Who Am I to Take Jesus from Anyone?

I was bored and blog surfing and ran across this statement, “Catholic’s have not accepted Jesus as their “personal Savior.”   Even when I was a Protestant I had problems with the word “personal,” when it included the word “Savior.”

First:  I looked all over the Strong’s and the word “personal” is not even in the Bible.

Second:  Nowhere could I find in the Bible the word “personal” and “Savior” being connected.

Third:  What I did find with the word “Savior” were the words “us” and “our,” being connected with it. 

Fourth:  Definition of personal – “Of, affecting or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else.

So to me by the sheer definition of the word, Jesus can be no one’s “personal Savior,” and He nor anyone else ever said He was, in Scripture.  Man, once again, added that in there.

My thoughts:

Jesus hung on the Cross, suffering, thirsting, and dying to save the “world.”  To save every single person in this world, whether we like it or not!  When I accepted Him and what He did on the Cross for the “world” I became part of the “family of God.”  In a family there is more than “one person.”   When I said, “Lord you are my Savior,” I also accepted the fact this was for everyone else as well.

I have never said the words, “My Savior,” thinking nor referring it was for me alone. 

I have a brother and a sister, and myself.  I call Dad, “Dad.”  That does not make Daddy just “my personal Dad.”

Jesus never died on that Cross, just to save me, no matter how important I think myself to be.  The suffering’s of the Cross, engulfed us all.

The word’s of Jesus on the Cross were:

‘Father forgive “them,” for they know not what “they” do.’

He did not say:

‘Forgive the one who nailed my right hand to the Cross, but do not forgive the one who nailed my left hand to it.’ 

“Them” was all inclusive on that day, and it still stands to present day.

I feel we need to look at it like this:

One can have personal knowledge of something.  Knowledge which belongs to only him or her.  One can have a personal relationship with someone, even Christ, which only belongs to him or her.  One can have a personal conversation with someone, even Christ.  One can have a personal revelation. 


No man or woman can have Jesus as their “personal Savior” because….

The redemption of the Cross belongs to every man, woman, and child on the face of this earth.  This is what we have to accept and claim.  For all of us who have faith in this, and accepts what He did, makes Him the Savior of us all!

We have to accept Him as “Savior” of the whole human race, because in reality that is what/who HE IS!!!!  The redemption of the Cross belongs to no “one human being.”

To make Him any less than that, is to me, to make a total mockery of the Cross. 

Every drop of blood shed on the Cross, every cry He made, every pain He endured, was for me and for you!

He never gave to me the right to take the redemption of the Cross, just for myself.  Never!  When one uses the word “Savior,” it has to go straight back to the “Cross.”

I have no right to take Jesus as your Savior away from you,  just because I believe He is my “personal Savior,” and not the “Savior of the world.”

(“Savior of the World,” is used frequently in the Bible.)

Love and God Bless, SR


6 responses to “Who Am I to Take Jesus from Anyone?

    • Hey Reinkat,

      Thanks! I would imagine there are “many” who are not clapping, but this has always throughout my entire life just bugged me. Again thanks. Love and God Bless, SR


  1. I can’t help but disagree with you here…
    For me, “personal” saviour means that Jesus saves each of us as a person, rather than as some kind of impersonal unit amongst a faceless church. Salvation is personal because it is concerns our heart, our personhood, and our entire being. I don’t remember who said it, but I have heard that Jesus would die for each of us even if we were the only one that needed saving, and this seems true to me.
    Of course, it is never private. But I don’t think personal in this case means private, and I don’t believe it should usually. Every person, properly understood, is a communion of those around them. The communal and the personal aren’t opposed (although I think modernity misses this), for example, we develop deeper personal connections to someone through knowing their family and friends. Salvation is personal in being communal and communal in being personal, I would say.
    A good illustration of this, is how Jesus gives Himself entirely to each and every one of us in the Holy Eucharist, so that every one of us could truly say, that Jesus is “all mine”. We receive Jesus individually, yet no one can receive Jesus alone, because He is our communion with each other.
    Or again, in baptism we pass through the waters together as the people of God, into His Kingdom, and yet it is at baptism that we receive our own names.

    God bless you!


    • Hey Ignatius,

      As I told Reinkat I am sure “many” disagree with me. I understand what you are saying,(and maybe I should of said this in the post) this is the way I look at it.

      My decision to come to Christ was personal. All the emotions I felt on that day, were personal. The changes I had to go through because of that decision were personal. When I receive Jesus in Holy Communion, what that does for me is personal. My decision to be baptized was personal. All you spoke of what happens when we come to Christ, is personal.

      I can never say, “He is my personal Savior,” because He died for the world. To me, for me to say that is saying, “He did not die for you.”

      I can say everything which happened to me, because of coming to Christ was personal. That Cross was for the entire world, not just for me. He did not, just save me alone. Jesus nor His redemption, does not only belong to me.

      This is not a Catholic thing for me. I have always had problems with that word, when associated with Christ and redemption. Thanks for comment. Love and God Bless, SR

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  2. I completely understand what you mean! And I think the very fact that people disagree is a perfect example of how the way words are used leads to misconceptions. Because Catholics tend to speak more as a unified body of faith (catholic meaning “universal” after all), you will more often hear Catholic talk about their relationship in terms of a unifying, community oriented sense. Whereas other Protestant religions will describe it as “personal”. But just because I may not use the word “personal” doesn’t mean my relationship with Christ is any less intimate. I believe though that this difference in language leads to a common misunderstanding that Catholics lack an intimate relationship with the Lord. Well to that I say, our Lord & Savior comes to be with me in the most intimate way I can imagine through Holy Eucharist! Great post SR, good to see you here. I need to catch up on your posts! I haven’t been very active on here of late either! God Bless!

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    • Hey Rose,

      Love your comment by the way, and you said much of what I thought about today. I was thinking, these three words, “My Personal Savior,” has done so much to divide the children of God. If one does not say them with all conviction of “this so called truth in your heart,” does the “gnashing of teeth” ever begin! We cannot claim the Cross and what was done on it as our “own.” I wish everyone would just sit one minute at a picture of a colorful Crucifix and look at all the Blood and Agony for one minute. Then dare to say, “That was all done for just me?” When we use the word “personal” in relation to this, that is exactly what we are saying. “This Cross was just for me.”

      I love the word “intimate” associated with the Holy Eucharist! As far as being a Catholic, you said it all right there. Those are words I can never forget. The beautiful thing about that thought is, He is coming to you, to me, and all the other’s in Mass, and we get to see it in every Mass. In doing so how can we claim from the Cross to the Eucharist being for “one solitary person?” The beauty of Mass is, is Jesus is there waiting for the whole Church to fill up. He is there holding His hand’s out to all of us, waiting to receive and give Himself to every single person there.

      We cannot stand at the foot of the Cross and only see ourselves there. We need to turn around, look, and see the whole world standing behind us. Love you and God Bless, SR

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