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Please Pray “THIS PRAYER” With Me Today For This Nation

This is the prayer of Azariah in the furnace.

Blessed are You, and praiseworthy O Lord, the God of our fathers, and glorious forever is Your name.

For You are just in all You have done; all Your deeds are faultless, all Your ways right, and all Your judgments proper.

For we have sinned and transgressed by departing from You, and we have done every kind of evil.

For Your name’s sake, do not deliver us up forever or make void Your covenant.

Do not take away Your mercy from us, for the sake of Abraham, Your beloved, Isaac Your servant, and Israel Your holy one,  to whom You promised to multiply their offspring like the stars of heaven, or the sand on the shore of the sea.

For we are reduced, O Lord, beyond any other nation, brought low everywhere in the world this day because of our sins. 

We have in our day no prince, prophet, or leader, no holocaust, sacrifice, oblation, or incense, no place to offer first fruits, to find favor with You.

But with contrite heart and humble spirit let us be received; as though it were holocausts of rams and bullocks, or thousand of fat lambs, so let our sacrifice [Jesus] be in Your presence today as we follow You unreservedly; for those who trust in You cannot be put to shame.

And now we follow You with our whole heart, we fear You and we pray to You.  + Amen

I ask all of you to remember “aborted babies,” today!  Hear their cries and screams in your hearts and souls, because God does.  Make no mistake about it, one day, He will be their justice!  Abortion is an “ABOMINATION” to God.

Before you push the button or pull the lever on the voting booth say,

“In Your Name Lord, I cast this vote!”

God Bless, SR


Book Review – A Must for Praying the Rosary or Even if You Don’t!


Though I read a lot, I never do “book reviews.”  This book, “The Rosary, Prayer by Prayer,”  has totally changed the way I reflect when praying the Rosary.   The author is Mary K Doyle at

I cannot go into enough detail on how you will reflect on the Mysteries of the Rosary, once you use this book to pray it.  After receiving this book, I can actually pray an entire Rosary and keep focused.  Which if you knew me, you would understand how precious that is to me, as I have the “attention span of a gnat!”

Of course the author, Mary K Doyle, begins with the Mystery, then gives a personal reflection, and a prayer.  Each Mystery has an illustration which is drawn by her son.

This is what amazed me about the reflections:

I could sense these are actual reflections of her soul.  They are reflections which she centers her life around.  They are reflections which she implements into her spiritual life, every single day.   These are reflections all of us need.

They are reflections when once the Rosary is said, one does not get up and forget them.  They stay with you throughout the entire day.  

Most of all, what I found amazing in my life, is the more I meditate upon them, the stronger the urge to bond “with Christ” becomes. 

You cannot pray the Rosary using this book, and a change not occur in you.  I absolutely promise you that!

The Illustrations:

Each Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer, has an illustration which as I said, “Was drawn by the author’s son.” 

Never, and I do mean “NEVER,” have I seen illustrations such as these!  They are completely different from any artwork, regarding the Mysteries of the Rosary.

What amazed me with this was:

The artwork correlated with the Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer completely,  but in a way I have never seen.  It is like you are actually there in the moment with Jesus and The Blessed Mother. 

When one prays the Rosary, that is the exact place one wants to be!

The artist in some of the illustrations, made the eyes of the Blessed Mother and Christ, stare straight at you.

I have never seen illustrations of the “Sorrowful Mysteries” portrayed like they are in this book.  I use them also to pray the “Chaplet of Divine Mercy.”  I actually feel as if I am offering God the sufferings of His Son for the world.

When Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in the Temple, that illustration is amazing also, as are all the others.  The “look” on Mary’s face, you just have to see for yourself!

All the illustrations in this book are so different, and will take you to so many places. 

I promise you if you get this book, what the author and her son have done with it all, will be life changing for you.

I thoroughly believe it is blessed by God.  I believe that, because I know how it has blessed me.

Go check it out and go order it.

Even if you do not pray the Rosary, you need this book,

The Rosary

Prayer by Prayer

To help and guide you in your spiritual life.

Love and God Bless, SR








God’s “Condition” to Answering Prayers

Friday I was praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  The reading was from James 1:2-8.  What was said here, I pray I never forget.

“Yet you must ask in faith, never doubting, for the doubter is like the surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

“A man of this sort, devious and erratic in all that he does, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord.”

How the last line of these Scriptures popped off the page at me.  How I have pondered on these words.

How many of us before we pray, really examine our faith?  By examining it I mean, how often before we pray, do we ask ourselves:

“Do I even have the faith the size of a mustard seed in this prayer to move this mountain?”

As I thought about this I believe:

This should be our first step before we pray. 

“How deep does my faith run for the answer?”

The Bible tells us if we doubt we are like:

“The surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

We are:

“Devious and erratic in all we do.”

We should not:

“Expect anything from the Lord.”

We do though, don’t we? 

I have been dancing since I have been four years old, beginning with standing on the top of my brother’s feet.  When I became a teenager, every Saturday night, we went dancing.

Every Saturday night I had to have money to get into the dance, plus go out to eat, afterwards.

Every Saturday night my hand was held out to Mama and Daddy for this money. 

Every Saturday night it was laid in the palm of my hand.  (I am not making this about money!)

I never once doubted, that I would not have the money to go dancing, and my parent’s never once failed to give it to me. 

As their child, I had faith.  (I do mean complete faith!)

I am a child of God.  He is my Father.  He expects me to have no less faith in Him, then I did/do my earthly parents.  I will not lie, there have been many times in my life, I have had less faith in God, then I did Mama and Daddy.

Scripture tells me though if this is going to be the case:

“Not to expect one single solitary thing from God.”

This is God’s “condition” for answered prayer.

Before we pray, we need to take note of our “faith.”  If we do not have it, we need to get it!

I think in doing so, it will lead us into greater faith, as we will become more aware at times how little we have, if any.

God loves us all, of that there is no doubt.  That does not mean He does not require things from us.

Faith and trust, are definitely two of those “things.”

Love and God Bless, SR


How Many of the Poor and Needy does God Bring to My Door?

lazarus   How many of the poor and needy does God bring to my door?  Is it the man who literally lives in his van on a vacant lot, two miles down the road from me?  Is it the neighbor next door, who sometimes cannot pay her bills? 

Is it those in my Church who are disabled, elderly, or who have many children, as to keeping with God’s Word and Church teachings? 

Is it my friend who had pneumonia and is now on a breathing machine as her lungs were so damaged?

Is it my friend who had her kidney’s removed?

Is it someone in my family who has been ill or maybe hit hard times?

Is it the beggar on the street?

How many people does God bring to my door, and I let the dogs lick their wounds?

‘The poor needs you to draw them out of their poverty and you need the poor to keep you out of hell’ 


Cardinal George of Chicago

And  the rich man cried out, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me.  Send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am suffering torment in these flames.’

Abraham replied, ‘My child, remember that you received what was good during your lifetime, while Lazarus likewise received what was bad; but now he is comforted here, whereas you are tormented.’

Luke: 16:24-25

God Bless, SR

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How a Girl with no Kidneys changed my Life

Dedicated to K.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I had a friend in August who lost two kidneys.  I want to tell you something about this person, before I begin.

I met her about two years ago at a restaurant I frequent.  She is about 24, and was my waitress.  We immediately clicked, no matter where I sat she was always “my waitress.”  Sweet, always a smile on her face, and never a complaint about anything.

In July of this year K. told me she had a tumor on her kidney and they would be removing them in August.  Now, unknown to me, her kidneys had already failed a long time ago and she has been on dialysis.  Through all of this time, she worked as a waitress, was going to R.N. school,  going home at night and hooking herself up to dialysis. 

K. also had a friend which offered her one of her kidneys, and K. refused stating, “What if something happens to your kidney, and I am walking around with the other one.”  “I cannot do that.”

Talk about selflessness, especially in one so young!

She had her surgery, all went well, and one of her comments before she went into surgery was:

“When this is over I am going back to R.N. school.”

Now people, I have known this girl for quite some time, and I never even knew she was sick.  I never heard her say one time, “I am tired.”

Of course we were all worried about her and all she would ever say was:

“I am fine and everything is going to be fine.”

I have never met anyone like this young woman in all of my life!

K. showed and taught me what it is to have hope.  She also taught me never to give up no matter what life deals me.  In never giving up, to do it with a smile.

K. also taught me no matter my sufferings, always place others before myself.  She did this through us worrying about her.  She would just smile in our “worries” take our hand and say, “I am going to be fine.”

K. also taught me to never give up on my dreams.  No matter how hard I have to work for them.  No matter how impossible they seem to obtain.  No matter what stumbling blocks are placed in between me and them, never let go of them.

I believe with all of my heart this girl will be a R.N., one day.  Kidney machine or no kidney machine!

K. also taught me how to suffer with grace, love, and a smile.  She gave this to all of us in that restaurant, and never said one word about “being sick.”  I mean there was never a word spoken about it, nor a complaint!  Nothing was said until she had to quit her job and have surgery.

She also showed me that even in physical and mental weakness, I can still have strength.  K. was able to maintain strength, because she brought joy to everyone else. 

I could probably write a book about this girl.  So I know I have to stop but I leave you with this:

For everything you complained about today.  For the moments you thought you would not make it another minute.  For every time you became angry, depressed, anxious, or had anxiety.  For every moment you failed to see the blessings in your life, think about K.  Let her inspire you.  Then feel ashamed of yourself, because I did!

I thank God for her in my life.  Who would have thought someone in their twenties had something to teach someone in their sixties?

Even to this day when I speak with her, no matter how much pain and suffering she is in all I ever get with a smile is:

“I have a little pain, but I am fine!”

Love and God Bless, SR

Uncle Passed Away

I have just been notified my uncle has passed away.  I thank you all for your comments and will respond to them all.  Right now it is just hard to breathe. 

I also thank you all for the prayers and love.  Your words and prayers are what is keeping me going.  Love to you all, SR


Yet Another Death!

A dear friend of our family died yesterday.  She went in for back surgery, came through fine and a blood clot hit her heart, right after surgery.

Her family is in deep grief and shock.  We all are.  She was my Mother’s best friend.

One of the greatest memories I have of this remarkable lady is: 

We had all spoiled my little sister to the point of no return., including this dear friend.  So much so Mom could not do supper dishes as she always wanted to be in Mom’s arm.  This dearest lady used to come and get my sister and she, her kids, and myself used take my sister strolling every single night, so Mom could do dishes! 

I do know though, there are two ladies happy in heaven today.  And that is my Mom’s dearest friend and my Mom.

It has shocked us all, her family, and myself.  We just all had a good cry this morning. 

My uncle is still in a coma and no change has been made there.

I love you all, I thank you, and God Bless, SR