What Will God’s Eulogy be for Me?

As I have stated before, I went to a “LOT” of funerals this summer.   The age range for these people were from 16-80.  Two of them suicides, some expected, some so unexpected, some from just the body aging, and other’s from disease.  Either way or for whatever reason, these people were no longer in my life.  I would never see them on earth again. 

I noticed something from going to all of these funerals.  All had a “Eulogy” and all had very wonderful things said about them.  Things from friends and/or family members. 

It got me to thinking about “eulogies,” and how I have never heard one bad thing said about someone at a funeral.  I am not saying this is wrong, it just “is.” 

Usually extremely kind things are said about the person, events of their life are given, some funny, some sad, and most of the time how they touched the lives of others.

After all the funerals were over and life settled into “normal” again, I got to thinking:

All of this is good and kind, but it is not the entire truth.  None of us are without fault, sin, and bad behavior at times.  (I am not saying funerals are the time to bring all that up, it just made me think.)

So the question to myself was:

What is God’s “Eulogy” going to be like for me?  His “Eulogy” is going to be the “entire truth,” regarding my life.

When I pass on into the presence of God and He pulls out my Book of Life, there it is going to lay.  The “good,” the “bad” and the “ugly!”  He is going to show and tell me all about it. 

I am not going to have a forty-five minute time slot set aside just for all of my “wonderful, but also for all of my “not-so-wonderful.”

This will be the last “Eulogy” I will ever receive with the words “heaven” or “hell” attached to them.

Living a Christian life is very hard at times, if not most of the time.   It comes with commandments and rules to follow.  It involves a personality change to say the least.  One which consist of love, humility, caring, most of all, letting go of ourselves.

It also involves prayer, faith, and trust, at every single moment in our lives.  It involves turning the other cheek, and giving someone your cloak.  It involves forgiveness, especially for those who are the hardest to forgive.

Living a “Christian life” truly goes against most of what we want do for someone, or say to them.  Especially if they have hurt us so deeply we do not think we can breathe. 

In these moments we must think of that “Last Eulogy.”  We have to think about what section of our lives is going is going to be thickest and most time consuming for God to tell us about.  “The good,” “the bad,” or “the ugly.”  We have to remember, this will be the “last” time Anyone, will ever say anything about us ever again.

Death is going to come to us all.  There is no way out of it.  We need to keep inside of oursleves what will be important at that moment, is what “God” is going to say about us, and not man.

Love and God Bless, SR


4 responses to “What Will God’s Eulogy be for Me?

  1. Hello, SR! I was responding to your candid comment on the post ‘Should Christians get involved in politics’ when I noticed that your comment has been deleted. I hope you did not think you offend me. I would have responded sooner but my 3-year-old grandson has been a busy-body all weekend.

    But let me hasten to say I have always regarded you as a friend and I intend to keep it that way. Our views may differ sometimes but we have one common gold.


    • Hey Noel,

      Deleted!!! All by itself, huh??? LOL!!!! It is going to take more than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to break up our eight year friendship. Too much has passed and too many prayers gone by over the years for that to happen. And you thought you were going to get rid of me that easily, now did ya? 🙂

      Have a great day and many blessings from our Lord to come your way. Love and God Bless, SR

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      • FYI: I agreed with everything you said in your comment. I’m not voting for either candidate but I am voting down ballot. That is where change begins.


      • Well some FYI for you 🙂 On this voting day I want to stick my head in the dirt like an ostrich and not bring it out until the poles are closed. You are correct, “that is where change begins.”

        All laughter aside, this is a serious matter for all of us Noel, as Christians and just human beings in general. I have to go back to what Scripture says, “Everyone who is placed in authority is placed there by God.” (Not direct quote but you get my meaning.) In that is where my trust is going to have to lie, because one of them are going to get it.

        You know I did not mean to offend you Noel with my comment, but I think if we are going to give one side we have to give both, as neither candidate in my opinion has God first and foremost in their heart’s. May God forgive me for that statement if I am wrong. Love and God Bless Noel, SR

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