What is it About God that I Trust?

The other day I was telling God, “I trust You, Lord.”  In fact I said it quite a few times.

As I was continuing on with my chores and my conversation with God, I heard very deep down in my soul:

“What is it about Me, that you trust?”

Once again God kind of stopped me in my tracks, and I was stunned to be honest.  I have never thought about what aspect/aspect’s of God that I was trusting in.  I think we need to think about that, for every given situation.

Of course I trust in God’s Word, justice, faithfulness, compassion, mercy, love, but:

I think certain situations call for trusting in a certain “attribute” of God.  Again, David is one of my best examples for this.

At a given moment he would be calling for God’s mercy.  Another His forgiveness.  Another His faithfulness, and another His justice, etc…

It is kind of like us with our own children.  When they are small and have a “boo-boo” they trust that kiss is coming from us.  As they grow they begin to trust we will do our best to guide them correctly.  When they do wrong they can trust a consequence is coming.  When they are grown hopefully they can look back and see as parents we always had their best interest at heart.

Our own kid’s always came to the part of us, which was needed at that time.  In turn, that is the part we gave to them.

As I thought about God’s question to me, I begin to realize:

That is exactly how it is with Him as our Father.  For every situation in our lives, we must turn to the correct attribute of God, which fits said, “situation.”

If I am broken hearted I need to trust in His compassion and love for me at that moment.  If I am crossing boundaries I need to trust in His discipline and justice that He will draw me back.   If I am sick and can barely walk or stand, I need to trust in His mercy and healing.  So on and so forth.

For every situation in our lives, we need to go the part of God, which will help us through it.  

For the particular situation I was telling God “I trust You” for, something came over me  that I needed to trust in His:


So I begin to say:

“Lord, I trust in Your faithfulness.”

I am still saying it today, and things are getting better. 

It did something else also:

It gave me peace, that all is going to be okay.  It came through a word and heart change, because I know God is “faithful.”  That is the part of Him I am calling upon, because I need it!

I need all of God no doubt.  I am learning though, at certain times I need certain things.  I need to place my trust in the part of God which is going to bring it forth. 

There are no words which will truly explain the difference this has made in my relationship with Him. 

I believe the reason for that is:

I am focusing and walking in His faithfulness “only” at this time, instead of trying to figure out where all the other things regarding God are going to come in. 

In doing so,  I am more one on One with Him. 

By that I mean:

It is me, it is Him, and one part of God which I am depending on.  I am not all over the place with it, and am staying steady on my course.

Love and God Bless, SR 


9 responses to “What is it About God that I Trust?

  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I was thinking about when I was a brand new Christian (about 20 years ago) and God showed me His faithfulness in the smallest things. So, when I needed to trust Him with the big things, I had no problem doing it. I would think, if He cared enough to help me with that inconsequential thing, surely He’ll be there for me when it really counts. And, He has been! Bless you.


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    • Hey Heather,

      Thanks for comment. Exactly on what you said! When I look at your and Dan’s situation and all the inspiration the two of you give to others, I see God all over the place in your lives. When I think of the blessings the two of you have been in my life, I know God has His hand on both of you. The two of you have been true to God, and God has been so “faithful” to the two of you. Both of you bring forth those two things in every single word you say.

      Like this morning I was really feeling “poopy.” Just could not get going and wanted to go back to bed. I was having some pain in certain area’s of my body. I told God, “God I trust in your healing today, so I can get my work done.” In about an hour it was all gone. When it was gone I told God, “God I now need your strength to finish what I need to do,” as the pain had made me sort of weak. I am now finished with chores and about to work on taxes. Ugh!!!!

      Now I am back to the situation of last week, and I am still saying, “I trust Your faithfulness God.”

      God knows what we need Heather, but it is up to us to realize what we are needing from God, and ask Him for it. All I know as far as myself, He has given it to me. Love you all, give hugs to everyone for me, and God Bless, SR


  2. Another uplifting post, SR! You are not going to believe this. The title of my next post is “Good things happen when you trust God”. I am going to use the experience of the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace and Daniel’s experience in the den of hungry lions. I may also inject a little bit of Job’s experience. But I am going to contrast those three experiences with Jonah’s who refused to go to Nineveh.

    Thanks again, my friend. God bless.


    • Hey Noel,

      Now why would I not “believe it?” Two “great minds” thinking alike! 🙂 I am anxiously awaiting the post and I love what you are going to be using for your examples. Great stories all of them.

      What I love about Jonah’s story and Nineveh, is when he threw that fit when God took that shade tree away. God was so silent while he was throwing it. I have had a few of those moments myself and I really got tickled when I read it. Then when God spoke I could just see Jonah come to a complete stand still and maybe thinking, “Well maybe I better hush.” Been there done that. 🙂 Have a great one dear friend and God Bless, SR

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  3. When you say GOD asked you a question, Do you mean that literally or is that a thought that occurred to you. I get very confused when I hear statements like that….


    • Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for comment and a very good question. God speaks to me in many ways Thomas, as He does most of us. You have to remember in the Bible, God revealed Himself in many different ways to His people. Example: In a cloud, through a talking donkey, He spoke to Noah, He spoke to Moses, through the Red Sea, etc… There is no set pattern on when or how God speaks.

      In this particular instance God did indeed ask me that question, meaning in my soul I heard Him. Now this is not always the case however. If I am praying for something sometimes when I am reading the Bible, the Scripture will give to me the answer, sometimes it is a feeling/direction, and yes sometimes it is verbally. The thing of it is, is no matter how God speaks to us, we have to become still and quiet and hear Him. St. Faustina said, “God cannot deal with a chattering soul.” If we do not hush long enough to listen, we are not going to hear Him. Hope this helps to clarify for you. God Bless, SR

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