rotating, though you do not see, feel, or hear it?   Do you not believe when you sleep during the darkness of the night that the grass is still growing, the clouds are still moving, the sun will rise in the morning, the wind will still blow, yet your eyes are closed in the darkness of the night, and you neither feel, see, nor hear these things. 

Then why do you not believe in the darkest moments of  your soul, I AM NOT THERE?  How can you believe in all of these things when night covers the earth,  which you are not even aware of, yet you trust they are there?  How can you NOT  believe I am there, just because you are not aware of Me, in those moments?  

The Lord showed me today, how I am so ready to believe in the presence of things I never feel, hear, nor see.  Yet, it is the total opposite when it comes to Him.  I feel abandoned and left alone.  It made perfect sense to me when He said, “Why cry out to Me, if you do not believe I am there?”  After all, that would be just floating words into the air, with no destination in sight, wouldn’t it?

The Lord said, “Darkness of the soul is in the minds and hearts of His children.”  It is!  It is because we will sooner believe that the earth is rotating in the night, then believe that God is always with us.  It is our lack of trust and faith.  Therefore, we create our own hell, in a hell which has already presented itself in our lives. 

Of course I felt ashamed, ever so sorry, and apologized to our Lord. 

The next time darkness covers our life, and we feel God is nowhere to be found, we need to ask ourselves:

What is it that I DO believe in that I have never seen, felt, nor heard?  Contemplate it and then ask ourselves:

How can I believe in these things and believe that the God who created it all, has left me in my darkness?????

God showed me today how I can readily believe in many things of which I have no concept of how they even operate yet, when it comes to Him….

I at times, do not believe He is always with me, though He promised He would be.  

Made me feel kind of shallow and stupid, if you want to know the truth!

God Bless, SR