My Conversion Story: How the Blessed Mother Called Me to the Catholic Church

I had been a Protestant for 48 years.  Becoming Catholic was the furthest thing from my mind.  I thought of them as pagans and that was that.  I did not need Mary, the Saints, and Purgatory was somewhere only Catholics were going to be in.  So that is how I felt about Catholics.  God however, had a different view.

I went to the Assembly of God Church.  One Sunday I was coming home and I looked up at God and said, “Lord, I am missing something what is it?”  Never really thought about the question anymore.  God did though.

On the following Tuesday the Blessed Mother showed up, with these words, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”  (No I did not see her, but I heard her, and for some strange reason I knew it was her.)

Knowing it was the Blessed Mother, I knew it had to be CATHOLIC!  The thing of it is, the Blessed Mother did not just tell me this once, she told me this for 365 days, every single day.

I cannot tell you, how I fought her, even to telling her, “I do not know you, I do not want to know you, leave me alone!”  She never did.  On top of everything else, I did not know there was a “Tabernacle” on this earth, and I surely did not know Who was in it!  I had never heard of the such.

Anyways, I have a neighbor who is Catholic.  After two months of an ever loving, nagging mother, I asked her, “J. do you have a Tabernacle in your Church.”  Reply: “Yes.”  Me: “Who is in there?”  Reply:  “We believe all of Jesus is there, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.”  I did not tell her why I was asking at that time, I just let it go.

You can only imagine how my jaw dropped.  In fact I remember my stomach going to my feet.  I did not want to become a Catholic!

I did not go to Church for a year, as I truly did not know where I belonged.  The Blessed Mother forever telling me, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.” 

Finally one day I could not take it anymore.  I had fought her all I could, always telling her, “Get away from me.”  One day I was coming down my hall, with her behind me saying, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”  I hit the hall wall with my hand and told God, “Fine, if this is what you want God You have it, but please get this woman off of my back!” 

I went immediately called the Church and entered into RCIA.  Our Blessed Mother never spoke those words to me again.  The neighbor . . . She became my sponsor and I told her everything. 

When I received the Eucharist in the Church I realized what I was missing.  It was exactly That!  I sobbed like a child on that night.

The Outcome:  The Catholic Church has been the greatest blessing of my life.  How I love our Blessed Mother.  How I love the Rosary.  How I love all the Sacraments which help me to work out and maintain my salvation.  It was nine years this past Easter!  Trust me when I say, “Our Blessed Mother will and does call us to her Son, who “lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”

God Bless, SR





43 responses to “My Conversion Story: How the Blessed Mother Called Me to the Catholic Church

  1. “Our Blessed Mother will and does call us to her Son, who “lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”

    What a beautiful conversion story! I am a cradle Catholic who never truly understood the beauty and fullness of the faith. About 2 1/2 years ago, I was pushed/drawn to say the rosary. Up to that time, I did not believe in the rosary…I thought it was blasphemy. (So sad, since I was Catholic my whole life and attended Catholic school for 12 years.) Anyway, I could not help myself…I started saying the rosary and meditating on the mysteries every day. My faith life completely changed…bringing me into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. He filled me with His love; a love and fullness in my spirit that I never experienced before.

    I still am praying the rosary almost every day, and pray for the conversion of souls. I pray for many people, and have seen blessed changes in their lives. Our Blessed Mother truly guided me to her Son, and I feel comfort and peace knowing that I am protected by her motherly love.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony so beautifully:-)


    • Hey Bernadette,

      Thanks for comment. It was something which happened to me, that I will never, ever forget. I am blessed to have been converted to the Catholic Church in such a way, though I did not see it at the time. Conversion for me was very hard, took a lot of thought, and a long time. The Rosary is a wonderful prayer, and me praying that is another story in and of itself. May put a page up about it. I as you had a very uncomfortable feeling and it was extremely hard for me to pick it up. I eventually did though, and it has been a part of my prayer life ever since. God Bless, SR


  2. I just love hearing the ways that God speaks to his people through his people. What a story! I’m a convert too, and I am so happy to be Catholic now. My Protestant friends just don’t fully understand my joy. Praise be Jesus Christ!

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    • Welcome Katie and thanks for comment. It is an amazing story and every word of it is true. My Protestant friends do not understand it either, but I think what is more important is that they “see” our joy. Remember at one time, there was no understanding of it all within ourselves. It takes a lot of patience with them, at times. I have a friend who comes against almost all of it, even in my own home. I counter the attacks with silence, then ask the Holy Spirit to show her the way and the truth of it all. That is about the best we can do. Again welcome and God Bless, SR


  3. Hi SR, nice story you have! In 2011 when it was my depression year, someone told me to recite a Rosary. I wasn’t a Catholic (now considering) but I always have a Rosary (when I was a kid I studied at Catholic school, followed Catholicism and thought I was a Catholic until my mom said,”no, you’re a Protestant.”) so, I took my rosary out of its box, started to google how to recite it as i had completely forgotten how *grins* (hadn’t recite it since i was teenager). The strange thing happened (til today) was that after reciting my rosary, I smelt a fragrance of flower; my rosary, my hands, my shirt. When you all say that Mary brings us closer to Jesus, it’s true! I started to pray to Jesus more often. So, in 2011, too, after reciting my Rosary again I felt like I was missing something (just like you were!), I felt like I had a house without windows and doors, not complete! And then I realized that I was missing Mary! From this time I was craving for the truth, like a hungry someone needing food. There are a few other reasons why I began to love Catholicism even more, my life changed! My bad behaviors changed step by step!

    May God bless you!



    • (what I meant by someone told me is actually I was alone in my bedroom, but I heard a voice telling me to recite a rosary. I took my rosary like I must and I had to take it out and to recite it immediately! That voice made me feel that I could not reject. I had to. I must. I felt obliged.)


      • Hey V,

        That voice of hers. There is no mistaking it is there? I meant on my comment to you, to address the roses. I smelt them one time. It was night and I was out by my shed. It smelled as if someone was standing there with cologne on. Of course I begin to search as I could not see in the dark. All of a sudden she told me, “You smelled the roses.” It was so strong and I knew then there was no mistaking what it truly was.

        Another thing you mention you “had to take out the Rosary and pray.” She gives you that feeling doesn’t she? She is very much a Jewish Mother, and one I have found means business when she speaks, but in a very loving way. When she tells me to do something, I do it right then, as I feel I have no choice. Good to have you and God Bless, SR


    • Welcome V and thanks for the comment and follow. Have not been able to make it by your blog yet, have a Mom in the nursing home and am busy. Will do as soon as I get the time.

      It is an awful feeling isn’t it, “when we are missing something in our spiritual lives?” It takes a lot of time, dedication, and doing what we know the Lord is calling us to do regardless of what others may think. What is so wonderful is when we find that “something” which is leaving such a hole in our hearts.

      Our Blessed Mother to me, is so gracious and loving to us, she will lead us down the path to what we are so searching for. She is a wonderful mother and her prayer is one of the most complete prayers we can pray.

      A “house without windows and doors.” I love the way you phrased that, and I can relate well to what you are saying.

      Again welcome, thanks for comment and God Bless, SR


      • Yes I heard it just once, though, but I already felt obliged. I think it’s because she knew that nobody has to force me to recite a Rosary. It’s that I haven’t prayed to God for quite a while and hadn’t recited a Rosary for more than 10 years that I suddenly was being told to recite it.

        It’s amazing to know that she told you that you smelt the roses. To me it’s just my Rosary, my hands, my clothes had a fragrance of a flower (I believe it’s roses, maybe lily, not sure as i’m not familiar with how lily smells but i know it’s a flower). I tested it two weeks ago: one night I was wearing a dirty sweater, it smelt like sweat, and I used another Rosary to recite. After reciting it my sweater my hands and this other Rosary of mine smelt like a flower while the other Rosary that I’ve used the night before smelt nothing.

        I followed your blog because I’ve read the entries and this page and I like your posts. My blog is new, I had deleted my previous weblog sometime ago, but I had the mood to blog again and I thought, as a Christian, if I can inspire people and friends through God’s Word, let it be.




  4. SR, I am so thankful for your story and your blog. Is there any way to message you privately (so that the comments aren’t public). Thank you fo your boldness in standing for the Jesus and His Church.


    • Hey Heather,

      Praying for you and Dan. How I pray Dan’s test results are good. It was a hard journey Heather. It has taken a lot of years for me to understand it all. Yes, you can write me on my email which you should have on your blog, where I commented. Let me know if you do not, and I will give it to you. It may be on Dan’s also. Nothing you are going through can shock me Heather. Not one doubt, not one question you may have, nothing! I have been through it all. So you can email me anything, and I will understand. Love you and God Bless, SR


  5. I love this story, and how sweetly and lovingly (though insistently) Our Mother calls us! Blessings to you and yours. _()_


    • Hey Carina,

      Thank you for comment. After reading your story, I thought you might enjoy. Yes, she was very insistent. She never gave up on me Carina, and for that I am ever so grateful, as she brought me to one of the greatest blessings of my life. The Church where her Son dwells on earth. I look forward to reading much more of your story, and always know I am here if you have any questions or need anything. As I tell all converts, “There is nothing that you can think, say, or do, that I have not, about the whole process.” God Bless, SR

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  6. SR,

    Like you, I was A/G. I had even studied to be a pastor (before forsaking that calling and entering law school). It’s amazing to me how God reaches out to us with what He knows we need. He knows what we’ll respond to and does just that. For you, it was the Blessed Mother. For me, it was a simple answer. He knows I can’t resist research! So, struggling with sin and sick of the emotionalism of Pentecostalism and the huge pit falls it brought in strength of faith, I told Him “If you want me to remain a Christian, you have to tell me what to do.” And immediately, Catholicism popped into my head.

    I laughed it off at first. But, He knows I can’t resist research. Questions began to burn. What did they actually teach? Were they really heretics? So I started looking things up from the Catholic perspective (rather than reading Protestant material on Catholicism) and realized it made a LOT of sense. I entered RCIA. God had mercy on me and showed me Truth. And I am forever grateful to Him for that and ever devoted to His Divine Mercy! 🙂


    • Welcome Adam and thank you for comment and your story. I too became very tired of the emotionalism of it all. I knew I should not be coming out of Church feeling so exhausted. Exhausted was just how I was feeling. Between the tears, the hopping up and down, the clapping and swaying, it truly became too much. It all became to me so much about all of that, and less and less about reverence and humility.

      It is amazing how God uses just what we need. I needed the Blessed Mother and the Church so much at that time in my life. Still I did not receive her very graciously. I did not answer God’s call immediately, it truly took a lot of time. When I did, it was the greatest blessing of my life.

      I too researched and still do all of it. Learning over two thousand years of history is quite hard to do in a lifetime. I enjoy it so much. You are correct on it making sense. What the Catholic Church gave to me was the ability to piece the Bible together from Genesis to Revelations. I understood the Bible was one story with a lot of different books, instead of being a Book with a lot of different stories. When I came to that realization through the teachings of the Church, I knew they held the truth. How long have you been Catholic? Again welcome and thanks for your wonderful story. God Bless, SR


      • I actually just came into the Church this past Easter Vigil. I started RCIA last October, though, so, in my mind, I’ve been Catholic for a whole year now (yay)! LOL.

        Yeah, I chose not to fight it, mostly because I was at a point of desperation. I wanted so much to believe in God still, but was so sick of the Sunday spiritual high followed by the Tuesday sinful despair. So I obeyed and I studied.

        And you’re right. It just makes more sense from a Catholic perspective. No more pitting verses and passages against each other or trying to reconcile different writers without softening on some manmade theology.


  7. The Lord just called me home to the Catholic church and I will be starting RCIA in September, Was conditionally baptized and now set for holy communion on 8/9, the feast day of St. Edith Stein, the woman who brought me into the church. I have so many questions for you, where do I begin?

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    • Welcome Melissa and thanks for comment. Well congratulations and welcome home!!! Ask anything you want and do not be afraid to ask “anything!” There are no thoughts or questions that you can ask that I have not had myself. “St. Edith Stein.” Just got through reading a book regarding her life, and how she touched me also. I think of her often. Again, welcome and God Bless, SR

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  8. I totally understand and believe this dear SR. Thank you for sharing.


    • Hey Francis,

      Thanks for comment. I am glad you “understand” and “believe it,” because it is really the truth! This is why I am Catholic today. I went back and re-read this story when I saw the comment. How it took me back to that time through today. How things changed so “spiritually” in my life. How God and the Blessed Mother never gave up on me. I think sometimes we need to go back to these places and see where we are at today, because we are never given up on. God Bless, SR

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  9. What a great story. I love, love, love the rosary. I say it every chance I get. The Blessed Mother has kept me close to Jesus and The Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is rich with traditions that will help us all get to heaven. Blessings ❤


    • Welcome Scarlett and thank you for comment. Yes, as I look back it is a “wonderful story.” At the time, not so! It is funny to me and I do not really understand it and guess I never will, but how I knew it was her. I had never had a thought about her one way or the other. Now, I cannot live without her love and prayers, and I think of her all the time. I know in my heart her main goal with each of us is to “keep us close to Jesus and the Church.”

      I loved reading your blog and will be back to it. “Growing pains!” Been there done that one too! They do go away, thank you God! Again welcome and God Bless, SR


      • So happy that I might survive the growing pains. It’s been really tough for a long time, but I always end up back at the same place Church saying my rosary. I too have had special relationship with Mary, the Mother of God. I was born on the Assumption, the day she was taken to heaven ❤ I'll keep reading your blog too, blessings ❤

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      • Oh, you will survive. I told all the ones who used to call me talking about the other one, “Why are you calling me, because I do not care. Call them yourself.” Kind of put them all into a place of silence.

        When holidays come, I send out an email and I let each and every single one of them know, it is not about them. If they cannot spend two days a year with their family and put aside their differences for those two days, then what does that say about them as a person. They all have since showed up.

        Our Blessed Mother does understand all of this, and with her in our corner, we will not lose! 🙂 God Bless, SR


      • Thank you for your encouraging words, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. My daughter came home pg when she was 19 and we helped her put her life back in order. We helped her raise our granddaughter and we put her through nursing school and she is an RN. The “Baby Daddy” got out of prison and she went back to him after 9 years of investment into her. I have not seen my beautiful granddaughter in over a year and she now has another baby, not married and the baby daddy is back in jail. That’s just one of them. The oldest moved to California and just left his family, got married had a baby and we found all of this out through FB. We were great parents and tried our best, but it just didn’t work out like we would’ve hoped. There are just certain things we can’t approve of. The baby daddy is known for extortion, money so he will go away. Not one dime for him.


  10. What a wonderful story! I’m going to write about my Mary story as well someday. ❤

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    • Welcome EBD and thanks for comment. I am glad it touched you and yes it is a “wonderful story,” and still at times an unbelievable one to me. Cannot wait to read yours, someday. Love and God Bless, SR

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  11. I know i’m late to the party here, but i LOVE to hear and read of conversion stories, or stories of getting stronger in the faith. I have quite the story myself. I was born into the faith and even though i went through the sacraments in my youth, i never truly connected. It was only until i was around the age of 18 that i started to go to Mass on my own on occasion, but i still wasn’t going regularly. 2 years later, i blew my knee out and had all the time in the world to just lay in bed and found myself getting closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. I rededicated myself to Him and was yearning to go to Mass. I strayed just a few months to a Pentecostal church that my sister converted to to marry her husband (long story) just to feel more of God (erroneously, btw) but i could not stand their Catholic Church bashing and i started to focus more on ministries with friends of mine at my local parish. Long story short, i have been growing more and more in my faith in the past 15 years. I was even a part of a schola cantorum singing Gregorian Chant with who i call my spiritual father and who his wife and himself call me his mini-me (LOL), and he was the one who turned me onto the Traditional Rite. I took part in a week long retreat by a priest who offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite and i fell in love. A year or so later the Fraternal Society of Saint Peter came into town to see if there was enough interest and the sanctuary at the seminary here in El Paso where they held it was overflowing. It was beautiful. Our Bishop gave them one of our parishes and i’ve been going since. Growing more into the faith with Holy Mother Church’s ancient Latin liturgical traditions according to the liturgical books of 1962 is exactly what i had been searching for since i was 18. I cannot wait to go to Mass every Sunday morning and I also look forward to the first Friday of each month to spend all night with our Lord Jesus Christ at Adoration as i am also part of my old parish’es Nocturnal Adoration Society.

    The majority of my friends are either protestant or atheist and after dealing with their insults and such over my strong faith and my tolerance towards them, they have also grown to respect me and my beliefs. I pray for them (and every other protestant and atheist) every day for their conversion. 🙂


    • Welcome David, and thank you for your wonderful story. Such an interesting one it is to me. I can see how God had you by the hand on this journey, by all the fascinating places you went, and all which you did, and are still doing.

      I understand what you mean about the “Catholic bashing.” I have one Protestant friend left, if that tells you anything. It was like I had become the “spawn of the devil,” when I converted. That is okay, as I know I am not.

      I mean, after a year, how could I refuse the Blessed Mother calling me to “Her Son?”

      We grow with Christ daily, David. Sometimes it is through suffering, or a butterfly flying, a bird chirping, prayer, or complete silence. What we need to do is always see His love for us in all things. I think you do. God Bless, SR

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  12. I have a hard time believing when people say they heard a voice… I come from an orthodox Jacobite background and my folks believe in Mary. I think of Mary as the holiest women in the bible or among women, but I don’t believe she can intercede for us. I also think Jesus was not the biological son of Mary. The Holy Ghost performed a miracle in Mary to have a sinless man, because If Jesus was the biological son of Mary, Jesus would not be the spotless Lamb.. I am not biased towards any religion as long as the woship goes to the Trinity and only the Trinity. My 5 cents…


    • Welcome Thomas and thanks for comment. You are more than welcome to believe whatever you want for sure. I have never tried to get anyone to believe this story, but it did happen, and this is why I am a Catholic today. It was “unbelievable” to me back then also. I will never say it is a lie, because it is not. One is free to accept it as the truth, or believe what one wants. I have no reason to lie about something such as this, and if you knew me you would also know how true that statement is.

      As far as your other comments, again believe what you want. I have never tried to convert one person in my life by trying to get them to see things my way. As far as being “bias toward any religion” you are free to do that also, based on what you do or do not believe, as am I.

      I am not going to “battle” this with you, as I know what my faith is and I know Who/Whom my Church worships, and Who/Whom I worship. That is enough for me and my walk with God. Again welcome, thanks for comment, and God Bless, SR

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  13. I just read your conversion story. Oh it touched my heart. Having a hard time in life right now, but always, always take Jesus with me. Try to pray the Rosary, but I’m kind of not in a great place so it’s challenging for me. I’ll leave you a link to one of my post’s recently. I hope you’ll read it, it was my own little miracle with the Rosary. Blessings ❤


    • Hey Scarlett,

      Long time no hear! Great to hear from you! I am sorry “life is challenging” for you right now. But I know this…. if anyone can come through it, it is you!!!! Girl, you have the strength to move mountains! I will read post and have a blessed day! God Bless, SR


      • Writing has been hard as of late. Everything has been hard since my dad died. He let his wife do dirt to me and a lot of other things with my family or should I say no family. I’m pretty much alone these days. But God’s always with me 🙏🏻🙏🏻


  14. Hello SR, you have a wonderful conversion story! God bless you and everyone who comes by here. M


    • Welcome Marilyn and thanks for comment and the blessing. Yes, it is a “wonderful story” but it was sure a hard one to live. That year was really hard as I felt as if I was moving to another country. Today, I stand blessed that God gave to me a Church that holds everything about His beauty. Again welcome and God Bless, SR


      • Yes, I can imagine it would have been hard. Someone I know was a Lutheran pastor before his conversion – parts of that were very hard, traumatic even, for him and his church community and family. As a cradle-Catholic I really love conversion stories though, they’re beautiful love stories!


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