If Only I Could Humble Myself Like A Tree

I have never asked myself, “What is it about my own pride and arrogance, that I really want?”  I mean compared to the grand scheme of things, I am about as insignificant as a gnat.


The ocean, or a 160 mile an hour wind, or when the sky opens up to flood the ground, or the heat in the desert.  A hurricane or a tornado.  Any one of these things could snatch me up from this earth at any given moment.  I lay my head down at night thinking I am going to awake in the morning, and this could not be the case at all.  I awake in the morning thinking I am going to bed at night, and this could not happen also.  (I am really sure of myself in these moments.)

It is like Daddy always use to tell us kids, “When you think you are too big for your britches, go look at the ocean.”  (Now that will make you fit into your britches again!)

When I think of these things I realize:

I am so minute compared to all the rest of creation.

You see:

All the rest of creation humbles itself to the will of God.  I mean a “tree” humbles itself in obedience to God.  It sprouts it’s leaves when it is supposed to, looking all grand.  It shed’s them when it is supposed to, looking all dead.  Give it water and it will grow, do not give it water and it will die.  It will produce the roots, branches, and leaves just as God created it to do.  A “tree” will always be what it is created to be, “a tree.”  In each season of it’s life, it will always give glory to God.  It will never ask praise for itself, no matter how tall it stands.

But me:

Oh, let’s see?  How many times have I not humbled myself before God, by not being who/what He created me to be?  How many times have I wanted to take the glory for myself, when my roots, branches and leaves begin to sprout?  How many times have I wanted others to stand in awe of me, for my “spiritual growth” and “holiness.”   How many times have I set myself so above others, because in my own estimation, I stand taller than they do with God? 

How many times have I thought of myself as an “oak” and others as a “weeping willow?” 

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Luke 18:14

Love and God Bless, SR


Sharing a Day of Laughter with Jesus

Many days in my life are spent meditating, reflecting, trying to do away with something which I think does not need to be there, or implementing something which does.  Last Friday, I decided to do away with all of that and find solace and consolation in the “love and friendship of Jesus.”  I just wanted to spend the day in His love and giving Him mine.  To laugh and share, as two friends would enjoy the day.

I did not think about anything major, I did not try to get out here and be the “save all” for someone, I did not think about my faults and failures, I just let the day “be.”

I went to the noon Mass, did my grocery, Walmart, and Tractor Supply shopping.  Came home, put it all up, made me a pot of chili, and fed my dogs. 

When I was at Mass though I told Jesus, “Jesus all I am asking for today, is your love.”  I did not go through this list of sins or offerings.  It was just a very sweet Mass for me.  “Jesus I want Your love, and I give You mine.”

I have to say, the day was absolutely great, peaceful, and blessed. 

 I think we work so hard on ourselves and for others, that we lose sight of those quiet, still, and simplistic moments.  I think sometimes we think things to death, and we forget to laugh.   After doing this,  I found out how much I need those days.

God loves us, in spite of ourselves.  He called Moses, “His friend.”

Jesus called the Apostles, “His friends.”

I had to ask myself:

“When was the last time I spent a day, just being friends with the Lord?”

I can’t even remember the last time, to be honest with you.

It is wonderful that we examine ourselves.  It is wonderful that we place the effort in our lives to change, hopefully for the better.  It is wonderful that we try and help others in need. 

 We need to quit forgetting to enjoy Jesus.  We need to enjoy His love for a day.  We need to smile because of it.   We need to rest in it, and let the world go by.

When we go to Mass throughout the week, take one of them for the love of enjoyment.   Just for the pure enjoyment of being there with our Lord.  To share thirty minutes of  friendship and love with Him.

Jesus did a lot of things during His ministry on earth.  He healed, He cast out demons, changed water into wine, ministered to and taught others.  He prayed and walked many miles.

Jesus also “copped a squat under a shade tree.”  He rested and enjoyed the friendship He had with the Apostles.  He went to homes, fellowshipped, and shared meals with others.

I do not know what all they discussed, but I have to believe there were moments of laughter, rest, and peace of mind.

 I see how important these things are, regarding my spirituality.  To feel confident in how much He loves me, and let that be enough.  To discuss matters which really have no value at all, but hopefully will place a smile in my heart and His.

We can make life with God, extremely hard and complicated at times.  At times, living a life for God is “hard and complicated.” 

A lot of it I think is because of our own attitude towards ourselves.  Just never quite measuring up.

Take a day.  Enjoy Jesus.  Be thankful that He loves you as a friend.  Share the laughter with Him, over the silliest of things.  Above all just know:

He loves us so much and wants to enjoy our life with us, too!

Love and God Bless, SR

Lord, Will I Make You Cry?


Lord, how many times have I made You cry, because my faith is not as it should be?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, because my faith was not as big as a small grain of sand?

Lord, how many times have I made when You cry, when all You asked of me was faith, and I refused to give it to You?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, when all You asked of me was to walk in faith?  Instead all I wanted to do was follow my own path.

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, by letting fear and doubt enter into my heart?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, by placing my faith in my own abilities and others, instead of You?

Lord, how many times have I made You cry, by letting the things of the world blind me to Your promise of faithfulness?

Oh Lord, I have made You cry more times then I can count, haven’t I? 

On the Day You Return, will I make You cry once again, because You will find no faith in me?

“But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?”

Luke 18:8

Love and God Bless, SR

Book Review – A Must for Praying the Rosary or Even if You Don’t!


Though I read a lot, I never do “book reviews.”  This book, “The Rosary, Prayer by Prayer,”  has totally changed the way I reflect when praying the Rosary.   The author is Mary K Doyle at https://marykdoylebooks.com/

I cannot go into enough detail on how you will reflect on the Mysteries of the Rosary, once you use this book to pray it.  After receiving this book, I can actually pray an entire Rosary and keep focused.  Which if you knew me, you would understand how precious that is to me, as I have the “attention span of a gnat!”

Of course the author, Mary K Doyle, begins with the Mystery, then gives a personal reflection, and a prayer.  Each Mystery has an illustration which is drawn by her son.

This is what amazed me about the reflections:

I could sense these are actual reflections of her soul.  They are reflections which she centers her life around.  They are reflections which she implements into her spiritual life, every single day.   These are reflections all of us need.

They are reflections when once the Rosary is said, one does not get up and forget them.  They stay with you throughout the entire day.  

Most of all, what I found amazing in my life, is the more I meditate upon them, the stronger the urge to bond “with Christ” becomes. 

You cannot pray the Rosary using this book, and a change not occur in you.  I absolutely promise you that!

The Illustrations:

Each Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer, has an illustration which as I said, “Was drawn by the author’s son.” 

Never, and I do mean “NEVER,” have I seen illustrations such as these!  They are completely different from any artwork, regarding the Mysteries of the Rosary.

What amazed me with this was:

The artwork correlated with the Mystery, Reflection, and Prayer completely,  but in a way I have never seen.  It is like you are actually there in the moment with Jesus and The Blessed Mother. 

When one prays the Rosary, that is the exact place one wants to be!

The artist in some of the illustrations, made the eyes of the Blessed Mother and Christ, stare straight at you.

I have never seen illustrations of the “Sorrowful Mysteries” portrayed like they are in this book.  I use them also to pray the “Chaplet of Divine Mercy.”  I actually feel as if I am offering God the sufferings of His Son for the world.

When Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in the Temple, that illustration is amazing also, as are all the others.  The “look” on Mary’s face, you just have to see for yourself!

All the illustrations in this book are so different, and will take you to so many places. 

I promise you if you get this book, what the author and her son have done with it all, will be life changing for you.

I thoroughly believe it is blessed by God.  I believe that, because I know how it has blessed me.

Go check it out and go order it.

Even if you do not pray the Rosary, you need this book,

The Rosary

Prayer by Prayer

To help and guide you in your spiritual life.

Love and God Bless, SR








“Lord Have Pity on Me”

f235aa059fb6cbfb9cdd4c191bb9c96c  As I look towards myself and my surroundings today I have so much to be thankful for.

I have a home, running water, soap, clothes, heat and air-conditioning.  I have a vehicle, a bed to sleep in and a roof to sleep under.  I have shoes on my feet and food in my refrigerator.

My bills are paid and still some left over to help those less fortunate, than myself.

I am in fairly good health and still able to get up and do what I need to do, though slow sometimes it may be.

All the part’s of my body function, though some parts have aches and pains.

All my children and grandchildren are healthy, and we have four generations alive in my family.  (Actually most of my life I have had five generations still alive at one time.)

I live in a country where there are educated men and women who can take care of my health needs, when the need arises.

When was the last time I just took a good look at things and said, “Thank You God?”

Lord, have pity on me?

Today I will thank the Lord for all I have and do it daily.  I will also thank Him for all I do not have such as:

Leprosy,  a street for a bed, a garbage can for my food, infected water to drink, a disabled body, eyes that are blind, ears that are deaf, and a heart which feels nothing for anyone. 

Jesus said in reply, “Ten were cleansed, were they not?  Where are the other nine?  Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?”

Luke 7:17

Love and God Bless, SR



God’s “Condition” to Answering Prayers

Friday I was praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  The reading was from James 1:2-8.  What was said here, I pray I never forget.

“Yet you must ask in faith, never doubting, for the doubter is like the surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

“A man of this sort, devious and erratic in all that he does, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord.”

How the last line of these Scriptures popped off the page at me.  How I have pondered on these words.

How many of us before we pray, really examine our faith?  By examining it I mean, how often before we pray, do we ask ourselves:

“Do I even have the faith the size of a mustard seed in this prayer to move this mountain?”

As I thought about this I believe:

This should be our first step before we pray. 

“How deep does my faith run for the answer?”

The Bible tells us if we doubt we are like:

“The surf tossed and driven by the wind.”

We are:

“Devious and erratic in all we do.”

We should not:

“Expect anything from the Lord.”

We do though, don’t we? 

I have been dancing since I have been four years old, beginning with standing on the top of my brother’s feet.  When I became a teenager, every Saturday night, we went dancing.

Every Saturday night I had to have money to get into the dance, plus go out to eat, afterwards.

Every Saturday night my hand was held out to Mama and Daddy for this money. 

Every Saturday night it was laid in the palm of my hand.  (I am not making this about money!)

I never once doubted, that I would not have the money to go dancing, and my parent’s never once failed to give it to me. 

As their child, I had faith.  (I do mean complete faith!)

I am a child of God.  He is my Father.  He expects me to have no less faith in Him, then I did/do my earthly parents.  I will not lie, there have been many times in my life, I have had less faith in God, then I did Mama and Daddy.

Scripture tells me though if this is going to be the case:

“Not to expect one single solitary thing from God.”

This is God’s “condition” for answered prayer.

Before we pray, we need to take note of our “faith.”  If we do not have it, we need to get it!

I think in doing so, it will lead us into greater faith, as we will become more aware at times how little we have, if any.

God loves us all, of that there is no doubt.  That does not mean He does not require things from us.

Faith and trust, are definitely two of those “things.”

Love and God Bless, SR


Who Am I to Take Jesus from Anyone?

I was bored and blog surfing and ran across this statement, “Catholic’s have not accepted Jesus as their “personal Savior.”   Even when I was a Protestant I had problems with the word “personal,” when it included the word “Savior.”

First:  I looked all over the Strong’s and the word “personal” is not even in the Bible.

Second:  Nowhere could I find in the Bible the word “personal” and “Savior” being connected.

Third:  What I did find with the word “Savior” were the words “us” and “our,” being connected with it. 

Fourth:  Definition of personal – “Of, affecting or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else.

So to me by the sheer definition of the word, Jesus can be no one’s “personal Savior,” and He nor anyone else ever said He was, in Scripture.  Man, once again, added that in there.

My thoughts:

Jesus hung on the Cross, suffering, thirsting, and dying to save the “world.”  To save every single person in this world, whether we like it or not!  When I accepted Him and what He did on the Cross for the “world” I became part of the “family of God.”  In a family there is more than “one person.”   When I said, “Lord you are my Savior,” I also accepted the fact this was for everyone else as well.

I have never said the words, “My Savior,” thinking nor referring it was for me alone. 

I have a brother and a sister, and myself.  I call Dad, “Dad.”  That does not make Daddy just “my personal Dad.”

Jesus never died on that Cross, just to save me, no matter how important I think myself to be.  The suffering’s of the Cross, engulfed us all.

The word’s of Jesus on the Cross were:

‘Father forgive “them,” for they know not what “they” do.’

He did not say:

‘Forgive the one who nailed my right hand to the Cross, but do not forgive the one who nailed my left hand to it.’ 

“Them” was all inclusive on that day, and it still stands to present day.

I feel we need to look at it like this:

One can have personal knowledge of something.  Knowledge which belongs to only him or her.  One can have a personal relationship with someone, even Christ, which only belongs to him or her.  One can have a personal conversation with someone, even Christ.  One can have a personal revelation. 


No man or woman can have Jesus as their “personal Savior” because….

The redemption of the Cross belongs to every man, woman, and child on the face of this earth.  This is what we have to accept and claim.  For all of us who have faith in this, and accepts what He did, makes Him the Savior of us all!

We have to accept Him as “Savior” of the whole human race, because in reality that is what/who HE IS!!!!  The redemption of the Cross belongs to no “one human being.”

To make Him any less than that, is to me, to make a total mockery of the Cross. 

Every drop of blood shed on the Cross, every cry He made, every pain He endured, was for me and for you!

He never gave to me the right to take the redemption of the Cross, just for myself.  Never!  When one uses the word “Savior,” it has to go straight back to the “Cross.”

I have no right to take Jesus as your Savior away from you,  just because I believe He is my “personal Savior,” and not the “Savior of the world.”

(“Savior of the World,” is used frequently in the Bible.)

Love and God Bless, SR