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Book Review – A Must for Praying the Rosary or Even if You Don’t!


Though I read a lot, I never do “book reviews.”  This book, “The Rosary, Prayer by Prayer,”  has totally changed the way I reflect when praying the Rosary.   The author is Mary K Doyle at

I cannot go into enough detail on how you will reflect on the Mysteries of the Rosary, once you use this book to pray it.  After receiving this book, I can actually pray an entire Rosary and keep focused.  Which if you knew me, you would understand how precious that is to me, as I have the “attention span of a gnat!”

Of course the author, Mary K Doyle, begins with the Mystery, then gives a personal reflection, and a prayer.  Each Mystery has an illustration which is drawn by her son.

This is what amazed me about the reflections:

I could sense these are actual reflections of her soul.  They are reflections which she centers her life around.  They are reflections which she implements into her spiritual life, every single day.   These are reflections all of us need.

They are reflections when once the Rosary is said, one does not get up and forget them.  They stay with you throughout the entire day.  

Most of all, what I found amazing in my life, is the more I meditate upon them, the stronger the urge to bond “with Christ” becomes. 

You cannot pray the Rosary using this book, and a change not occur in you.  I absolutely promise you that!

The Illustrations:

Each Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer, has an illustration which as I said, “Was drawn by the author’s son.” 

Never, and I do mean “NEVER,” have I seen illustrations such as these!  They are completely different from any artwork, regarding the Mysteries of the Rosary.

What amazed me with this was:

The artwork correlated with the Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer completely,  but in a way I have never seen.  It is like you are actually there in the moment with Jesus and The Blessed Mother. 

When one prays the Rosary, that is the exact place one wants to be!

The artist in some of the illustrations, made the eyes of the Blessed Mother and Christ, stare straight at you.

I have never seen illustrations of the “Sorrowful Mysteries” portrayed like they are in this book.  I use them also to pray the “Chaplet of Divine Mercy.”  I actually feel as if I am offering God the sufferings of His Son for the world.

When Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in the Temple, that illustration is amazing also, as are all the others.  The “look” on Mary’s face, you just have to see for yourself!

All the illustrations in this book are so different, and will take you to so many places. 

I promise you if you get this book, what the author and her son have done with it all, will be life changing for you.

I thoroughly believe it is blessed by God.  I believe that, because I know how it has blessed me.

Go check it out and go order it.

Even if you do not pray the Rosary, you need this book,

The Rosary

Prayer by Prayer

To help and guide you in your spiritual life.

Love and God Bless, SR