Letting our Feet, “Dance a Jig!”

The other day I was watching the movie about St. Therese.  One of the scenes is where her father, and the girls were in the living room.  The father was at the organ making music, and his girl’s were dancing.  One of the girls asked their father:

“Did you and Mama dance?”

Father’s reply:

“No, I never danced with your mother.  I wish I had.  I guess we were too pious.”  (The mother had died.)

My thoughts begin to drift to when we take our “piety” too far.  So far, that we will not do a simple dance.  I think all too often, many of us are so guilty of this.  How can we set an example to others regarding the “joys of Christ,” when we walk around in “gloom?”

St. Teresa of Avila spoke also of the “deadly seriousness” of Catholicism in many of her quotes.  Being “protected from a gloomy soul,” was one of those quotes.  I see this not only in some Catholics (including myself) but in those of different religions also.

I thought about the “Wedding at Cana.”  Jesus and the Blessed Mother were at a wedding! A Jewish wedding I am sure.  A wedding which we know had wine.  Music being played.  Toast being made to the bride and groom.  People dancing, laughing, and talking together. 

Sharing a fun filled day, yet these, I am sure, were very “pious people,” when it came to their religion and faith.  After all they were “Jews.”

We must remember, it was at this setting, Jesus “turned the water into wine.”

I think we can “overdo” piety.  I think we can “overdo” it so much, that it is actually does more harm to ourselves and others, than good.

I am not saying, “We do not need to be pious.”  Of course we do.  There are times and moments in our daily lives, we are called to be just “this.”

There are also times we are called to “dance.”  To let our “agenda’s” go, for the sake of breathing fresh air.  To laugh at a joke.  To have a great big ice cream cone once a week, even though we are going to have to eat celery for the rest of it.  To have humor in our lives, even in our spiritual lives. 

If we do not have balance in our lives with such, I am beginning to see how our “piety becomes a great big glop of vanity.”  We are going to miss out on so many things which could actually place a smile on our faces and in our hearts. 

We have to be willing to let go of some of the seriousness within us.   Most of all, we have to learn to laugh at ourselves.

God is a God of mercy, love, and compassion.  All of us have weaknesses, fears, and failures.  We cannot be so “pious,” that we let these things consume us to the point of detriment to our souls and the souls of others.

If we are “too busy,” we need to get a little “less busy.”  If we walk around daily with “fear” in our heart’s because of a sin or failure, we need to start trusting in the “forgiveness of the Cross.”  Most of all:

If we are walking around in nothing but “serious piety” and a “gloomy soul,”  we need to let our feet:

“Dance a Jig!”

Trust me:

Our “vain piety” will survive!”

Love and God Bless, SR



12 responses to “Letting our Feet, “Dance a Jig!”

  1. Good reminder, SR! I think the Lord wants us to be happy. Let’s dance!

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    • Hey Mary,

      Praying and hoping your week has been good! I think Jesus “wants us to be happy,” too. I really try to be aware throughout my day of the times I am not and why not? I am slowly correcting this about myself, and think St. Therese had something to do with it! 🙂 Thanks for comment and God Bless, SR


  2. Thanks for this. God definitely has a sense of humour and wants us to be innocent like young children. As children we are straight forward, we do what we want to do and say what needs to be said but when we grow up we lose that innocence. We are conditioned by society to be someone else. Letting go and following him has become a task when in reality he just wants us to be ourselves. Thanks for the reminder, peace yo!

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    • Hey Catholic Living,

      I think you made many wonderful points here regarding “losing our innocence” and being “conditioned by society.” It is so true we often “lose ourselves” because of these things. I do not believe we ever reflect enough on that “child of God,” we are created to be. Especially when it comes to the “joy” we should be giving to others, because of what Christ has done for all of us.

      We as Christians need to learn how to live our lives as God intended us to, and to me that is “knowing” He is going to take care of everything. I think if we concentrate on that more, we can get out here and “dance.” God Bless, SR

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  3. You are so right. This is definitely something to keep in mind as we seek to evangelize and spread the Good News in the world, whether in our workplace, home or community. Show our joy!
    Great, thought-provoking post!

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    • Hey Reinkat,

      I try to “keep this in mind” more than I try to keep how “pious am I being?” I am finding I can “always” find something to be “joyful” about if I let myself go there. It really changes the outcome of the moment and my day. We truly have no business being a “gloomy soul” and actually how can we, when we see Jesus on the Cross and Risen out of His Grave?

      Another thing, is when we look at His beautiful and wonderful earth???? Talk about peace and joy in my soul. Everything was so beautifully designed and painted by God. That alone should give us enough joy to last a lifetime. God Bless, SR

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  4. Indeed! The Bible says there is a time for everything under the sun. SR, even Jesus took time out to chat, eat and drink with friends whom His disciples referred to as sinners and tax collectors.

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    • Hey Noel,

      Making “time for friends” always places joy in my heart. Especially when they are as wonderful as you. I have to say I have “great friends,” who I love very much!

      I love the Scripture you gave about “time for everything under the sun.” I think that is something I need to ponder on. So often I think, “I do not have time for this or that? Saying that Scripture to myself I can say, “Yes I do!” 🙂 Thanks for that! God Bless, SR

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  5. Humor and being able to laugh at myself—I’m a pro! Haha! My parents, especially my father, has always stressed the importance of having a sense of humor and not being dour and gloomy. It’s been a key in our surviving various family tragedies. I’m convinced God has a sense of humor and wants us to be filled with joy, regardless what we’re going through.


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