God’s “Condition” to Answering Prayers

Friday I was praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  The reading was from James 1:2-8.  What was said here, I pray I never forget.

“Yet you must ask in faith, never doubting, for the doubter is like the surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

“A man of this sort, devious and erratic in all that he does, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord.”

How the last line of these Scriptures popped off the page at me.  How I have pondered on these words.

How many of us before we pray, really examine our faith?  By examining it I mean, how often before we pray, do we ask ourselves:

“Do I even have the faith the size of a mustard seed in this prayer to move this mountain?”

As I thought about this I believe:

This should be our first step before we pray. 

“How deep does my faith run for the answer?”

The Bible tells us if we doubt we are like:

“The surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

We are:

“Devious and erratic in all we do.”

We should not:

“Expect anything from the Lord.”

We do though, don’t we? 

I have been dancing since I have been four years old, beginning with standing on the top of my brother’s feet.  When I became a teenager, every Saturday night, we went dancing.

Every Saturday night I had to have money to get into the dance, plus go out to eat, afterwards.

Every Saturday night my hand was held out to Mama and Daddy for this money. 

Every Saturday night it was laid in the palm of my hand.  (I am not making this about money!)

I never once doubted, that I would not have the money to go dancing, and my parent’s never once failed to give it to me. 

As their child, I had faith.  (I do mean complete faith!)

I am a child of God.  He is my Father.  He expects me to have no less faith in Him, then I did/do my earthly parents.  I will not lie, there have been many times in my life, I have had less faith in God, then I did Mama and Daddy.

Scripture tells me though if this is going to be the case:

“Not to expect one single solitary thing from God.”

This is God’s “condition” for answered prayer.

Before we pray, we need to take note of our “faith.”  If we do not have it, we need to get it!

I think in doing so, it will lead us into greater faith, as we will become more aware at times how little we have, if any.

God loves us all, of that there is no doubt.  That does not mean He does not require things from us.

Faith and trust, are definitely two of those “things.”

Love and God Bless, SR



6 responses to “God’s “Condition” to Answering Prayers

  1. Wow, SR! This hit me square between the eyes! I’ve read this passage before and just glossed over it. Your writing this, using the parental analogy that you used, and me reading it today after quite the epic-spiritual/physical/emotional battle-of-a-week I’ve had was like God grabbing me by the shoulders, setting me down, and saying, “Now read this again and get it!”

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    • Hey Claire,

      Thanks for comment. YOU had to be the one! This was actually supposed to be my post for Wednesday, but I just kept hearing God telling me, “Post it today, I will bring the “one” who needs it.” So I did!

      “Now read this again and get it!” LOL!!! The reason I (LOL) is because that is almost the same thing I heard when I read it. I could not let it go Claire.

      You know Claire, as I have thought about this for the past two days, the thought dawned on me. “If I am not going to have faith in God, then what is the use in any of it?” Really Claire, what is the use in me praying, going to Church, believing in God, in all who I confess I am, and who He is? It makes no sense does it, when you think about it?

      God requires us to have faith in Him, for and in all things. If we do not it is like we are at a stand still in our walk with Him. I am not going to move and He is not going to move. We are just not going to get anywhere without the faith and trust in God, that we need. I truly believe the “parent analogy” was given to me by the Holy Spirit, because my thoughts were not even headed in that direction.

      If we are going to make it Claire as Christians, we are going to have to muster up that faith. I as well was “grabbed by the shoulders” with this. I really think God is tired of me placing so much faith where it does not belong. I mean He wants it. He commands it, and that is just how it is. If I want to accomplish anything in my spiritual life, I better get “it” and hang onto “it.” Glad it helped you. Maybe we both learned something here. Love and God Bless, SR

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  2. Very good post! Thank you SR.

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    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for comment and glad it helped you. It really helped me. The funny thing is, I have read that for 12 years and this is the first time that has jumped out at me. Think maybe God was trying to tell me something….. I pray I will forever before I begin my prayers think about the faith that is coming with those prayers.

      As far as “good post,” you are not doing so bad “yonder way on your blog,” yourself. Again thanks and God Bless, SR

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