If Only I Could Humble Myself Like A Tree

I have never asked myself, “What is it about my own pride and arrogance, that I really want?”  I mean compared to the grand scheme of things, I am about as insignificant as a gnat.


The ocean, or a 160 mile an hour wind, or when the sky opens up to flood the ground, or the heat in the desert.  A hurricane or a tornado.  Any one of these things could snatch me up from this earth at any given moment.  I lay my head down at night thinking I am going to awake in the morning, and this could not be the case at all.  I awake in the morning thinking I am going to bed at night, and this could not happen also.  (I am really sure of myself in these moments.)

It is like Daddy always use to tell us kids, “When you think you are too big for your britches, go look at the ocean.”  (Now that will make you fit into your britches again!)

When I think of these things I realize:

I am so minute compared to all the rest of creation.

You see:

All the rest of creation humbles itself to the will of God.  I mean a “tree” humbles itself in obedience to God.  It sprouts it’s leaves when it is supposed to, looking all grand.  It shed’s them when it is supposed to, looking all dead.  Give it water and it will grow, do not give it water and it will die.  It will produce the roots, branches, and leaves just as God created it to do.  A “tree” will always be what it is created to be, “a tree.”  In each season of it’s life, it will always give glory to God.  It will never ask praise for itself, no matter how tall it stands.

But me:

Oh, let’s see?  How many times have I not humbled myself before God, by not being who/what He created me to be?  How many times have I wanted to take the glory for myself, when my roots, branches and leaves begin to sprout?  How many times have I wanted others to stand in awe of me, for my “spiritual growth” and “holiness.”   How many times have I set myself so above others, because in my own estimation, I stand taller than they do with God? 

How many times have I thought of myself as an “oak” and others as a “weeping willow?” 

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Luke 18:14

Love and God Bless, SR



13 responses to “If Only I Could Humble Myself Like A Tree

  1. “If Only I Could Humble Myself Like A Tree”, is the most humbling question I have heard all year, SR. It must have taken a lot of humility and soul searching to come up with such a tough question. True story, I seldom take photos of people because they get impatient when I am trying to set up the shot. No one remembers that I am not an expert at photography and I am not charging for the service. I prefer to taking photos of food because it never complained. And just like a tree, it doesn’t talk back. Your post, humbles me, SR. Because sometimes I lost my way and misplaced my focus–putting it on myself when it should be on God. If only I could humble myself like a tree, I would be a brighter beacon for Jesus.

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. God bless.

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    • Hello Dear Friend,

      Actually when I do these post they are based on our Sunday Readings. I read them a week ahead of time so I have time to contemplate them. For a few days, nothing!

      I sat down at my kitchen table looking out my kitchen window. I have a big pecan tree in my yard, it is huge! I was watching it sway as the leaves were falling off, and the thought occurred to me, “It does exactly what God wants it to do.” “I need to humble myself like that tree!” From there all the other thoughts in the post came.

      Noel, we often lose “patience.” But like my “pecan tree,” it always waits for the “right seasons” to do what it must do. It never calls glory to itself for the many wonderful things it does for me. Most of all giving me and my dogs shade for their water and myself, from the scorching heat. It also provides me with great beauty. When it sheds it’s leaves I know it is time to come in for awhile and rest, from all the work which occurs during the spring and summer.

      God to me, created things for us to take notice of and how “said creation” does everything He wills. It does it without complaint or focusing on itself. You are correct, “If we would only humble ourselves like a tree, we would all be a brighter beacon for Jesus.” You are also correct, “Food is quiet.”

      Your photography is so beautiful, all of it!!!!! But…. in saying that…. Are you not taking your God given talent as far as it needs to grow, because of the “impatience of others?” A lot of the time we do not like the “hassle” Noel. You know I don’t! Without it, we become so stagnant don’t we? Have you ever thought about not “posing” them and taking a picture just like they are? Thanks for comment, Love and God Bless, SR

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  2. Thank you for again giving me much to ponder. Our priest this morning talked about humility…something most of us don’t take the time to truly think about. When I pray, I try to meditate on Mary’s humility, and how God allowed our salvation to flow from her “yes”‘ Also, the great humility of St. Joseph…who was the quiet support, strength and love that the Lord chose and trusted to “father” Jesus on earth.

    Thank you for sharing these words.

    You are in my prayers, especially when I pray the rosary:-)

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    • Hey Bernadette,

      Number 1. Where have you been??? I have been thinking about you this week, and was going to your blog today to see what was going on. Hope all is well with you and yours.

      You know for some reason God always uses nature with me to relay messages I really need to see and here. I think it is because I am such a “nature person.” That being said though I would like to point something out you said in your comment regarding St. Joseph.

      So much of the time, (at least in my case) we always go to the Blessed Mother. (Which I am not saying is a bad thing.) In doing so, how we forget the foster father of Jesus. St. Joseph. Now this was one humble man! He raised a child who was not his. He raised “God man!” Was so humble when Mary told him she was pregnant, that “he could not put her away.” He truly was not like the Blessed Mother “being preserved from original sin.” He was not like Christ, who was also divine. St. Joseph was like you and I. He had to rely on the inner strength God gave to him, to accomplish the will of God. Here he lived with the “Immaculate Conception” and “God in the flesh.” Can you imagine being with these two people daily, and not having being preserved from anything or divine? He is the prime example of humility and obedience to God. I tend to forget that so thanks for reminding me.

      I know humility is one thing I have let go by the wayside. I do not pay enough attention to it. Every single time I look at my pecan tree, I think about it. I am so thankful God used something which I see daily, to keep this always with me. Thank you so much for the prayers and know I pray for you as well. Love you and God Bless, SR

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  3. What a thoughtful post, SR.

    Father said in his homily today that one of his favorite prayers is, “Father, I’ve done so well so far today. I haven’t gossiped, been jealous or angry. Now I’m about to get up out of bed. Please help me to continue this the rest of the day.” Funny, but it reminded me that we start fresh every day. God is good and merciful!

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    • Hey Mary,

      Hope and pray all is going well. Offering every Mass I go to for you and Marshall. I love what your Priest said. My question though, “Is it took him that long, huh?” I always say about myself, “I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet, and I have sinned how many times?” 🙂 I can absolutely lay there and have a million things and reactions run through my mind before my feet touch the floor. Have you ever been there? 🙂

      Yes, we do have a “fresh start” daily. What I love about that is, what God is going to use to teach and guide us. Hence, a “tree.” Just the fact that He takes the time for the minor in our lives when people are killing people, aborting babies, etc… goes to show how merciful and good He really is. Love and God Bless, SR


      • Thank you, SR! Thank you for those masses. How we do need them!
        Yes, I’ve been there. I have to continuously stop some of those thoughts that bring us to a negative space. It’s easy to get stuck there, and who wants to be there?
        I thank God for you, SR. You are a bright and special blessing. Have the most wonderful day today!


      • Hey Mary,

        You have a great day also! Keep your thoughts on God and what Jesus is doing for all of us daily. There we all find peace. God Bless, SR


  4. Dear SR, Thank you for noticing and asking about my absence. The last year has been a stressful and difficult one. First, the last few months and then the last week of my moms life was a myriad of emotions. Then the stress and physical toll the preparation and then the sale of our home…stressful on so many levels. Letting go of our beautiful home, and so many of my sentimental treasures, due to a large downsize. That all started a wave of sleeplessness, and it has been hard to get back into my “groove” after our move.

    You’re probably sorry you asked:-)

    Anyway, things are working out, as they always do. The Lord has been with us all the way, and we know this was our purpose. Having the privilege of being my grandson’s caretaker when his mommy is at work is such a joy:-) And we are members of a beautiful small Church in San Luis Obispo, with a Pastor who is the most gifted speaker I have ever heard. We are getting involved in the Church Community and meeting some great people.

    Please pray for us. You are in my prayers every day.


    • Hey Bernadette,

      Now what makes you think I would not notice “you were gone?” 🙂 As far as the downsize, “Not so much to clean!” 🙂
      See there is a good side to everything!

      I know it is hard when our Mom’s go Bernadette. I am just now getting my house really back in order and my life back again. It has been a year and a half. It is kind of like you are lost for some time isn’t it?

      I am so happy you are “grandbaby sitting.” I missed so much with my grandkids when Mom was sick. Two of them I lost most of their life before school, so I thank God you are not going to go through that. They barely know me now and it did not start out that way. We are trying to get it all back together though.

      Where is San Luis Obispo? I have never heard of that before. You hang in there. I know there are ups and downs daily it seems anymore for everyone. It gives to us a greater chance to thank God for getting us through it all. Thanks so much for the prayers. I pray daily for you also. Love and God Bless, SR

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  5. I love looking to nature for lessons like this too. I think that’s why I love dabbling in my little pot garden so much. I like your daddy’s advice. The vastness of the ocean, and space, is very humbling!


    • Hey Marilyn,

      Nature for me is my learning place with God. I hope that never changes. Yeah, I like my Daddy’s advice also. He was never one who let us kids get too “prideful” about anything. I mean there was never turning up our noses on what Mom put on the table before us. We were always taught to like it, eat it, be thankful for it, and if we were not, well we could go hungry! I also think the word “shut-up” was in there somewhere! 🙂 I had good parents Marilyn.

      There are so many things which are great in “vastness.” I think if we took time to notice them, pride would leave us all. Thanks for comment and God Bless, SR

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