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Lord, “This, I Can Do!”


Lord, society wants me to accept abortion and pro-choice.  Even those who call themselves, “Children of God.”  How can I do this Lord, and my soul reach You, when my body is laid to rest?   Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept the teachings and beliefs of other religions, even those who deny You.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept sin because of their agenda’s and right’s.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept persecution, imprisonment, and even the death of Your children, for simply loving You.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept foul language, deceit,  hatred, and mockery of all which You taught to us.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept turning a deaf ear and blind eye, to the suffering, the disabled, the poor and the aged.  Even to accepting putting them to death as they are viewed as a costly burden and of no use to society anymore.  Lord, I cannot.

Lord, society wants me to accept the Catholic Church is the “Whore of Babylon,” “The bastardization of faith,”  and the “Pope is the Beast.”  Lord, I cannot.  

“You will be handed over by your parents, brothers, relatives, and friends, and they will put some of you to death.”

Lord, how do I live in this society?  How do I live in a society, which You lived in?  A society which Crucified You on a Cross, simply because You taught and gave love and forgiveness?

I get tired of this society, Lord.  I get tired of all the evil and wickedness, and I wonder if it will ever end? 

“How long will the wicked prevail, Lord?”

At times Lord, I think I cannot go on from the fear of what the future holds for Your children, in this nation?

How does one go on Lord, when surrounded by so much evil, deaths of millions of babies, and hatred?  When so many in a nation desire doing away with your children’s freedom to worship You?

How do I carry this cross Lord, day after day?  How do I carry this cross Lord and not give way to the temptations, fears and heaviness of it, thereby losing my life? 


“You will be hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your head will be destroyed.”

“By your perseverance you will secure your lives.”

Lord, “This I can do!”

Reflections on Today’s Gospel Readings

Luke 21:5-19

Love and God Bless, SR

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Lord, Direct My Heart Towards the Love of God

imagese98v3kk9Many times in my life, I have claimed my “heart” as my own.  It has followed it’s own directions and paths. 

It has done good and bad things. 

It has loved and been kind.  It has also, not loved and not been so kind.

My heart at times, has wanted the best and the worst for others. 

In my life my heart has been a heart “split in two.”  Half of it going in the Lord’s direction, and half of it going in my own direction.  Half of it being strong and half of it being weak.

Many times the endurance of my heart has wanted to give up and let go.  The struggle just seemed too much for me.


I give ALL of my heart to God.   I do so, that it may become a heart of peace, love, and charity to God and others always.   Following one path instead of many.

“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the endurance of Christ.”

2 Thessalonians 3:5

Reflections on Today’s Second Readings

2 Thessalonians 2:16 – 3:5

Love and God Bless, SR

Letting our Feet, “Dance a Jig!”

The other day I was watching the movie about St. Therese.  One of the scenes is where her father, and the girls were in the living room.  The father was at the organ making music, and his girl’s were dancing.  One of the girls asked their father:

“Did you and Mama dance?”

Father’s reply:

“No, I never danced with your mother.  I wish I had.  I guess we were too pious.”  (The mother had died.)

My thoughts begin to drift to when we take our “piety” too far.  So far, that we will not do a simple dance.  I think all too often, many of us are so guilty of this.  How can we set an example to others regarding the “joys of Christ,” when we walk around in “gloom?”

St. Teresa of Avila spoke also of the “deadly seriousness” of Catholicism in many of her quotes.  Being “protected from a gloomy soul,” was one of those quotes.  I see this not only in some Catholics (including myself) but in those of different religions also.

I thought about the “Wedding at Cana.”  Jesus and the Blessed Mother were at a wedding! A Jewish wedding I am sure.  A wedding which we know had wine.  Music being played.  Toast being made to the bride and groom.  People dancing, laughing, and talking together. 

Sharing a fun filled day, yet these, I am sure, were very “pious people,” when it came to their religion and faith.  After all they were “Jews.”

We must remember, it was at this setting, Jesus “turned the water into wine.”

I think we can “overdo” piety.  I think we can “overdo” it so much, that it is actually does more harm to ourselves and others, than good.

I am not saying, “We do not need to be pious.”  Of course we do.  There are times and moments in our daily lives, we are called to be just “this.”

There are also times we are called to “dance.”  To let our “agenda’s” go, for the sake of breathing fresh air.  To laugh at a joke.  To have a great big ice cream cone once a week, even though we are going to have to eat celery for the rest of it.  To have humor in our lives, even in our spiritual lives. 

If we do not have balance in our lives with such, I am beginning to see how our “piety becomes a great big glop of vanity.”  We are going to miss out on so many things which could actually place a smile on our faces and in our hearts. 

We have to be willing to let go of some of the seriousness within us.   Most of all, we have to learn to laugh at ourselves.

God is a God of mercy, love, and compassion.  All of us have weaknesses, fears, and failures.  We cannot be so “pious,” that we let these things consume us to the point of detriment to our souls and the souls of others.

If we are “too busy,” we need to get a little “less busy.”  If we walk around daily with “fear” in our heart’s because of a sin or failure, we need to start trusting in the “forgiveness of the Cross.”  Most of all:

If we are walking around in nothing but “serious piety” and a “gloomy soul,”  we need to let our feet:

“Dance a Jig!”

Trust me:

Our “vain piety” will survive!”

Love and God Bless, SR


Lord, If You Came to My House Today, How Would I Receive You?


Jesus is passing by me today, but I am stuck up in a tree. 

He sees me, calls me down and says:

“Come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”

How am I going to receive Him?

With a feeling of dread and unworthiness, because I am such a sinner?  A sinner who is afraid of  His condemnation?  Who is afraid because myself and others know I deserve it?

Or am I going to receive Him with:


Opening my heart, home, and all that I have to His love, for me?

And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man too [Zaccheus] is a descendant of Abraham.  For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.”

Luke 19: 9-10

Based on Today’s Gospel Readings:

Luke 19:1-10

Love and God Bless, SR

Finally Figuring it Out!

I have often wondered how “Christians” could be “pro-choice” and call themselves a “Christian.”  I finally figured it out. 

If this post offends you, so be it.  I do not really care!  I am fighting for those who have no voice if they live or die.  They are called the “unborn baby in the womb.”  A human being, a baby.  Not a “blob of tissue.”  So here goes.

I read this on another blog by a self “professed Christian.”  I cannot even wrap my mind or heart around it, and I wonder if God can?

“There is a huge difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion.”

Really?  Pro-choice is the exact law which gives anyone the right to abort a baby.

“I am a Christian, pro-choice And pro-life, many of us are.”

Hmmm… I wonder if God’s view is the same on this?  See a “Christian” is a child of God, but guess what?  So is an unborn baby!  God sees them both as the same.  It does not matter if they are in the womb or walking the face of the earth!

“Most women find the idea of abortion abhorrent – yes, even those of us who want abortion to remain legal.”

So, this “Christian” finds “abortion abhorrent” but wants “abortion to remain legal.”   Hmmm, I wonder if that aborted baby finds it “abhorrent” and wants it “to remain legal?”  Especially after it has been burnt to death with salt, and it’s body parts ripped apart, and supposedly sold for profit?  Talk about a contradiction in terms???

“I just wanted you and your readers to know one can be Christian, pro-choice and pro-life.”

Now this one here got me!  Talk about the devil twisting God’s word in someone’s heart????  God never gave us the RIGHT to kill His children.  They are His, whether we like it or not!!!!  We have no RIGHT to deny them life in any form or fashion.  Again, pro-choice gives every single woman the right to kill “His” CHILD!  Whom He “Knitted in the Womb,” not us!

“I do not want the government making any decisions about “MY HEALTH AND MY BODY.”

Really?  It is okay though for a decision to be made about murdering an innocent baby!!!!  What about that baby’s “health and body?”  What about that baby’s “life?”   Oh, that is right isn’t it?  See it cannot see, hear, nor speak.  It is helpless against thoughts and actions such as this.  I guarantee you it feels the pain when it is being aborted!  It has no other choice but to die!  It is all about that “woman” and her “health” and her “body.”  She is not the one who is dying though, is she?  I wonder if their little heart’s ever scream, “Let me live!”

“I agree with Hillary that the choice needs to remain between a woman, her doctor and God.”

People do you honestly believe one is not going to answer for upholding a “belief such as this?”  Do you honestly believe when God has had His full of this, He is not going to stand up and stop it???  Do you honestly believe, when your belief is such as this, you are not going to be held accountable for the “slaughtering of the innocent????” 

Abortion is in the Bible. 

Thus says the Lord, “For three transgressions of the Ammonites, and for four I will not revoke the punishment; because they have ripped up pregnant women in Gilead, that they might enlarge their border. ”  (Get this whole entire Scripture?)

“So I will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah, and it shall devour her strongholds, with shouting in the day of the battle, with a tempest in the day of the whirlwind; and their king shall go into exile, he and his princes together.”  Amos 1:13

So this is what we have to look forward to in this nation if not worse, if we do not quit “killing these babies!”

I have often wondered how Christians justify all of this to themselves.  Now I understand.  They twist God and His word, to suit what they want to believe!

Like I said, “I don’t really care if this offends you.”  Millions of slaughtered babies “offends the hell” out of me!  I just wish it did everyone else!

God Bless, SR

If Only I Could Humble Myself Like A Tree

I have never asked myself, “What is it about my own pride and arrogance, that I really want?”  I mean compared to the grand scheme of things, I am about as insignificant as a gnat.


The ocean, or a 160 mile an hour wind, or when the sky opens up to flood the ground, or the heat in the desert.  A hurricane or a tornado.  Any one of these things could snatch me up from this earth at any given moment.  I lay my head down at night thinking I am going to awake in the morning, and this could not be the case at all.  I awake in the morning thinking I am going to bed at night, and this could not happen also.  (I am really sure of myself in these moments.)

It is like Daddy always use to tell us kids, “When you think you are too big for your britches, go look at the ocean.”  (Now that will make you fit into your britches again!)

When I think of these things I realize:

I am so minute compared to all the rest of creation.

You see:

All the rest of creation humbles itself to the will of God.  I mean a “tree” humbles itself in obedience to God.  It sprouts it’s leaves when it is supposed to, looking all grand.  It shed’s them when it is supposed to, looking all dead.  Give it water and it will grow, do not give it water and it will die.  It will produce the roots, branches, and leaves just as God created it to do.  A “tree” will always be what it is created to be, “a tree.”  In each season of it’s life, it will always give glory to God.  It will never ask praise for itself, no matter how tall it stands.

But me:

Oh, let’s see?  How many times have I not humbled myself before God, by not being who/what He created me to be?  How many times have I wanted to take the glory for myself, when my roots, branches and leaves begin to sprout?  How many times have I wanted others to stand in awe of me, for my “spiritual growth” and “holiness.”   How many times have I set myself so above others, because in my own estimation, I stand taller than they do with God? 

How many times have I thought of myself as an “oak” and others as a “weeping willow?” 

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Luke 18:14

Love and God Bless, SR


Sharing a Day of Laughter with Jesus

Many days in my life are spent meditating, reflecting, trying to do away with something which I think does not need to be there, or implementing something which does.  Last Friday, I decided to do away with all of that and find solace and consolation in the “love and friendship of Jesus.”  I just wanted to spend the day in His love and giving Him mine.  To laugh and share, as two friends would enjoy the day.

I did not think about anything major, I did not try to get out here and be the “save all” for someone, I did not think about my faults and failures, I just let the day “be.”

I went to the noon Mass, did my grocery, Walmart, and Tractor Supply shopping.  Came home, put it all up, made me a pot of chili, and fed my dogs. 

When I was at Mass though I told Jesus, “Jesus all I am asking for today, is your love.”  I did not go through this list of sins or offerings.  It was just a very sweet Mass for me.  “Jesus I want Your love, and I give You mine.”

I have to say, the day was absolutely great, peaceful, and blessed. 

 I think we work so hard on ourselves and for others, that we lose sight of those quiet, still, and simplistic moments.  I think sometimes we think things to death, and we forget to laugh.   After doing this,  I found out how much I need those days.

God loves us, in spite of ourselves.  He called Moses, “His friend.”

Jesus called the Apostles, “His friends.”

I had to ask myself:

“When was the last time I spent a day, just being friends with the Lord?”

I can’t even remember the last time, to be honest with you.

It is wonderful that we examine ourselves.  It is wonderful that we place the effort in our lives to change, hopefully for the better.  It is wonderful that we try and help others in need. 

 We need to quit forgetting to enjoy Jesus.  We need to enjoy His love for a day.  We need to smile because of it.   We need to rest in it, and let the world go by.

When we go to Mass throughout the week, take one of them for the love of enjoyment.   Just for the pure enjoyment of being there with our Lord.  To share thirty minutes of  friendship and love with Him.

Jesus did a lot of things during His ministry on earth.  He healed, He cast out demons, changed water into wine, ministered to and taught others.  He prayed and walked many miles.

Jesus also “copped a squat under a shade tree.”  He rested and enjoyed the friendship He had with the Apostles.  He went to homes, fellowshipped, and shared meals with others.

I do not know what all they discussed, but I have to believe there were moments of laughter, rest, and peace of mind.

 I see how important these things are, regarding my spirituality.  To feel confident in how much He loves me, and let that be enough.  To discuss matters which really have no value at all, but hopefully will place a smile in my heart and His.

We can make life with God, extremely hard and complicated at times.  At times, living a life for God is “hard and complicated.” 

A lot of it I think is because of our own attitude towards ourselves.  Just never quite measuring up.

Take a day.  Enjoy Jesus.  Be thankful that He loves you as a friend.  Share the laughter with Him, over the silliest of things.  Above all just know:

He loves us so much and wants to enjoy our life with us, too!

Love and God Bless, SR