Lord, If You Came to My House Today, How Would I Receive You?


Jesus is passing by me today, but I am stuck up in a tree. 

He sees me, calls me down and says:

“Come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”

How am I going to receive Him?

With a feeling of dread and unworthiness, because I am such a sinner?  A sinner who is afraid of  His condemnation?  Who is afraid because myself and others know I deserve it?

Or am I going to receive Him with:


Opening my heart, home, and all that I have to His love, for me?

And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man too [Zaccheus] is a descendant of Abraham.  For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.”

Luke 19: 9-10

Based on Today’s Gospel Readings:

Luke 19:1-10

Love and God Bless, SR


8 responses to “Lord, If You Came to My House Today, How Would I Receive You?

  1. This is such a moving Scripture verse, isn’t it SR? I love how this sinner literally went out on a limb to see Jesus and Jesus reached out to him by entering his home. It gives me goose bumps to think of Jesus in my house and remembering, that everyone who enters my “house” is Jesus.


    • Hey Mary,

      Yes, it is very moving. I love the thought which you gave about, “everyone who enters my house is Jesus.” Now that gives me “goose bumps!” That is such a beautiful and lovely thought. I think it is one we all need to keep with us daily. I don’t think I will ever forget that statement, Mary.

      Hope all is going well for you. Know you are in my prayers and I take you and Marshall to every Mass with me. Love you and God Bless, SR


  2. What a beautiful reflection, SR! I love this… Our receptivity to Jesus is something we don’t think enough about, nor pray enough about!

    Bless you!


    • Hey Sister Marie,

      I think about this reflection often, Sister. I even come back and look at the picture, as well. When I do, it reminds me, Jesus is here in my home with me. It makes me reflect on just how I am welcoming such a humble and loving guest. In thinking of these things, my home has become a lot more peaceful, because I have. Thanks for comment and God Bless, SR


  3. Very nice article, it is interesting to see the little things that must be done for God.


    • Welcome Scientific Christian and thanks for comment.

      I like that you spoke about the “little things” which must be done for God. That to me is a reflective thought. I believe how we receive Him simply in our lives and homes, is a wonderful example of that.

      I often reflect on Jesus sharing meals and holding conversations with others in their homes. Even though “God Man” was sitting there, to me Scripture always reflects how much Jesus simply enjoyed doing this with others. When we really think about it, the most Jesus ask of us is obedience and love. How our own perception of that can lead us down a very hard and dangerous path???

      Again welcome and thanks for comment. God Bless, SR


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