Sharing a Day of Laughter with Jesus

Many days in my life are spent meditating, reflecting, trying to do away with something which I think does not need to be there, or implementing something which does.  Last Friday, I decided to do away with all of that and find solace and consolation in the “love and friendship of Jesus.”  I just wanted to spend the day in His love and giving Him mine.  To laugh and share, as two friends would enjoy the day.

I did not think about anything major, I did not try to get out here and be the “save all” for someone, I did not think about my faults and failures, I just let the day “be.”

I went to the noon Mass, did my grocery, Walmart, and Tractor Supply shopping.  Came home, put it all up, made me a pot of chili, and fed my dogs. 

When I was at Mass though I told Jesus, “Jesus all I am asking for today, is your love.”  I did not go through this list of sins or offerings.  It was just a very sweet Mass for me.  “Jesus I want Your love, and I give You mine.”

I have to say, the day was absolutely great, peaceful, and blessed. 

 I think we work so hard on ourselves and for others, that we lose sight of those quiet, still, and simplistic moments.  I think sometimes we think things to death, and we forget to laugh.   After doing this,  I found out how much I need those days.

God loves us, in spite of ourselves.  He called Moses, “His friend.”

Jesus called the Apostles, “His friends.”

I had to ask myself:

“When was the last time I spent a day, just being friends with the Lord?”

I can’t even remember the last time, to be honest with you.

It is wonderful that we examine ourselves.  It is wonderful that we place the effort in our lives to change, hopefully for the better.  It is wonderful that we try and help others in need. 

 We need to quit forgetting to enjoy Jesus.  We need to enjoy His love for a day.  We need to smile because of it.   We need to rest in it, and let the world go by.

When we go to Mass throughout the week, take one of them for the love of enjoyment.   Just for the pure enjoyment of being there with our Lord.  To share thirty minutes of  friendship and love with Him.

Jesus did a lot of things during His ministry on earth.  He healed, He cast out demons, changed water into wine, ministered to and taught others.  He prayed and walked many miles.

Jesus also “copped a squat under a shade tree.”  He rested and enjoyed the friendship He had with the Apostles.  He went to homes, fellowshipped, and shared meals with others.

I do not know what all they discussed, but I have to believe there were moments of laughter, rest, and peace of mind.

 I see how important these things are, regarding my spirituality.  To feel confident in how much He loves me, and let that be enough.  To discuss matters which really have no value at all, but hopefully will place a smile in my heart and His.

We can make life with God, extremely hard and complicated at times.  At times, living a life for God is “hard and complicated.” 

A lot of it I think is because of our own attitude towards ourselves.  Just never quite measuring up.

Take a day.  Enjoy Jesus.  Be thankful that He loves you as a friend.  Share the laughter with Him, over the silliest of things.  Above all just know:

He loves us so much and wants to enjoy our life with us, too!

Love and God Bless, SR


2 responses to “Sharing a Day of Laughter with Jesus

  1. I loved this, SR. Thank you for reminding us to just be friends with the Lord. Don’t overthink. Just enjoy. Life is so easy when we don’t make things so complicated.


    • Hey Mary,

      Sorry took so long to reply, cleaning mini-blinds and curtains this week. (Need I go further?) 🙂 I am trying very hard Mary to live much of my day such as this, and also making a Mass about Jesus and myself being “friends,” as well as everything else. I need Him Mary, as my friend. I need that relationship with Him, where He and I share a cup of hot tea, and speak of things which also bring us both laughter and joy. I think all too often we go and stay on the path of our failures. We are made in the image of God, and so that also means there is joy and laughter in us also. How are things going? Shoot me an email when you have time. Love you and God Bless, SR


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